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This site started out as home to my newsletters.  There are 350 of them.  However, as time went on, I found my self with less and less time to write full length newsletters (which were often several thousand words long).  I therefore changed the format slightly, and now post shorter articles on all aspects of internet marketing, SEO, self-publishing, etc.  If there is anything you would like me to write about, click the contact link in the footer and let me know.  Also, if you have any opinions on my articles, please leave a comment at the end.  I try to answer all questions posted as comments, personally.

In the last couple of years, I have started writing and self-publishing books on Amazon (both Kindle format and paperbacks).  My books cover a wide range of topics, including SEO, website building and even publishing on Amazon.



Is LSI Important?

With Google unleashing an array of vicious updates, is LSI still as important as it was? In this video, I look at the evidence. The results are nothing short of conclusive!

And here is another video:

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My Books

Creating Fat Content
Creating Fat Content
This book is packed with advice on what Google actually want, and how you can deliver it with a simple mindset shift - by thinking in terms of "share-bait".
Rapid Wordpress Websites
Rapid Wordpress Websites
Build websites fast with Wordpress, without having to learn everything. This visual, step-by-step guide takes you through the need-to-know stuff, to get you building a website fast!
Wordpress for Beginners
Wordpress for Beginners
A complete course covering the all of the options in Wordpress. Follow along the step-by-step instructions to build your own website, and fully understand ALL of the settings in Wordpress.
SEO 2015
SEO 2015 & Beyond
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) changed radically in 2012, 2013 and again in 2014. Techniques taught back then are likely to get your site penalized, even dumped out of Google. SEO 2015 shows you the safe way to optimize your website for Google.
Wordpress SEO
Wordpress SEO
Out-of-the-box WordPress doesn't do itself any SEO favours, and can in fact cause you ranking problems, especially with the potentially huge amount of duplicate content it creates. Other problems include static, site-wide sidebars and footers, automatically generated meta tags, page load speeds, SEO issues with Wordpress themes, poorly constructed navigation, badly designed homepages, potential spam from visitors, etc. The list goes on. This book shows you how to set up an SEO-friendly Wordpress website, highlighting the problems, and working through them with step-by-step instructions on how to fix them.
SEO Checklist
Pre-Panda and pre-Penguin, Google tolerated certain activities. Post-Panda and post-Penguin, they don’t. As a result, they are now enforcing their Webmaster Guidelines which is something that SEOs never really believed Google would do! Essentially, Google have became far less tolerant of activities that they see as rank manipulation. This book contains checklists that will help you audit your website. The checklists are based on the SEO that I use on a daily basis. It’s the SEO I teach my students, and it’s the SEO that I know works. For those that embrace the recent changes, SEO has actually become easier as we no longer have to battle against other sites whose SEO was done 24/7 by an automated tool or an army of cheap labor. Those sites have largely been removed, and that levels the playing field.
CSS for Beginners
CSS for Beginners
Learn CSS with detailed instructions, step-by-step screenshots and video tutorials showing CSS in action on real sites.
Kindle Publishing
Kindle Publishing
I published my first Kindle book in August 2012. By December 2012 (just 5 months later), I was making what many people consider to be a full time income from my books. This book explains my entire process, from formatting to submitting and on to promoting my books.
Self-Publishing on Createspace
Self-Publishing on Createspace
Self-publishing your own work is easier than at any time in our history. Amazon's Kindle platform and now Createspace allow us to self-publish our work, with zero costs up front. Createspace is a fantastic opportunity for writers. You publish your book, and if someone buys it, Createspace print it and send it to the customer. All the author needs to do is wait to be paid. How's that for hands-free and risk-free publishing? This book takes you step-by-step through my own process for publishing.
Migrating to Windows 8
Migrating to Windows 8
Windows 8 is probably the least user-friendly version of the operating system ever released. It's almost like two different operating systems merged together. From the lack of the original start menu, to features that only really make sense on a tablet or phone, Windows 8 has a lot of veteran Windows users scratching their heads. If you are one of them, then this book is for you. After a quick tour of the new user interface, the book digs deeper into the features of Windows 8, showing you what everything does, and more importantly, how to do the things you used to do on older versions of Windows. The comprehensive "How to" section answers a lot of the questions new users have, and there's also a complete keyboard shortcut list for reference.


Most Popular Reviews

Kindling Course by Geoff Shaw


In my newsletter #338, I asked you if you were fed up with Google and looking for a new direction online – one where Big G couldn’t just wave it’s wand to destroy your business. Incidentally, I am keeping everyone updated on my own Kindle successes on a Kindle Journey Facebook page I created.  It’ll tell you a weekly breakdown of income from the books I am creating for Kindle.

Read my Kindling Course Review

KD Suite Review

best sellers analyzer Back in July 2012, I started publishing on Amazon Kindle using Geoff Shaw’s excellent Kindle publishing course as my guide.  That journey has resulted in a substantial monthly income from my books.  I have been so impressed with the potential of Kindle publishing that I intend to devote a bigger chunk of my own time to this market.  I had even considered writing a piece of software to help me decide on the best books to write (i.e. those with big markets that are selling well in Kindle).  However, last week I saw an email promotion for something called the KD Suite.  I went to watch the video on the sales page and immediately bought it.  I’ve been playing with it ever since and I love it.

Read my KD Suite Review


Write Better Content

Web Content Studio

I wrote Web Content Studio primarily for myself, to help me better understand what the search engines wanted in terms of content.

It’s a tool that will tell you what words and phrases the search engines expect in an article, and it will check your article and tell you how to improve it with its comprehensive reports.

Learn more about Web Content Studio.


My Kindle Books

seo2015 - 250I have now released several webmaster-related Kindle books following Geoff Shaw’s excellent Kindling Training.  You can read my review of that course here. One question I get asked by subscribers of my newsletter is whether or not I have different formats other than Kindle, as they don’t own a Kindle device.  The good news is you don’t have to own a Kindle, as you can read books on PCs, Macs, Smartphones, tablets, etc.  If you want more details on this, read my “No Kindle?  No Problem!” article. These book covers will take you to the book on Amazon.   cover-250cover-wider-250cover-wider-250cover-wider-250wordpress-for-beginners-250cover 140 wdewordpress-SEO-250css-for-beginners-250cover-250

Book Compilations

Save money by buying the following books, which contain two related titles in one volume:
SEO Bundle - 250complete-wordpress-250createspace-kindle-self-publishing-250

Want physical copies of the books?

Most of these books are available as physical books through Amazon’s print-on-demand service, Createspace.  Just follow the links above and look for the link to the physical version: image

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