Video 10: Finding theme words in your keyword research 2

Proof that themeing your content is coming in a later video, but for now, how do you find the best words to use to theme your content?  Well this video shows you one method that uses your existing keyword research.

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2 thoughts on “Video 10: Finding theme words in your keyword research

  • Jim


    A question. Is KRA Pro effective if you are NOT a subscriber to WordTracker. Much of what you show seems to rely on input from wordTracker? I’m interested in purchasing KRA Pro, but have no intention of paying a monthly fee for WordTracker.I’m a senior citizen on social security and haven’t got a monthly budget for software. It’s just not possible for me.
    I await your reply.


    • Andy

      Hi Jim
      The spider in KRA Pro does not require any third party keyword tool as it queries Google directly. The main database of keywords which you see me filtering and sorting in KRA Pro are keywords researched at Wordtracker. YOu don’t have to use Wordtracker though, as KRA Pro can import from just about any source, including Google Keyword tool which is free. You can watch a video of importing this data here: