Video 4: Keyword Research 3

How do you know what people are searching for?  This tutorial shows you how to use the power of Wordtracker to find exactly that.

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3 thoughts on “Video 4: Keyword Research

    • Andy

      Yes, it is quite good, though the competition data is missing (except for a vague numbering system used to describe the number of advertisers for a keyword). You can import Google Keyword Tool data into KRA & KRA Pro as well. Here is a video I recorded a while ago showing that:

  • Todd

    Dr Andy,

    Simply brilliant, I don’t know anyone who explains things the way you do. Just when I think I know a subject like keyword research to it’s fullest potential, you put a whole new spin on it.

    Your lsi turned into themeing is a masterpiece. This takes lsi to a whole new level and really shows someone how to write good content.