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I am a Science teacher by training, but have been working online for over a decade, specializing in search engine optimization and affiliate marketing. I publish a free weekly Internet Marketing newsletter with tips, advice, tutorials, and more. You can subscribe to my free daily paper called the Google Daily and follow me on Facebook orTwitter. I am also on Google +

Is LSI Still Important in 2018 3

Theme words and phrases are an important part of any piece of writing. They help Google understand what a page is about, and ultimately where to rank the content in the Google search engine. This video shows some experiments in LSI, with some clear conclusions.

CSS Hero Review 5

There are a handful of WordPress themes that I really like and use on most of my websites.  However, there isn’t one theme that looks exactly as I would like it.  This is the reason I usually go in and  change the CSS to alter font colours, alignment and other […]

WordPress 4.7. Upgrade Problem–Easy Fix 13

FIXED: Wordpress 4.7. Upgrade problem. This has been a problem for a lot of people. This video shows my simple solution to fixing a site that has been broken during the update.

My Plan for 2017

What are your plans to make sure 2017 is the best year ever? Here are some of mine.

Ninja Outreach Review 2

Ninja Outreach is a great suite of tools for getting legitimate, white hat links. This review looks at what it can do.

Moving a Site from to WordPress.Org 1

So you started your free website, but now need more power and fewer restrictions. Moving your site to a hosted site is easy. This tutorial explains the process.