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Website content needs to be quality, unique and themed.? By themeing the content, you are leaving the search engines in no doubt what the page is about.?  This course cost $127 until recently, but I have now decided to give it away for free.  Download Creating Fat Content for 2011.

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11 thoughts on “FREE Course shows you how to Create the Content that Search Engines Want!

  • John Cowburn

    Hi Andy

    In one of your articles on themeing you mentioned that a ratio of 1 themeword per 9 article words could be seen as keyword spamming. Would you still think this if each of the themewords was different ie each themeword was only used once?


  • John Cowburn

    I thought I had read it somewhere in one of your articles but can’t find it now, so I was probably mistaken. I did find though where you said one themeword per 6.8 was verging on stuffing – in this case – if you used a different theme word each time, would it still be considered stuffing.

  • Andy


    Firstly, what I refer to IS different theme words, not the same one.

    Its difficult to give specific ratios as I have seen top ranking pages that have 1 theme word every 2 words. This was an exception though, and to be fair, I am not looking to reverse engineer the search engines here. What we are trying to do is establish safe guidelines for creating content and I would recommend 1 in 10 as a safe figure. However, use your common sense. If the content reads well, it can be more than that. Also remember that the more words you classify as “theme” words, the higher the ratio will be.

  • Rene

    Hello Andy

    I use the fat content creator software quite a bit to validate my themeing for all of my publishing activities. There’s a few changes to the software that would be really welcome and would help in the speed and perfecting the seeming of the articles.

    1) In the article writing page, I find it difficult to read with all the purple squiggly lines and tight line spaces.

    2) when validating the use of keywords, the list of keywords used and not used is very helpful. But when it comes to modifying keyword usage, working between the keyword map, and the article page, making modifications become very laborious. also going through the list of keywords to find which percentage they are used, means going through the list many times.

    A great shortcut solution to cutting out going back and forth and repeating the same steps over and over again would be…

    1) In the keyword window list, it could be a table with all the corresponding information could show up beside each keyword. in one quick view, we can see what’s happening in the article.

    2) The keyword map is an amazing tool, but we should be able to edit the article right in the keyword map, and then just refresh the map to reflect the keyword usage. (you could even do away completely with the article writing window all together) modifying or adding these functions would eliminate a lot of back-and-forth and would speed up the process.

    I don’t know how difficult it would be to make these changes, but I would even PAY $$ for an upgrade!

    I also have KRA pro and use it all the time. Anybody that thinks that themeing is a irrelevant, think again. It’s the only way the Google understands how to categorize and serve up the appropriate information.

    The information you have here it’s pure gold, thanks again Andy


    • Andy

      If you get squiggly lines under every word, then you havent set up the spell checker.
      I wont actually be modifying the current software as I am working on a new program that will replace this one. Fat Content Course & software owners will get a free upgrade to the basic version of the new software. More details when I have them but some of what you want is not possible.

      • Rene


        Talking about themed keywords and the key map feature, would you consider making a dynamically functioning operation as I have described?


        • Andy

          I dont think so. The keyword map is an HTML page generated from the content of the article. It would mean completely re-writing this and the editor itself, and I have already re-written it for the next version.

  • Russ

    Hey I found your site trough a link on a forum and I quickly downloaded these two reports.

    I am going to point my members to this page to get these reports!

    I’d really leave more but I am in the middle of working on my stuffing’s hand happened to get distracted by an email, then to a forum, then here! HAHA! You seo ninja you!