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Old 01-18-2010, 10:23 AM
john_coutts1 john_coutts1 is offline
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Default Punctuation within keyword phrases

Just wondering if it's possible to add another small feature...

I sometimes find difficult keyword phrases that can be made easier and more understandable with the addition of punctuation in the middle of them, a comma perhaps or even splitting the phrase across two sentences.

It is my undertsanding the the search engines ignore punctuation (If I'm wrong here, ignore the whole thing :-), so this becomes an easy and effective way to deal with difficult and awkward phrases that you wish to include.

An example could be, "dog training london", for example. This phrase is not very natural, so including it in an article could be achieved by writing, "Dog training, London wide, is readily available..." In this way it makes sense and the search engines are happy too as the comma in between the words is ignored.

Is it possible to make Web Content Studio also ignore punctuation in the Theme Report?

I used punctuation inside a keyword phrase earlier today and it considered it invalid. In order to get an accurate report I had to remove the punctuation, generate the report, then remember to put the punctuation back in. It's a bit clumsy that way.

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