Avoiding the Marketer’s Spread Using Podcasts 17

I’ve been Marketing Online full time for around 10 years now, and one problem I have had to overcome is what I call the “Marketer’s Spread”.    Specifically, the laws of physics state that if you sit at a computer 10 hours a day you’ll get fat Winking smile.  The solution should come as no surprise – you need to exercise.  When you are juggling a family life with a gazillion other things you think you need to do, taking time out to exercise isn’t always high up on anyone’s list. 

What I have done for the last 6 years is to combine exercise with a little light work.  Specifically, I try to go for a long walk three times a week (minimum), but listen to podcasts. 

I have found that listening to podcasts actually makes the walk a lot more enjoyable, but the best thing is, I get LOTS of ideas during the walk.  Listening to other people talk about their own marketing experiences is a great catalyst for creativity.  I know for a fact that without the podcasts, I would not continue my walks.

If you own an iPhone or Smartphone, then you can do this too. 

I don’t own an iPhone now, but when I did, I used it to listen to podcasts by downloading them into iTunes and synching with my phone.  If you own a Android Smartphone (like me), get a cope of the outstanding Beyond Pod app and get new podcasts delivered directly to your phone.

Here are the three podcasts I highly recommend you listen to.

1. Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income podcast.

I’m sure many of you have heard of Pat and know what a generous guy he is with everything he shares both in the podcasts and on his Smart Passive Income site.  If you want a marketer you can trust, Pat is certainly up there. You can also read more about Pat on his Facebook page.  Check out his Smart Passive Income Podcast.


2. James Martell’s Affiliate Buzz

I’ve listened to the Affiliate Buzz since it’s first episode (when it was a $14.99 monthly subscription), but it’s now free and broadcast on Webmaster Radio.  Webmaster Radio have apps for iPhone and Android markets where you can hear there broadcasts live (if you have an internet connection), but I just download them when they are released into my Beyond Pod App.  This podcast is weekly and it’s always nice to catch up with what James and Arlene (his wife and co-host) are up to.  I even appeared on the Affiliate Buzz #219.   I am sure you all know of James Martell, but if not, then he has been around since the dawn of Internet Marketing, with training programs, help and advice.  It’s well worth a listen.


3. Self Publishing Podcast

Self Publishing Podcast is a new favourite of mine now that I am spending more time working with Kindle. 

I haven’t listened to all of the episodes yet (33 so far), but it’s basically three guys (Johnny, Sean & Dave) sitting round chatting about self publishing.  All three are experienced and there are some great lessons to learn.  I should warn you that there is a bit of bad language (in fact they remind me of Beavis and Butthead +1 other), but that isn’t an insult.  These guys are entertaining, funny, informative and most of all it’s a really enjoyable listen.  I cannot wait for my next walk to hear what they have to share next.  If you are into Kindle Publishing and don’t mind the occasional bad language, then this is a must. 


What are your favourite podcasts?

I go for several walks a week, so soon run out of new material to listen to.  If you have any recommendations, please leave a comment below and let me know – thanks!.

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17 thoughts on “Avoiding the Marketer’s Spread Using Podcasts

  • Robin

    Great choices!

    I myself love Pat Flynn’s podcast and always have a great laugh when listening to the Self Publishing podcast. Not for the weak of heart, that last one.

    Some other I don’t want to miss:

    Lifestyle Business Podcast: absolutely great and inspirational podcast by two guys who set up a great business and share the knowledge

    AdSense Flippers Podcast: broadcasting from the Philipines, these guys share their experience with profitable website building and lifestyle choices

    Startups for the rest of us: Rob and Mike are two software engineers who work on SAAS apps and share their wisdom. Not my industry, but a great show to get inspired by

    Follish Adventure: Tim Conley, ’nuff said.

    There are more, but these are the ones I enjoy most.

    Have a great 2013!


    • Justin

      Thanks for the mention, Robin!

      I’ll second the “Lifestyle Business Podcast” mention…definitely worth checking out. They’re the guys that got us started with podcasting and I get valuable tips in every episode.

      I’ve recently fallen in love with the Mixergy podcast with Andrew Warner. I get a TON of value out of his interviews and I love the fact that he’s willing to dig a bit to get down to the heart of things…a well-executed show.

  • Tony Crofts

    Hi Dr Andy

    Glad to see you’ve joined the ranks of podcast lovers.

    I listen to podcasts for the same reason as you do; it makes a good walk even better, or more interesting, depending on what you are listening to. I have a dog that I take for two short walks a day so a 20min to 40min podcast fits the bill nicely.

    I have four regular suppliers, one of which I thought you were going to mention.
    It’s Shane Melaugh’s occasional Sunday offering which is posted on
    http://imimpact.com/blog/ Shane & Paul are a bit inconsistent and so far have only 9 podcads available.

    The next one is far more reliable. Again a recent addition so still only a few ‘chats’ on the honest non-hypey side of IM between Justin Brooke and Michelle MacPhearson.

    One of the best weeks was ‘Why Having a Big List Could be a Big Problem’ where I learned a whole lot more about email marketing as they had an extra interview with Justin and Tom Kulzer, President of Aweber.com. Certainly explained why some emails ended up in spam when they never used to.

    My last IM podcaster gives out some of the very best in the psychological side of IM.
    He’s got some great put downs and ways of making it amusing with his wit.
    I think I’ve learned some of the best copywriting info from Glen Livingston and his wife Sharon and now partner Ryan too. The real background stuff as to how people really think (subconsciously) and what makes them buy – or not.
    http://www.payperclicksearchmarketing.com/ which is also http://www.GlenLivingston.com is where to find years of back podcast interviews.

    One recent one to look up (just go down the page a bit) is “Pitch Anything” A real eye opener. Don’t just listen to that one for what they are applying the subject to, which is in person millions of dollars sales/loans interviews, but imagine how it could be applied to on-line marketing (which is mentioned a bit), off line marketing and even a job interview.
    That’s about 1½hr interview so you’ll have time to walk up to Loro Park and back Andy.

    The last of my four is about publishing. Everything from kindle to hard copy book sales.
    This is where you can pick up a few (loads) tips on marketing your books and yourself as an author.

    Joanna Penn at TheCreativePenn.com has145 podcasts available going back over years. She generally puts a new one out every two weeks. Listen to early podcasts and then coming forward is like listening to a real time history lesson on the development of the Amazon involvement and it’s effects on publishing.

    Most of the podcasts are guest interviews. Many also have the accompanying video interview if you want to see what the speakers look like. You can learn a lot about writing, publishing, editing and the book world in general from more than three and a half days of continual podcasting from Joanna’s store. You could write a book about it from these podcasts alone. Lol

    That should keep you busy for a while Andy.

    In between those I also listen to courses I’ve bought and other IM stuff as well.
    However, just occasionally but rarely, I do play a bit of music too.

    Happy listening


    • Andy Williams

      Hi Tony.
      Great list. I am particularly interested in Joanna Penn’s. I think I have heard of her and it sounds like just the sort of thing I want to listen to at the moment as I am really fired up about the Kindle publishing stuff.

      I’ve still got 20+ walks worth of The Self Publishing Podcast so when I an through with those, I’ll check out your suggestions. Thanks.

  • Olivia

    Thanks so much for this post. I, too, walk three times a week to avoid Marketer’s Spread and am always on the lookout for something interesting to listen to. Just checked out Self Publishing Podcast and can hardly wait to dive in.

    Have a wonderful holiday!


  • Andii

    I love walking everyday, but then I’ve been fortunate enough to live next to mountains and lush jungles for the past few years. I don’t plug anything into my ears because I enjoy listening to the sounds of nature. But I can understand why folks would wear earphones if their walks were a bit more urban and less scenic.

    I do always carry a pencil and scrap of paper in my bag though. Sometimes an idea will just float by in the breeze quite unexpectedly, and unless i have something to jot it down on, I know for sure it’ll be lost by the time I get back home 😉


  • Moto Akumulator

    He, i was thinking that i was onlyone with “learning walk” fetish. Thanks for youre podcasts sources. I regulary download and extract sound from various webinars and you tube posts like SEOMOZ etc. Other good sources are voice books , various tutorials like Lynda courses ( normaly with extracted sound) and for non computer moments i like to download Coast2Coast radio recordinds … if someone need free apps for extracting audio from video go here (remove blanks) : w w w .guidingtech. com/5729/13-free-software-rip-audio-from-video/

  • Marcus

    I definitely need to get back to listening to podcasts – thanks for the shove in the right direction Andy.

    I used to love walking around on summer’s evenings in 08/09 listening to Michael Campbell’s podcasts, one of which you were a guest on, Andy, talking about fat content, I used that knowledge to get tons of longtail traffic to a clients site, thank you.

    No smartphone for me back then but a good pocket pc with a 256 MB SD card full of podcasts.

    One of the best side effects of having a good walk while listening to a podcast, (apart from the exercise), is that I, personally, can remember exactly where I was on my walk when a particularly good tip or something finally got through my thick skull and embedded itself in my brain – an excellent visual/knowledge association benefit.

    • Andy Williams

      I have the same flashbacks. I do the same walk every day as there are only so many ways you can climb a hill, and as I reach certain landmarks, memories of certain podcasts come back to me.

  • Moto Akumulator

    any suggestion for Podcast download software anyone ? I use Juice at the moment, but its not specialised in podcasts . There must be better utility for Podcast managing.

    • Andy Williams

      That will depend on what you want to download it too. If you have an iPhone, you can just use iTunes. If you have Android, the software I use is called Beyond Pod.

  • Moto Akumulator

    no, i have mp3 player … third in a row … because first two have not store last played position …. :((((

    For now i use Juice , but i think that there must be something better 🙂

    Andy, do you use any offline rss reader ( in sync with Google Reader ) ? Is there anythin better that FeedDemon ?

    btw. Thanks for youre work, with every new animal from Google zoo i value more youre advices !