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In this issue:

1. Are you trying to sell ice to Eskimos?

2. Market Samurai SEO Competition Module

3. Web Content Studio

Hi Again

It's been a hectic week over here in Tenerife, so I am going to be keeping this newsletter short.

Earlier in the week we had the worse rains (and floods) for 40 something years, and it was a nightmare.? We picked our daughter up from school at 17:30 and headed home in the very heavy traffic.? We actually tried several ways home, but every way was blocked by traffic.

After about 4 hours stuck in the car (with a 5 year old and a sick 11 month old baby), we finally got to the road leading into our home town, but we were not allowed in!

The road had become a small river earlier in the evening, with cars floating away and mud several feet thick. They were clearing it, and said it should be passable in a couple of hours.? Not wanting to wait until midnight to get home (as we were all pretty desperate for the toilet by now), we went back onto the motorway in the opposite direction of our town (the motorway was clear in that direction), and went up some back roads.? We were hoping that one of the roads we had tried earlier was now open, so headed for it.? Before we got to that road, an ambulance passed us.? Now we only live 50 meters from the health centre that the ambulance was going to, so we followed them the wrong way down one way roads.? Luckily the police were busy elsewhere as we passed through without any problems.

We finally got home around 21:45.?? Over 4 hours to travel about 3 Km.

Apparently the storm that hit us then moved onto the UK.? While the Tenerife weather does not seem to have hit the news headlines elsewhere, I am sure the UK storm has.

Anyway, enough about the weather, let's get on with the newsletter.

This week I want to start a small series on pre-selling.? We kick off with the ice to Eskimos article, and in the next few weeks we'll take this information a step further to hopefully increase conversion rates on your site.

I've also recorded a short video for you showing you the powerful SEO Competition module in Market Samurai.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
1. Are you trying to sell ice to Eskimos?
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

As you build a site, your traffic should grow.? The first major milestone that I always look for is when the site hits 100-150 visitors a day consistently.? At that point, the site should be making you money every day.? It's not going to be enough to retire on, but it should be enough to show you a glimpse of what could happen if you take the site to the next level.

Unfortunately, its at this milestone that a lot of people stop work on the site. They don't see much return for their time investment, so decide to move onto another site, and so the process continues.? They'll build a site so its getting 100-150 visitors a day, then move onto the next site.? The result is lots of sites that really have not been developed to their full potential, and don't make nearly enough to justify all the effort in building them in the first place.

Does that sound familiar?

So how much money should a site that gets 100 – 150 visitors a day make?

Well that's kind of like the length of a piece of string question.? It depends on so many factors, its not possible to answer it.? I personally would probably be looking for somewhere around the $5 a day mark for this level of traffic.? Scaling that up, it would mean $50 a day if I could increase traffic to 1000 visitors a day, or $150 a day if I could get 3000 visitors a day.

Done correctly, those figures could be much higher.

From the emails I have been receiving, it seems that a lot of people have built sites to this first “milestone” level of traffic, but are making NOTHING or just few cents a day.

Again, there may be a number of factors to explain the lack of success of a website, but I could make a guess at the #1 reason a site is not converting – the site is trying to sell ice to Eskimos.

You've all heard the expression, which is usually used in the following context:

“Julie is our top salesperson.? She could sell ice to Eskimos”

It's a great expression isn't it?

But have you thought that your site might be trying to sell ice to Eskimos.? Put another way, is your site selling ice, yet most of your visitors are Eskimos?


Watch this video and it should clear things up a little.? It shows actual traffic logs from my Blood Sugar Diabetic website.

The Moral of all this?

Don't try to sell ice to Eskimos.

You need to attract traffic to your site that is actually interested in buying stuff you offer.? Even more specific than that, you need to attract buyers to your site who are looking to buy the stuff that the page they land on is pre-selling.? In other words, your landing page must match the “buying phrase” that they are typing in at the search engine.

If you sell ice, then don't create pages that attract Eskimos.

In the next few newsletters I'll go into more detail on:

1. Finding the phrases “buyers” type in at the search engines.
2. Since these are the visitors you want to increase the income of your site, I'll then show you how to create pages on your site that pre-sell those visitors on the items they are looking for.

Stay tuned for next week…

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
2. Market Samurai SEO Competition Module
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

In previous newsletters we have looked at some of the keyword research capabilities of Market Samurai.? In this video, I want to show you the very powerful SEO Competition module, and how it can help you decide whether a keyword phrase is worth targeting on your site, and how hard you will have to work to get it into the top 10.

You can watch the video on the Keyword Research Lab site.

Market Samurai SEO Competition

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
3. Web Content Studio
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Last week I told you that I have restarted work again on Web Content Studio and hope to have it available really soon (before Christmas).

I wanted to see your reaction to something.? You see, in the early screenshots you'll see the interface uses the Office Ribbon at the top (as used in Microsoft Office).

Web Content Studio Screenshots

I was wondering, does anyone actually like using that type of interface?

What I have found as I have been working on the tool this week is that a lot of the tabs in the ribbon really don't have enough buttons on them to justify that amount of real estate at the top of the application (see the spider screenshot – the ribbon is empty).? Also, after using several tools (including Microsoft Word), I actually find this type of interface clumsy and not very intuitive.

What are your thoughts on this?

I have already made my decision on the future of the ribbon in Web Content Studio (and the ribbon has already been removed), but I would love to hear your comments on this feature of Microsoft applications.

Is the “Office ribbon” a piece of design genius, or is it annoying & cumbersome?? Please leave your thoughts in the comments at the end of this newsletter.

Well, that's it for this issue.? If you want to read the recent issues of this newsletter, you can read them online at my blog:


Have a great week!

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22 thoughts on “EzSEO Newsletter # 267

  • Rick

    Looking forward to the release of Web Content Studio. As to the interface I personally do not like Microsoft’s implementation of the Office Ribbon. Given a choice, I would opt for the Open Office style interface.

  • Alan

    > Is the “Office ribbon” a piece of design genius, or is it annoying & cumbersome?

    It’s a piece of annoying and cumbersome design nonsense. :O)

  • Warren

    Either implementation would work just fine for me.

    Your monsoon experience reminds me of the years I worked in Indonesia. Before that time I could not have imagined the extreme volume of water one of their summer “showers” produced. As the soil there was plastic with high iron content the roads in our village quickly became covered in an exceptionally slippery red goo which made driving hazardous at best but more times than not impossible.

  • Julie Chrisler

    Hi Dr. Andy,

    I have a couple of questions, maybe an email would be better but I will try here.

    I bought KRA Pro well over a year ago and at that time there were tons of tutorials etc., which I did not go through as I was a Market Samurai user and could not figure out how to import my keywords into Market Samurai into Kra Pro at that time (even with your help – you had not heard of Market Samurai at the time). I can’t seem to find this information now, has it disappeared or am I just being obtuse and not able to find it – for instance there is information about the colored lines in KRA Pro, which I am not able to find, theming, etc.

    I can use Market Samurai fine and import now into KRA Pro but cannot use KRA pro to it’s full potential – I need to learn how.

    By the way, have you seen Dr. Anthony Fernando’s training new training videos that they are putting out on Market Samurai – not that you need more training – they are fantastic!


    • Andy

      All training videos come with the installation file. FOr those upgrading, there is a video update file that you can download to update (and add) a few videos. However, you could just download and reinstall the full package if you prefer.

  • Ken

    hi Andy thanks again for your excellent efforts.I understand the difference between buying phrases and non-buying phrases as I am seeing this quite clearly on the traffic stats and the resulting actions that the visitors are making on my first site. What I am not quite clear on is the difference between buying phrases and phrases that have an adword value. The latter don’t always look like typical buying phrases as the obvious ones you identify in your video and yet people are bidding on them. What is the best way to screen your original keyword list for buying phrases? In the Market Sumarai software you can screen by adword value. Is this eough? or do you recommend another method? With thanks, Ken.

  • craig

    Hi Andy,

    Glad you got a vote of confidence on the a4u forum, I always use that to see if someone is worthy or not!

    If 100-150 visitors a day is a good milestone, how many google exact monthly matches would that work out at? I know it depends on the website position in google but is there any way of working out how many possible daily/monthly visitors a website is going to get from basing a website around google’s keyword exact matches?

    • Andy

      Hi Craig
      Firstly, don’t misunderstand me. I don’t think 100 – 150 visitors a day for a fully developed site is very good at all. I just use that as a milestone to tell me when its time to kick things up a notch. At this point, I’ll switch from mainly information style pages to more targeted “selling” pages which are created around the “buying keywords” I mentioned in the video. What usually happens is that percentage of visitors coming in through “buying” keywords increases and so does the overall conversion rate of the site. Of course, I’ll still add information pages without the pre-sell or anything to buy, but I just add fewer of them when compared to the affiliate product pages.

      As for Google’s keyword tool, I dont actually use the figures as accurate measurements, but more an indicator of traffic. It seems to me that the figures in general are not accurate. I therefore would not like to hazzard a guess at the monthly search volume that would equate to 100-150 visitors a day.

  • Donna


    Good information is also important as a way to build trust and actually does help in getting sales. If a visitor trusts your opinion they may take your advice and try the product.

    Thanks for the video.


    • Andy

      Absolutely Donna. As regular readers of my newsletter know, I always try to emphasize the need to quality, not quantity of information.

  • Ann

    Hi Andy,

    Just wanted to let you know out of all the mindless BS and flotsam that floods my inbox daily your weekly newsletter is the only one I eagerly anticipate it’s weekly arrival. Your writings are head and shoulders above the rest of the daily circus freak show that hits my inbox. Just a little note from the other side of the planet to say thanks.

    I’ve been following you a long time ever since you were just a wet behind the ears green sprout on that other affiliate board and it’s amazing how far you have come since those days.

    A tip of the hat for the MS video this week, another awesome eyeopener.


    • Andy

      Hi Anne
      Thanks so much for the kind words. By other board, do you mean ABW?? That was a long time ago, but you are right, we all have to start somewhere, and I am glad that you have continued to follow my progress and ramblings..

  • Graeme

    Hi Andy,

    Another excellent video. Just wondering about how the SEOTCR fits in with the SEO Comp. What sort of SEOTCR percentage is worth taking a deeper look at? I’ve checked keywords with high SEOTCR percentages but when I look at the Comp module it actually looks like it might be work having a crack at (plenty of green).

    Thanks for your time Andy

    • Andy

      Its not an easy question to answer Graeme. The higher the demand of a keyword, the higher an SEOTCR I’d be willing to work with. I judge all phrases on their merits after looking at all the details, including as you point out, the SEO Comp table.

  • John

    Hi Andy,

    I think the Office ribbon serves a good purpose as in your first screen shot of the Main Article Editing Screen. Althought there is small area on the right.

    But in the Keyword Spider screen shot, it looks like it’s just a waste of valuable interface space.

    As a builder of tools myself, I know that it can often be quite challenging to find space for all the controls that are needed and still have it all make sense.

    Is it a requirement to use the ribbon in EVERY screen of the software, or can you just use tabs in some of the screens as you did in the screen shot of the Spider Results return?

    I don’t know which compiler you are using to create Web Content Studio, but I know in other compilers, like visual studio, you can create screens that are totally different from one another and still have it all work together quite well.


    • Andy

      If I was going to get rid of the ribbon on a couple of the screens, I just don’t see the point in having it in any screen. It would be very unusual to have an application with differently designed screens like that. I can just get rid of the ribbon, and have all of the same functionality on a tab instead. Hopefully I’ll have some new screenshots up this week so people can see what I chose as an alternative to the ribbon.

  • Jacquie Cattanach

    Hi Andy,

    Really looking forward to the Ice to Eskimos series. My site is exactly at that point now, so I will be following along closely.

    As for the MS ribbon. Personally, I don’t like it – a waste of space. I guess it’s supposed to make the tools more visible/graphical but I find it confusing.

    I also support what Ann says in the above comment, your newsletter is pretty well the only one I read anymore. Even some of the great SEO voices out there are so into selling, that one just doesn’t have the time anymore to spend hours sifting through their emails to find one golden nugget of information. Your newletters are pure golden nuggets.