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1. Unable to type?

2. The Best Spinner

3. Excitement mounting over 57 cents per day?

Hi Again

I haven't been able to write a newsletter for a couple of weeks because of a shoulder injury that has actually stopped me from typing or even sitting at a keyboard for any length of time. I can't even hold a pen!

It's very frustrating and means that I'm now having to work in a different way.? Until my hand gets better, I'm using some software called Dragon NaturallySpeaking to dictate e-mails, content to my site, support site replies etc.? I am even dictating this entire newsletter!

I first used the software a few years ago but has found typing easier.

However now that I am forced to use the software I actually like it a lot and can write articles for my sites a lot quicker than the old traditional typing method. In the first part of this newsletter has recorded a short video to show you how the software works and how good it really is. When I want to write content for my site is now I can have several web browser windows open and just dictate the article – how cool is that?

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1. Unable to type?

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Somehow I've managed to injure my shoulder, and it has meant that I cannot type on a keyboard because my hand does not work properly. I can't even hold a pen which means going to the shops is a big pain to have to carry cash.? This video shows you how I ?typed? this newsletter.

The software that I am dictating into is called Dragon NaturallySpeaking and it does a very good job of recognizing my speech as I read into my microphone. As you can see the accuracy is excellent. Dragon NaturallySpeaking comes with its own text editor for typing into but in this case I'm using TextPad. Dragon NaturallySpeaking allows you to dictate into most Windows programs are not only does it type what you say but you can also navigate around your document and make edits and corrections.

I was anxious to get back to work, so I bought the software from the Dragon NaturallySpeaking website. However it is available much cheaper elsewhere. The version I'm using is called Preferred version 10, but there are other versions with different features. I've provided links below (affiliate links) to both the US and UK Amazon which have this product at very reasonable prices if you're interested. It should be noted that I am so impressed that even when my hand recovers I'll be using this for support, e-mails, and for writing content from websites. While it's not perfect, and doesn't work 100% in all applications, I am finding that I can write content quicker.

Here are the links if you're interested:

US ? Dragon Naturally Speaking

UK ? Dragon Naturally Speaking

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2. The Best Spinner

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Anyone who has read my newsletter any length of time will know that I concentrate on high quality unique content. However there is one area that I do compromise, and that is in articles submitted to article directories.

Submitting high quality content to article directories is essential if those articles are going to work for you. They work for you in many different ways but the most important way is when another Webmaster picks up your article and posts it on their site giving you an all-important backlink.

Other Webmasters will only do this if the articles you submit to article directories are of the highest quality. With this in mind I always write good articles submission. The question I often get asked to is how many article directories would I submit my article to.? the answer is that I will only submit one article to one directory. I do not want the same article appearing on several directories because these duplicate articles will not all get indexed in Google.

This is where article spinners can come in handy. You create one high quality article and spin it into several variations which can then be submitted to different article directories.? This will mean one unique article per article directory and I find this to be far superior than submitting the same article several directories.

Article spinners have a bad name because of the way many Webmasters use them. They'll take one article spin it into 500 articles and put all 500 on the same website – I think you know where I'm going here.

Article spinners themselves are not evil, but the way many people use them can give the impression.

So what article Spinner do I use?

I've actually used a few in my time and none of them have been very good, until now. I have started using one that has exceeded all my expectations and has features that blow its competition out of the water.

I was going to record a video showing how I use this spinner but since I can't type with my injury I have been unable to do so. That's actually okay because the guy who invented the spinner has produced an excellent video that shows many of its unique features that make this the best spinner available.

Watch the best spinner video and I think you understand why I think this one is head and shoulders above all other spinners.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

3. Excitement mounting over 57 cents per day?

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

It's true, I'm excited about a small site of mine that makes 57 cents (Euros) a day.


Because this site is the one from all of my tests that I think has the most potential in terms of an Adsense site.

I told you a while ago about John's Adsense course.

I have been trying to work on my own system for a few months now but John's course was the one I kept coming back to. There were certainly things I did not like in his course so my own system needed to have a few additional requirements:

  1. Content needed to be of the highest quality.
  2. The site had to be suitable for Adsense or affiliate programs so that I could switch if I wanted.
  3. The site should be near zero maintenance once built and should pass any human review by Google.
  4. My site should be built with WordPress.
  5. The site needs to be expandable if I want to add more to it in the future.

My results after months of testing is that I've finally found formula seems to work for me. Not only is my site averaging 57 cents per day in Adsense, but it has also made affiliate sales.

WOW, 57 cents I hear you say.? Big deal!

Well I actually think it is a big deal, since I'm only averaging six visitors per day!

Not including affiliate sales my best day was 3.96 euros, and I have to be honest that I thought this was one of the poorer niches!

This site also does not have any inbound links, and that will be the next step.?? This is something that John?s covers in his course, but not part of the strategy I have applied yet.

If I can make an average of 57 cents per day with six visitors a day, then by getting a few links to my site my rankings will improve, I'll get more visitors and make more money. I think that with very little effort I can increase my daily visitors to a round the 100 mark.? Currently each visitor on average is worth 9.5 cents.? If I can increase the number of visitors to 100, then this little Adsense site should be making me between 9 and 10 euros per day.

I would imagine the total time invested in this site would be about one week working 4 to 5 hours per day. For me, even five euros a day would be a good return for a weeks work if that income continued for many months to come.

I guess you can see why I'm excited about 57 cents per day.

I will keep you updated on the progress of this site.

By the way, please don't e-mail me asking for my Adsense system. I am still working on it, I'm still collecting data, I'm still testing.??? You can always buy John's Adsense course and make a few changes as I've outlined above.

Well, that's it for this issue.? If you want to ask a question or have a comment about anything in this newsletter, please leave a comment at the end of this newsletter.

Have a great week!


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24 thoughts on “EzSEO Newsletter # 278

  • Leo

    Thank you for sharing Dragon speaking software. I might try it myself. Things you said about article marketing doesn’t quite make sense to me. You said the most important thing about submitting articles is “when another Webmaster picks up your article and posts it on their site giving you an all-important backlink.” But then you said “I do not want the same article appearing on several directories because these duplicate articles will not all get indexed in Google.”

    Well, when another Webmaster publishes your article, isn’t that duplicate content so it won’t get indexed in Google? How can you get backlink if it’s not indexed?

    If it’s OK for another Webmaster to publish your article, then what’s wrong with you submit the same articles to multiple directories? Doesn’t that have the exact same effect as other Webmasters publishing your articles? They are all duplicate content anyway.

    Could you clarify that? Thank you very much.

    • Andy

      Hi Leo
      I can see how I have confused you. Let me try to explain in a different way…

      My articles that appear in an article directory, and my articles that appear on other Webmasters sites have different purposes.

      The articles in the article directory are there to be found by the Webmasters and picked up and published on their sites. If I publish the same article to 10 directories, there’s a good chance Google will only list one of those in the main index, and therefore there is only one article the other Webmasters can find. If however I spin the article to create 10 unique articles and publish each one to a separate directory, then there are potentially 10 articles that can be found by the Webmasters for republishing.

      I therefore have a lot more exposure for my content and more chance of articles being republished.

      OK the duplicate content thing …

      The article that the Webmaster publishers will already be found in an article directory and as you said will be duplicate content. It will therefore probably not get into the main index, but that does not stop the link juice from that page being passed to my site. Just because a page is not in the main index does not mean that links on those pages do not count, they do, as long as Google has the page indexed at least in the supplemental index.

      I suppose to summarise I would say articles published to article directories are there to get inbound links, and the more articles that are visible to other Webmasters more inbound links to a possible. Articles published on Webmasters sites are there purely for link juice.

      Makes sense?

        • Nisheth

          I actually had the EXACT same question as I was reading. And I’m working in this very area currently so this is highly relevant. Thanks for the clarification as this has greatly improved my understanding of how to leverage article marketing!

  • Martin

    Hi Andy,

    The Best Spinner looks great and I think if I was doing a lot of spinning I would go it. I’d like to share with everyone another spinning software, though, that I came across and decided to buy. It can be found at http://www.article-rewriter.info and it does a really good job of rewriting content and has most of the features that TBS has. The difference is that it’s a one-time payment for a software that is located on your own computer AND it integrates with another software that automatically signs you up for an account at approximately 700 article directories, automatically validates the accounts, and then automatically submits a unique article to each of the directories. The way these two programs work together can save a lot of time and is quite unique I think. I can’t remember exactly what I paid, but I believe both softwares along with the ‘magic tokens database’ (an upsell that you need if you want to have the spinner automatically insert spinning tokens) was around the $97 mark. Again, this is a bit more than what you pay for one year for The Best Spinner, but it is a one-time payment. I don’t do a lot of spinning and the Magic Article Spinner more than satisfies my needs for spun content, plus I’m happy to not have one more recurring payment in my Paypal account 🙂 Oh, and Alexandr, the creator of the software, is very quick to reply to support requests and does so personally, which is something I value a great deal personally.

    Another product I tried before I found Magic Article Rewriter was http://www.contentboss.com, but I was unhappy with the quality of the rewrites, there were weird restrictions imposed, and in the long run the production of spun content would cost significantly more than I cared to pay for it, so I don’t recommend that one.

    I hope the arm gets better soon Andy.

    Best regards,

  • Ian Smith


    Sorry to hear of your injury, and how typical of you to turn it to an advantage.Well done.
    I have followed your newsletter for a long time now, and now own web content studio. I too am trying to make John’s Adsense Course work for me, but with websites written in Xsite Pro.
    It encourages me to hear you are excited over 57 cents per day, because I have found conversions of up to 75% quite common, it is the number of impressions that is frustrating.
    In fairness I note from my adsense records that in a previous existence it took me three years to get to ?50 adsense per month, and I achieved it using John’s system in one month.
    I am now using Web Content Studio to make the web pages that much more relevant, and am achieving scores of 100%/90% per page on one website.
    My backlinks are now up to 120, but my impressions are stuck despite the fact that my google cache page shows reindexing of some pages only 9 days ago.

    My slight concern is that whilst I love WCS, and I use Samurai to check on my competition, is this.

    The relevancy theme scores in WCS depend entirely on my choice of keywords, which means the ones I include and exclude.
    This surely means that I could be leaving out the really important keywords due to my ignorance of the keyword subject.
    Is it not possible that the WCS software could just take the top 10 websites for a keyword, and give the most used single, 2, 3, and 4 words and expressions, so that the article could be written around them, as opposed to having to write an article and then submit it to the software. I have found that I can write the same article but select different series of keywords and get scores that are as different as 100%/89.4% down to 45.1%/42.3%.
    This seems back to front to me, or am I missing something?

    • Andy

      yes the theme reports caused and on your chosen theme words. The tutorial on the website shows you the best way to choose theme words. Also bear in mind that this is not an exact science.

      The last thing I want to do is make web content studio fully automated as that will mean that everyone writing an article on the same seed phrase will have the same theme words.

  • Dale

    I was wondering what happened, hope it clears up soon. Good for me though cuz i bought Dragon back a few months ago and haven’t tried it out yet, even though i type like i had two broke hands. After watching your video I am definately going to try it out, thanx.

  • Nadine Huegel

    Hi Andy

    Thanks for the latest Newsletter – I always find them interesting and informative, this one more so than usual.

    I’m impressed with ‘The Best Spinner’!
    I wish I had known about this a couple of weeks back and have now put it on my ‘to purchase’ list.

    I purchased Incansoft’s Content Mania (CM) when it launched recently (a one-off launch payment ‘special’) although I would hardly call ‘The Best Spinner’ expensive @ $77pa, especially if one is regularly producing articles.

    CM uses Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) for contextual relevance and syntactical variation, plus a Graphical User Interface (GUI), with all the controls and dialogs consistent with Office 2007 style Toolbar to house various controls one might need – which is what prompted me to purchase it.

    Contained within the CM program is a Dictionary which is a quick reference tool for accessing words for definitions and example usage in sentences.

    In my opinion, the CM dictionary is a little more cumbersome than what ‘The Best Spinner’ appears to have, but still pretty good, and better than most available.

    Kind Regards and thanks for the quality, unbiased commenting in your Newsletters


    fyi: NOT an affiliate link – rather, a product link

    There are 3 videos on the page demonstrating the CM functions, which is another difference cf. ‘The Best Spinner’ – I prefer a fast paced demo – CM’s videos are more like training videos – slower paced).

    NOTE: CM is still at its intro price of $24.95

  • Joe

    How do spun articles affect your themeing concept?

    If you are changing a lot of words in the article to produce either 10 or even 100 unique new articles, isn’t the quality of themeing going to suffer and in consequence the chance of the article showing high in Google results and themeing being completely negated?

    Is it necessary to include your keyword/keyword phrase in the headline if your article is themed? How will you still be able to use the info in Web Content studio if you are changing a high percentage of words with synonyms?

    I would be very grateful if you could help me out here and, as you can see, I am very confused. Am I going along the wrong path here?


    • Andy

      why should spin in an article reduced the themeing? Spillers give you full control so you can decide what is spun and what is not.in addition spinners replace words with synonyms so theme words should be replaced with the theme words, no?

  • Randy

    Hi Andy, Thanks for sharing about the Xfactor adsense site testing. I am VERY interested in this and have Johns course and have been following your guidelines.

    Hope you are feeling better and keep working on your adsense course I want to be able to tweak what I have from your recommendations.

    Can you tell us the best way to pick these better markets to be able to get these clicks or are you just using Johns recommendations on amount of searches per day?

    I am using your WCS to write my pages and love its ability. thanks for a good program.

  • Terence Pera

    Hi Andy,
    Sorry about the injury but its all positive, because of it you have found another tool that will help you in your blogs. I have been using Dragon for some time now as i am not a good typing person, and i never thought this would come in your newsletter. So i am glad that it has come to be noticed as a useful tool in the Online Marketing.
    Any way i hope you get well soon and wait for your next newsletter.

  • Ryan t

    Hi Andy,

    How does one make a website that requires no maintenance? I mean don’t you have to give it backlinks once in a while?

  • Arindam

    I started using infoproductkiller for Amazon products. Would like to know can I use same condition for adsense also or it is different strategy

  • Ian

    Hey Andy

    Great post, I am ble to type but dont like it! I’ve tried out rapid rewiter but was not that impressed with it’s ease of use and spinning ability, the video for article rewiter potentially looks good now I have stumbled on your post about the best spinner ahhh descisions decisions!!