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In this issue:

1. How Many Websites?

2. Backlinking Guru Releases his course

3. Templates for SEO Website Builder

4. Question from a reader


Hi Again

Over the last 2 weeks I have been in the UK for a holiday with my family – parents, brothers, brothers wives and kids, all staying in the same house down in Kent.  It was great to catch up with everyone, but with 6 kids in the 1 – 9 year old range, I am now hoping to have a short weekend break in the South of Tenerife, just to recover.

The weather in the UK was very changeable (I forgot that about the UK), but it seems to have done my kids a lot of good.  Over here in Tenerife, my son and daughter are on asthma and allergy medication most of the time.  However, neither required any medication in the UK, and the doctor confirmed this morning that my 20 month old son's chest was clean as a whistle (something she hasn't said in a long, long time).

During the holiday I tried to do as little work as possible, but I did take some reading on my iPad.  In particular, I went through a new backlinking course you can read about in today's newsletter.  I have to admit, it was refreshing to read a backlinking course that did not recommend article submission, directory submission (other than a couple of examples) or Web 2.0.

OK, let's get on.

1. How Many Websites?

I was answering some posts on my customer forum the other day, and someone asked about websites built around products. 

The question centered around whether or not you should build websites around makes and model numbers since all products have a shelf life and they eventually become unavailable.  When this happens, those pages on the site become obsolete and you have to add more products. 

Yes, you do!!!

However, what is wrong with that?

I know, after reading a number of courses on Internet Marketing, that there is a tendency for people to want to create a lot of smaller sites, each making a little money. 

My approach is different.  I would much prefer 10 large quality sites each making me a good income, compared to 100 or more smaller sites making me the same income. 

However, having said that, those who prescribe to the 100+ sites is better crowd often find that their 100 sites don't actually make anywhere near what they thought they would, and in reality, 10 quality sites built by a single webmaster will out-perform 100 smaller sites run by the same single webmaster.


Well its all about time investment.

To setup 100 sites may be really easy using a site generator of some sort, and some of these can even populate your site with content scraped from Amazon, Youtube. ezinearticles, etc.  However, sites built like this will not make you money. 

All websites you build need a solid foundation.  They needs links…..

A website without any inbound links is not worth creating.

So, yes, I could create 100 websites in less than a day using the Acme site generator, but all 100 sites would be worthless to me until I started to build links to them.  Of course, until they started making money I would be out of pocket for the cost of domain registrations and hosting – probably in the region of a thousand bucks or more.

OK, so let's assume you want to start getting links back to your 100 sites.  To get just one link back to each site means getting 100 links altogether.  I know, I know, you've got the Acme backlinking plugin that does it for you. 

Just a word of note.  I personally have never found a fully automated backlinking solution that made any significant different to my rankings.  The sad truth is, quality backlinks take time to build, and they also have to be built over time.

With 100 sites to manage, backlinking to all of those would be enough to make you quit. 

You could of course spin articles and submit them to hundreds of article directories, but I really don't think that looks too natural.  A well balanced backlinking program for each site would involve getting backlinks slowly at first from a range of different sources.  As time goes on, backlinks can be acquired faster, but also you would expect the quality of backlinks to increase, so a little more effort may be needed to get them.  Some paid directories are worth it in my opinion, but submitting 100 sites to Yahoo directory would set you back around $30,000 with no guarantee of inclusion.

OK, so what has this to do with the original question posted on my forum?

Well, everything.

You see, a site that is setup properly, and grown over time, is more likely to keep making you money for years to come.  You have fewer sites requiring backlinks, so more time to spend on each site.  Adding new content in my opinion is the sensible thing to do.  After all, these sites will grow into authority sites, so any new content you add to them will rank pretty well from the off.   When a new product becomes available, review it, and add it to your site.  You can start profiting from that new product almost immediately.

Compare that to starting a new site on a topic, and having to build the site, get backlinks to help it rank, etc, etc.

e.g. Suppose you have an established fitness site.  If you decide you wanted promote an affiliate program selling Kettlebells, I would suggest that it would be better to add a new section to the existing fitness site, rather than setup a completely new site that will require a huge investment in time just to get it ready for indexing, and even more time to get it ranking.

A lot of people seem to think that fewer sites = fewer baskets to put your eggs in.  That may be true, but if you don't try to BEAT Google, and you play within THEIR rules (read their webmasters guidelines), there is absolutely no reason why your sites would be dropped or penalised.  In my view, fewer sites = better quality sites, not to mention less work involved for more money.

If you have any thoughts on this, please leave a comment at the end of this newsletter.


2. Backlinking Guru Releases his course

Several months ago I was introduced to someone called Terry Kyle by a reader of this newsletter.  I hadn't heard of Terry before, but he had built quite a reputation as a backlinking expert, especially it seems on the Warrior Forum. 

Now, as we all know, getting backlinks to our sites is vitally important, so I started reading more of Terry's work to see what I could pick up.  What struck me immediately about Terry is that he does a lot of research.  He tests his theories so that he can backup what he is teaching with real examples. 

The very first thing I noticed about his ideas was that he doesn't rate article submissions, and doesn't rate directory submissions (other than a couple of important ones).  Now, since those are the two methods most marketers seem to concentrate on, I found this very refreshing from Terry. 

The fact that Terry's own backlinking forum appears at #4 in Google for the term backlinking (with over 1 million competing pages) and #2 in Google for the term backlinks (with over 69 million competing pages) should let you know that Terry really is a backlinking guru and someone you should be listening to. (Note those positions were correct at the time I wrote this).

Terry has come out with a course on Backlinking that I think you should take a look at.  The course is called Backlinks Hydra.

The main eBook in the course is 219 pages in total (191 of Hydra tactics, and the remainder as some additional bonus chapters), and there are 30 training videos as well.  That might sound really long, but the numerous screenshots are informative and helpful in explaining the ideas behind Hydra Backlinks.

The version of the course I read was a pre-release version, so I am not sure if it is exactly the same one he is selling, but I can give you some details.

The course starts off by explaining 12 mistakes people make when undertaking a link building program for their sites.

You will then get an overview of the Hydra system – which consists of three stages of link building, followed by a more in-depth study of 19 or so different tactics & sources for getting backlinks. You can them combine the various techniques and strategies to produce a powerful linking program that gives your site varied, quality links.

So, does the Hydra system work?

I have started implementing parts of the Hydra system on one of my own under-performing sites.  That particular site has gone from being not in the top 1000 on Google for its main keyword phrase (a highly 2 word phrase) to #36 in Google this morning over the last 4 weeks.  There is still a way to go if I want to get that site in the top 10 for the main phrase, but I am enjoying a 100% increase in traffic AND income on that site.

I would like to offer a word or two of warning. 

Backlinks Hydra describes some techniques that I consider black hat.  However, Terry has been testing his theories for several years now, and his sites have not suffered from using these techniques.  I should also point out that Terry does use a few tools/services for some of the stuff he does, mainly to speed up the work.  That means if you are on a very strict budget, you wont get the most out of this course.

Check out Backlinks Hydra


3. Templates for SEO Website Builder

I got an email from Charles Amith – a long-time subscriber to this newsletter, and one of my beta testers when I was developing SEO Website Builder. 

Charles has written a post about SEO Website Builder and in particular, is offering 5 clean templates he created for his own personal use for just $1.  If you have been playing around with SEO WSB but want a nicer looking template, these might we worth a look.



4. Question from a reader

I got the following email from someone who took my WordPress for Affiliate Sites Course.

"Hi Andy,
Can you tell me how you have set up your membership site? 
I love the idea of content being drip fed at pre-defined intervals, and having the forum integrated is really cool.
I see you are using aMember, WordPress, vBulletin board, etc, but how do you link them all up, and is it totally automated when someone signs up (deliver of content, access to forum etc)?
Yes Brian, it is totally automated.  When someone signs up to the course, aMember creates an account for them, which also grants them access to the forum.  Content is drip fed using a feature in aMember, and if someone unsubscribes, their access will terminate at the end of the payment period.

So how did I set it all up?

Well I personally learnt how by going through a course called Membership Academy, and I highly recommend that anyone who wants to create a membership site of any sort, signs up to this course. 

David Moskowitz runs the course (a membership site itself) and is always present on the forum to help with all of your problems.  David covers various content management systems, payment processing, aMember integration plus a lot more.   I highly recommend that if you are looking to setup a professional membership site, you go and check out his free video here.  Its only a short version of the video on that page, but you can request the full video by supplying your email address.  The full video covers:

# Benefits of a Membership Site over an eBook
# Markets that are best for a Membership Site
# Membership Protection Models
# Membership Software including a Free Method
# Joomla Vs. WordPress
# How to quickly create content
# How to get user generated content
# When to add a forum
# How to get your first members
# Pricing Models
# How to keep your members

For more details, watch the video on the Membership Academy

Well, that's it for this issue.  If you want to ask a question or have a comment about anything in this newsletter, please leave a comment at the end of this newsletter. 

Have a great week!


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11 thoughts on “EzSEO Newsletter #290

  • Tony

    Hi Dr Andy

    Funny you should review Backlinks Hydra this week just after I bought it last week. The value I’m getting out of it far exceeds the cost.

    Regarding the post “How many Websites” about an authority site V mini-sites. While I see your point about adding content to a larger site, surely if the point of the site was to promote physical products with a fairly short shelf life then as soon as the item becomes obsolete then any affiliate links will be broken. This then either means deleting that content or editing it and removing any links. True, newer models will replace the old ones giving a turnover of content but the amount of work involved is still about the same.

    Each product model would need to have it’s own links and backlinks. The only real saving would be on cost as you just add page urls to a domain rather than buying a new one. It was well known that to rank well in the THE search engine you need the model number in the url.

    However, for buyers of Backlinks Hydra, you will know that this need not be the case after all. Perhaps two of your posts this week linked up better than you realised.

    What is the best email address to contact you on please Andy for something I do not want to mention in this comment or the forum?

    Thanks for another interesting newsletter.


    Tony C

    • Andy

      Tony, my support desk is the best way to contact me privately. You can of course use the contact link at the bottom of this page, but emails dont always get through.

  • Andy, SEO Company

    Hi Dr Andy,

    I really enjoyed Terry’s DMOS video, and have been wanting to venture into buying aged domains.

    Some folks have recommended going to Registercompass.com, would you recommend that or DP for the best deals as well as fast turn around time, bearing in mind, i’m new to buying aged domains.


  • Andy, SEO Company

    Sorry, I have 2 additional qs:

    1. From an SEO perspective, would it be as effective if we 301 the aged domain to the money site where we could choose the domain name, instead of the other way shown in Terry’s vid?

    2. Is it possible, and does it make sense to 301 several aged domains to garner link juice to your money site in a sequential manner?

    Once again, thanks Dr Andy

    • Andy

      Its not something I have tried, but it is something I have wondered about myself. Personally I would use aged, high PR domains that I bought to simply link to a handful of my sites.

  • Justin From Affiliate Freedom

    Hi Andy,

    Great content once again. I have a couple questions about Backlink Hydra. What software programs are necessary of would be good to have, once you get the BH course? Just wondering how much $ on the high and low end one would have to shell out.

    Love your KRA Pro product, just got it and it’s amazing so far. PS when you outsource a new article to be written, how many theme phrases do you tell the writer to include and do they have a problem with that? Also where do you get these writers? Sorry for all the questions. 🙂

    • Andy

      Asking about writers, personally I write all my own content. I can do a 500-600 word article in 20 minutes or so with themeing and I have not been able to rely on hired writers to provide quality. I usually shoot for 35-45 theme words per article.

      As for Backlinks Hydra, its a length of a piece of string type thing. A lot of stuff you can do manually, but you do have to pay for things like buying domains if you follow that path.

  • Ron Thomson


    Just been looking at your web hosting reviews and think your review of hostgator needs updating a little. For example your review says aluminium package suggests only 30 disk storage and 250 bandwidth for 24.95 their website says bandwidth has been doubled and disk space is 50.

    Don’t worry I know from experience once you put something in print it is guaranteed to need change the next day and you may have already changed it twice since you first published.

    Great newsletter always a good and interesting read and guess what you come across as a human being must be the english accent.


    • Andy

      Yes, I want to update the plugin used for reviews as well, but the problem with hosting reviews is that they are out of date every week!

  • Jonathan Lake

    Hi Andy,

    I must admit I did build about 60 affiliate websites in small niches, some of which make me great commission but many have never made a bean! Some of them are Amazon product sites which for those here in the UK is not worth a jot as there is a cap of £7 maximum commission per sale! I started about 8 months ago. I have since moved onto larger sites with more quality content which work far better. The affiliate sites do give me a small amount of consistent revenue but nothing like I anticipated.

    So, I guess what I am trying to say is that I agree that a smaller amount of quality sites IS the way forward.


    Jonathan Lake