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In this issue:

1. Tutorial – Spinning HTML in Articles

2. Update on Backlink Battleplan

3. Blog Networks?


Hi Again

In this newsletter I have an update on Backlink Battleplan, plus news of a blog network that actually might be worth singing up to (unlike so many others).

I've also got a follow up to show you HTML spinning to make your spun content even more unique.

OK, enough of an intro, let's get on…


1. Tutorial – Spinning HTML in Articles

In the last newsletter I showed you how easy it was to spin paragraphs, sentences AND words when spinning content with the Best Spinner

Today I want to take that a step further and show you how to spin HTML syntax so that your article code is even more unique, creating different visual layouts as well.  This type of spinning requires a little HTML knowledge and can get a little confusing, so I usually create the spin in a text editor rather than the best spinner then paste it in. 

While this type of spinning is probably not essential if you are spinning on the three levels we talked about last week, it is another string to your spinning bow.

2. Update on Backlink Battleplan

A few people have asked for an update on how the Backlink Battleplan is working out.

In a word – great! 

We are trying the Battleplan on a brand new site, so it is not possible to tell you how rankings have improved over time, as it will take some time to get over the new site issues.  I hope to be able to share real results in the future, but in the mean time let me just summarize our experiences with it so far.

The plan is well laid out and the instructional videos are so easy to follow, anyone from newbie upwards (my wife found the videos very easy to follow) would have no problem following the plan.  The checklist is a great idea for this type of plan, as you simply follow it to the letter, ticking off items as you complete them.

The way it works is simple.  Go through the checklist and follow each step.  Once you have finished the checklist, go through it again if you need to.  Repeat until your page is ranking where you want it to.

OK, so how long does it take to go through the checklist once?

Well, it's impossible to give an exact figure, because you have to do things like write & spin articles, plus other tasks that will depend on how fast you work.  I originally gave the course to my wife to follow, but she had a bad reaction to some anti-allergy injections over the last two weeks, and has been quite ill.  I have gone through the checklist myself and it took about 10 hours in total.  The most time consuming bits were creating the content for the various submissions I had to do.  Still, 10 hours is only a couple of hours per day spread over a week.

What exactly did I get for my 10 hours work?  Was that effort worth it?

Well, firstly, I got a lot of backlinks.  I haven't counted them all yet, and a lot of them are not indexed yet, but here is a summary picture of what one run through the checklist will give you (again I have blurred the backlink boxes to protect Shane’s system).


A thing to note – the arrows pointing into my site in the middle of the diagram do not all represent single links.  Many are in fact multiple links from multiple sites.

So what happened to the site I was promoting with Backlink Battleplan?

Well, first thing to note is that it got indexed very quickly.  Within 48 hours, Google had found 4 out of 5 "money pages" and rankings for several long tail phrases have been improving as the search engines are finding my backlinks.

Overall, I think this course is excellent, and I do highly recommend it to anyone.  I know from the feedback I have received from subscribers that a lot of you agree with me.  If you have bought the course, and have any comments you would like to make (good or bad), please do leave a comment at the end of this newsletter. 

For more details on the course, see the Backlink Battleplan homepage.


3. Blog Networks?

What are they and are they worth considering?

They are what they sound like – a network of blogs.  There are a number of commercial blog networks available (and a couple of free ones that Shane uses is his Backlink Battleplan course).  You can sign up and post your content which is then syndicated to the network.

The first blog network I put any effort into was SEO Link Vine.  The way that one worked was simple.  You upload an article with spin syntax to their system and the article gets spun as it is distributed to blogs on the network.  That means an article might get distributed to 100s of blogs.

The biggest problem I had with SEO Link Vine was that despite my articles seemingly getting distributed to 100s of blogs, I only ever found a small handful of backlinks using SEO SpyGlass.  In fact, from around 10 articles and several hundred submissions, I had less than 10 backlinks that were visible.  That means the backlinks were not getting indexed, and were not able to influence my rankings.  As might be expected, my test site just sat there and did nothing. 

For me, SEO Link Vine was a total waste of time and money.

Recently I heard good things about another blog network, but this one worked a little differently.

1. They did not accept spun content.
2. Each article was only submitted to one blog.

OK, those sound pretty negative things to those who want quantity over quality of backlinks, BUT, and its a big but…. This network has improved my rankings.  More on that in a minute.  First, let me tell you why this one works.

1. Only quality content is accepted so that the blogs in the network maintain a certain level.
2. Blogs in the network are on AGED domains and vary from PR1 to PR7.  Your articles will be distributed in a random manner to one of these blogs.  Obviously there are a lot more PR 1 blogs than PR 7, but that is only to be expected.
3. They automatically bookmark your articles on social networking sites for you to make sure the content gets indexed.  This means that they achieve a 95% indexed rate.  Yes, that means 95% of all articles submitted to their network are currently indexed and pushing link juice through to your site.
4. Blogs are on multiple class A, B and C ip addresses.
5. Articles can be as short as 150 words.  For every 150 words in your article, you can include one link.  That means a 450 word article can include 3 links.
6. There is an option to get their writers to create the content for you at a rate of $2 per link.  I have used the service myself (50 links for $100) to create one link articles, and it took about a week to get them created.

OK, so how have my rankings improved?

Well, you remember when I mentioned SEO Link Vine above, and the fact that it did not influence the rankings of my test site?  Well to put numbers on this, I was trying to rank for a term that has around 140,000 competing pages in Google (when searched in quotes).  When I started and finished my SEO Link Vine experiment, my page was stuck at #278 in Google.  It actually stayed around the 270-300 position until July of this year, and then I got a few more backlinks to the site which moved it up to the 170 – 190 range.  It has sat there for the last few months as I haven't touched that site at all.

Enter this new blog network service.

They offer a 10 link free trial, so I took them up on it.  I setup 10 links, 6 of which were to this test site.   Within a week, my site had moved up to position #120.

This was quite encouraging, so I signed up for their service.  Since then, I have added another 20 links back to this site, and yesterday, the site sat at #40 in Google for my keyword term.  Not all of those 20 links are indexed yet, so I am waiting a few more days to see where the site settles.

I have been really impressed with the service and I am sure you will be too.  I highly recommend you sign up for your 10 free link trial.


If you do, can I suggest a few tips:

1. Use all 10 links to promote a single page on one of your sites.  I personally used the homepage of my site, but you can use any page.
2. Choose a phrase that does not have too much competition. My experiment focused on a phrase with 140,000 competing pages in Google (searched in quotes), but I would recommend that as an upper limit for your experiment.  In fact, I with only 10 links, I would choose something with 50,000 or less.
3. Stick to the exact same link text with all 10 links.
4. To get your 10 free backlinks, create 10 articles with one link in each, rather than longer articles with several links per article.
5. Record you rankings for that phrase before you start, and then a week or two after your articles have been indexed in the system.
6. Leave a comment in this (or future newsletter) on how your 10 link experiment went.  I would love to hear if you have the same kind of successes I had.

Before I leave this, I wanted to show you a couple of screenshots.  These come from within the Dashboard of my account. 

The first one shows the PR distribution of my articles. 


NOTE: The PR values are the domain PR, not the PR of the page my article resides on. 

I realize that as blog posts slide off the front page of the blog, they will move to pages that have no Page Rank (at least initially), but even with that, my rankings have not slid too much when this has happened – something that surprised me.  The fact that the content page is indexed, does mean that you continue to receive backlink juice when this happens (albeit less per link), and this is a big advantage over other blog networks that I have tried where backlinks just disappear because the blog quality was so poor, and individual pages were not indexed.

The second screenshot shows the percentage of article indexed.  There are two lines on here.  One is the network indexing rate, and the second is my own personal article indexing rate:


Again, this network shows huge potential, and my current results suggest that this will be one of my own link building strategies for some time.  Do go and sign up for your free 10 link account now, and grab 10 free backlinks.



Well, that's it for this issue.  If you want to ask a question or have a comment about anything in this newsletter, please leave a comment at the end of this newsletter. 

Have a great week!

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26 thoughts on “EzSEO Newsletter #294

  • Marika

    I tried Buildmyrank (the network of blogs you mention here) a few months back (I think it was in April), there was a 7 days free trial or something similar, and honestly I was not very impressed. First it took a while for the backlinks to show even in YSE and when I finally found the posts, on some of them, my article was among the first 3 on that blog. Even now when I check those links, one of the blogs doesn’t have more than 10 posts on it (mine is the first, lol). Personally I was not impressed, but maybe they did change something since April.
    These day I prefer to use UAW, which gives me much better results and it is not seen as a closed paid network by Google, since it’s quite open to many article directories and to blogs in my niche(s).
    Anyway, just my 2 cents.

    • Andy

      thanks for your opinion. A lot of things do change in 5-6 months online, and I support this service has as well. All I can tell you is my own personal experience, which has been good.

      I also have a friend who has tried them and his page which is a lot higher competition than the phrase I am going for has moved from #14 to #10. He is pleased with that.

    • Build My Rank

      Hi Marika, yes much has changed since April. I suspect you were maybe one of the first few trial users (since we started in late March, early April of this year). Sorry you had a bad experience at that time. Our network has grown tremendously and we’ve added a lot on the backend since then to improve indexing (actually avg 95%+ every month), etc.

      If you’d like to have another go at it, shoot me an email thru the site with your original username and I’ll give you another 15 day trial.


  • Mr Bearly

    I have to agree with you on Backlinks Battleplan. I have had some issue with implementing it but the support has been very good.

    The site I’m targeting is the one above and it hasn’t been registering in the top 500 sites in Google in the last 6 months.

    After using BB for a week or so, and incomplete at that, the site showed up at 305. Some people will think that’s pretty poor but this is a highly competitive market. It has since dropped out but that is typical of Google so I am very encouraged by the activity and expect to get onto the first page by the end of the year.

    By the way, thanks for the spinning information I can now spin with confidence. I really detested the product of all the spinning programs around and wouldn’t use them.

    I use Content Creator for the core article and then create the alternatives from there. Much better content which I can submit with confidence anywhere.

    • Andy

      Yes, you will often find that sudden link building activity to a website or page will cause it to drop out. Glad you are not freaked out by that, as you understand this is totally normal behaviour.

  • F5000 Inversion


    Thanks for the heads up on the Backlink Battleplan. I bought it on your first recommendation and have been making my way through the videos.

    With so many other courses and comments out there about backlinking, I decided to review all the videos before trying to apply anything. Well … I’ve only got a couple to go and I know from past experience that this is a very well thought out plan.

    In fact, I will be using BLBP in the next week or so to see if I can resurrect an old IPK site I put together quite a while back. It’s ugly, neglected and is tough to find in the ranks (it’s the site I linked to here in fact) … should be a perfect test to see what a quality backlinking strategy can do.

    Thanks again Andy … as always, I put your recommendations on the top of my list.


  • Norm

    Hello Andy,
    On the allergy thing. Have the wife take a spoonful or two of *local* bee honey a day. For max effect, it needs to be from bees close enough that they are making honey from the plants common to your location. Hey, it can’t hurt, unless it hurts, and if it hurts, just stop taking it.
    Here is my arkle on my flagship… http://www.getcalhoun.com/news/ccgazearchive/HoneyGoodForAllergies!July2006.htm … It gets a ton of hits from all over so somebody must believe in it. I’m not selling anything on there.
    I always look forward to your newsletters, as you know. OK, so I am a SEO Linkvine user. I quit them the other day when I learned that they were ratholing their high PR sites for their high rollers and then went crawling back when I couldn’t find anything better. Without definitive proof, I think the vine has actually worked for us. It’s all the article SEO I’ve ever done. But…I’m always looking around.
    Last week, on your say so, I pounced on Backlink Battleplan. I praised it (and you for the heads up) on the Warrior Forum.
    So, I am a Linkvine user who is now going through the Backlink Battleplan plan, and in the midst of a test of the 10 free link place you wrote about. Two more arkles on there and I’m done. Then I can move on to the next chapter of the plan. The site I’m using is a PR3 site, long neglected, now rewritten, and it is a fairly competitive keyword that is the theme of the site. According to Keyword Elite hardness scale, a 69 out of 100. (This is not good!) On the 10 free link place, my method is identical with yours. The same keyword for all the articles.
    So, I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks again Andy. As always, you’re the one to follow. Now, if you can just tell us how to get stuff to dang convert once we get traffic!

    • Andy

      Thanks for the tip on the allergy thing. However, two problems – I am not sure we have a local honey, and secondly her main allergy is a tropical dust mite. Not sure honey will help with that???

      Good luck with the Backlink Battleplan. Please let us know how you get on with it.

  • Will

    Hey Andy,

    I bought the Backlink Battleplan upon your recommendation as well and have been working through it over the last week or so. It’s very well organized and simplifies/automates many of the same things I was trying to do myself already and has cut the time spent on those tasks in half. It also has many things included that I had never thought of. In the long run I think that this will save a ton of time and hopefully help my rankings grow.

    I also signed up for the the BuildMyRank network a couple of weeks ago. As far as blog networks go, this one seems to try to keep it the most realistic, with quality non-spun articles and having one article per blog. I did the 10 article test on a variety of different pages on one site. The results do show up in SEO SpyGlass so the pages are getting indexed.

    I’ll continue to test this out but my problem with these types of blog networks is that your post with your link only stays on the home page (where all the PR is) for about a week or so. Then it gets pushed to a PR nil second page. I also looked at the category pages on these blogs and these are PR 0 or nil as well.

    In your opinion then, what is the value of this link? It’s almost the same as submitting to EZineArticles, which is free, versus the $59/month for BuildMyRank or even more for other blog networks. If you only get a PR benefit for a week, then I have a hard time seeing the value of paying a monthly fee for this, when I can get this type of link for free elsewhere. Your thoughts?

    • Andy

      It really isnt all about PR. Its about ip diversity. If you submit 100 articles to ezinearticles, Google knows you have 100 links coming from the same site, and may decide to only value one of them. Compare that to 100 links on completely different ip addresses. As I said, my rankings have not slid that much when my article drops off the homepage of the blog (which was a surprise as I expected it to slide further), but what I think helps a lot is the fact that they bookmark your articles so that the article page gets, and stays indexed, thereby giving you a valuable backlink.

  • Cheryl

    I am going to cast my vote for BBBP too. I have not only learned to approach backlinking systematically, but I have added Shane to my A #1 marketer list. Andy, I discovered you early on in my IM career and I have only kept 4 out of z dozen marketers coming into my email inbox. Yours is one as is Tony Shepherd, Martin Avis and Tiffany Dow oh and I think Jason Fladlien. But now I can confidently add Shane to my list too.

    Thanks for continuing to bring out the best in Internet Marketing.

    • Andy

      thanks for staying with me. I appreciate it!

      I will have to look up a couple of those marketers you mention. I know of Martin and Tony, but not heard of the others. I am always looking for good newsletters.

  • Marion Hermannsen

    Hi there, I’m pretty new to website building. I bought Shane’s Backlink Battleplan and found it very straightforward. I ran into one little problem because I use SBI to build and host my site. Shane explained the issues well and I managed to resolve all of them together with SBI. The programme is very well structured and I’m already seeing results. The videos are easy to follow and I did a first round of backlink building within about 3 days. The next round should be a lot faster! I’m hoping to do a new round, beginning to end, every month – thanks again for the recommendation! Marion

  • Free Insurance Leads Guy

    Thanks for the reviews. I use submityourarticle.com and have not seen any major improvements, however I am just now using the Article Leverage feature so I hope to see results. What is your experience with submityourarticle.com and what are you top 3 link building tools? Thanks again.

  • Tony Crofts

    Hi Andy

    As you know, by the way Google lists it search engine results, page one on Google is not all what it seems.

    Last week I wanted to help out a local letting agency business to get more exposure on Google. So on Monday I posted three completely different geo-specific articles about using a letting agency on three different article sites and waited a few days before I looked at the results.

    On Friday night I searched for the keyword I’d aimed for using 4 different browsers and Market Samurai.
    Marekt Samurai said I had attained positions 3,4 + 6 on page one of Google.
    Flock said I’d two listings on page one and one on page two.
    Firefox (the browser I used to upload the posts) said one on page two and two on page three.
    Chrome said three on page three.
    Internet Explorer didn’t find any listing on the first four pages.

    I know Google follows what I look at in my browser and will skew results
    accordingly which is why we use Market Samurai. What I didn’t know is how much it is affected by the browser used. I could always delete cookies, cache and history before searching but I didn’t want to.

    Just as a last minute thought I’ve just looked up the results on Scroogle.org and they come out as being positions 17, 21 & 24.

    So, when we go through all the trouble of trying to get to page one, and hopefully number one, on Google we end up seeing the results Google thinks we want to see. Or do we? What is the real outcome for people searching on the keywords we think we are ranking for? Will they get anything like the result we think we rank highly for. Or are they still using Internet Explorer?

    Might be a subject for your research one day Andy. Just don’t expect us to get the same results as you do though.

    Many thanks for your really excellent newsletter. Much appreciated the trouble you take and the fact you share such a lot of your findings with us.



    • Andy

      Tony – that is really interesting (if not a little startling). I have seen differences in browsers, but not to that extent. Maybe something to do with the Geo Targeting keywords and the respective browsers. If you want to email me the keywords, I can check in the various browsers here and see what comes up.

  • Boat Bottom Cleaning Los Angeles

    Hey Andy,

    “3. Stick to the exact same link text with all 10 links.”

    Since you’ve always taught us to vary our anchor text links I was a little puzzled by your above advice for BuildMyRank network.

    Why should we use the same link text for all ten links?

    Wouldn’t Google penalize our rankings using the same link text?


    • Andy

      I am only talking about the same anchor text for these 10 links so you can gauge if they were successful in helping your rankings for a keyword phrase. Overall, the link text you build to your pages should be varied (though related for each page), and you should get more than just these 10.

  • Concept II Ceiling Fan

    Hi Andy,

    I’ve got an interesting results from using BMR.

    I submitted 10 articles to BMR website on 25 Oct for my Adsense website. 9 articles had been accepted and 1 articles had been rejected. It was distributed to PR 1 – PR 3 blog. I used the same anchor text like your suggestion.

    Yesterday, I checked the ranking of my website and it had jumped from ranking 8 to ranking 2. 🙂

    I would like to say thanks for your recommendation.
    I had been your newsletters subscriber for years and really enjoy your newsletters.


  • samrat kafle

    Hey Andy,really superb post.Awesome seo tutorial 😛 i was searching nice tutorial on Spinning HTML in Articles luckily i found the exact tutorial that i was searching.Thanks for the superb post.