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1. Article Writing Guides

2. SENukeX v SEO Link Robot?

3. Feeding the Panda?

Hi Again

Today I wanted to finally publish my comparison of SENukeX and SEO Link Robot.  I have also written a review of a new eBook that promises to show you how to cope in the Post-Panda Google update, and what you can do to future-proof your websites against future algorithm changes.  Is it any good?  I'll tell you.

Let’s get on with it….


1. Article Writing Guides


This section is only going to be of interest to people who own Web Content Studio, as it shows one of the new features in action and how to use it. The feature is called “Article Writing Guides”, and it's going to replace the old “Article Templates” system.

To get you started using this feature, John Robinson of the “Authority Site Adsense Guide” has given me permission to include seven writing guides that he created for his own writers.

This video shows you how to use these guides as well as create your own.

NOTE: Click the Youtube Logo bottom right to view on Youtube as you can then watch full screen.

Article Writing Guide Tutorial

BTW: One Web Content Studio user (thanks Elizabeth) left the following comment on the Web Content Studio site:

“Chris Knight over at EzineArticles displays over 50 article-writing templates here:


I have referred many writers to these, and they’ve all gotten back to me to say that exposure to lots of different ways of approaching a subject has helped prevent their writing from becoming stale.”

You could easily incorporate these into your own collection of Article Writing Guides.

NOTE: If you bought & originally installed Web Content Studio BEFORE version, then you need to install the guides manually.  You can read about that here: Article Writing Guides



2. SENukeX v SEO Link Robot?


I have been meaning to compare these two tools for quite some time and I know a lot of readers have been waiting for my opinion.

I am not going to go into how to use each of these tools, as that would take up a whole eBook on its own.  I just want to compare the main features and give you my own opinions on the two tools, so that you can make up your own mind.

Both tools are designed to get you backlinks to your money site using a range of sources, in particular Web 2.0 properties that allow you to setup your own blogs (places like WordPress.com, Tumblr, Hubpages, Wet Paint, Xanga etc).

With additional sources like article directories, press releases, social bookmarking etc, built in, they are both designed to be your link building toolbox.

Let me just start by saying that I've been using SEO Link Robot for several months and SENukeX for only two months.  I have written an SEO Link Robot Review which you can read here if interested.  Be aware that the review is a little dated now after so many updates.

In that time, both products have had a lot of upgrades.

In the case of SEO Link Robot, these upgrades were mainly to add new features but also occasional bug fixes. In the case of SENukeX, the upgrades were mainly fixing bugs.  In fact, I have found that SENukeX was just too buggy to make any real use out of it (although reported bugs do seem to get fixed quickly).

If everything was working as it should, I have no doubt that SENukeX would be the best software available for this type of link building. However, to me, the fact that there are still so many bugs that make it unusable two months after release, is just not acceptable.

With SEO link robot, there have been minor bugs, but overall it has been a solid performer in what it does.

So how do the two compare in terms of features?

The one feature that I was most interested in with SENukeX was the Diagram Designer. This feature allows you to setup your linking campaigns using a diagram where you can drag-and-drop icons which represent the websites you'll be posting your content to, and interlink these icons into a network so that you can end up with quite complex linking patterns eventually pointing to my site.  For setting up complex linking patterns that can be executed automatically, it really does have a lot of potential.


My biggest problem with this Diagram Designer, was the inflexibility in the way you could link (not to mention a fair bit of tweaking that you would need to do to help prevent footprints, but that is another story).

For example, each icon can only link to one other icon.

What does this mean?

Well it means that any article you post to any site, can only link to one other article in your diagram. I much prefer a more chaotic linking strategy to help hide footprints.  Of course, this type of chaotic linking is possible with SENukeX, but it takes a lot of manual effort which is something most SENukeX users want to avoid (it's why they bought the tool in the first place), and for me, makes the Diagram Designer a wasted opportunity.

Another problem with the Diagram Designer is that once you finish and get it to setup the tasks outlined in your diagram, there is no way to go back in and edit it, add new bits, etc.

Therefore for me, the only real option was to create a project and setup the individual tasks manually. This has quite a big learning curve though and maybe other software is easier (and cheaper) to use if I am going to be doing it manually anyway.

OK, so what kind of automation does SEO Link Robot have?

Well, there is a feature that allows you to build mini-nets.  This is not something I have used myself, as the first few versions of SEO Link Robot (when I tried to use the Mini-Net feature) had bugs to stop it working properly.  I also could not repost to the same Web 2.0 properties in the mini-nets, which made it a waste of time IMO, as Web 2.0 properties need multiple postings to gain any kind of traction.

However, the main Web 2.0 poster allows you to create open link wheels automatically, and this for me is a far better option than the mini-nets.  Its also very easy to repost articles to the same set of Web 2.0 properties and so this feature makes the mini-net option a little redundant for me.

How many sites are supported by each tool?

Okay so both of these tools can submit to web 2.0 properties. Personally I found that SEO Link Robot has a much greater success rate than SENukeX, but that may be due to my IP address, not using proxies or something I haven't thought of.  But how many web 2.0 properties does each piece of software support and what other types of link are possible with these software programs?

SEO Link Robot has the following (at the time of writing):

Web 2.0 – 25 Sites
Article Directories – 9 Sites
Press Releases – 10 Sites
Bookmarking – 18 Sites
RSS submissions – 16 Sites

SEO Link Robot also has something called a MetaIndexer, which can get your site listed at a huge number of sites (3000 for the smaller packet, and 31,000 for the larger packet), though I would be careful using this feature as that is a lot of links to get in one go.

SENuke X has a lot more potential link sources.  At the time of writing, here are the numbers.  These have changed a lot over the time I have subscribed (some up, some down).

Web 2.0 – 25 Sites
Article Directories – 189 Sites
Press Releases – 46 Sites
Bookmarking – 55 Sites
RSS submissions – 25 Sites


Video Sites – 42 Sites
Forum Profiles –  238 Sites

SENukeX also has an indexing module, that as far as I can tell will post your link on various blogs to help it get indexed.  I haven't used this though.

How do the prices compare for the two tools?

SEO Link Robot – $57 a month or $497 for a lifetime license.
SENukeX – $147 a month

Do they increase the rank of your pages?

Because of the problems I had getting SENukeX to work, I haven't really been able to do an awful lot with it. I did run one automated campaign that was set up using the diagram designer, and it had no effect on my rankings at all. The main problem was simply that I could not repost to the same web 2.0 properties without bugs interfering with my posting.

As for SEO Link Robot, I have been using this for a lot longer, and have seen movement of my pages up the SERPS for the terms I have targeted. It's not a quick ranking boost by any means, as it will take time to build your web 2.0 properties. Having quality spn content is a must, and if you can find a good source, so much the better.  I use Ultra Spinnable Articles for that.  For anyone interested, I have zipped up a file with details on this service.  The file contains a coupon you can use if you are interested.  Get the zip file here.

Steve at SEO Link Robot has a wishlist of features that he wants to add, which should give you a wider range of places to post your content (and link diversity should be a major factor in your overall linking strategy).  Some new features have been added since I bought the software (Article Directories and Press Releases), and I know there are more to come.

My Opinion & Conclusions

There is no doubt in my mind that SENukeX has the potential to be the best software in this automated link building category. It has a lot more sites than most of the other software I've tried and with the diagram designer it has the potential to make this simple and hands-free. However, I think there's a long way to go before the above statement will be true. SENukeX is extremely buggy, and the diagram designer has some major flaws. Because of this, I personally would want to setup the linking projects manually, and there are far cheaper tools to do this (and tools that have a lot less bugs).

I should tell you now, that I have cancelled my subscription to a SENukeX and it will expire later this month!  At this time, I do not recommend it.

SEO Link Robot has far fewer sites, but I have been able to use it to do the job it's designed to do.  Even if both tools wereh the exact same price, my choice at the moment would most definitely be SEO Link Robot.

However, if I only had $57 per month  to invest in a link building solution, my money would actually go elsewhere – Build My Rank.

Although there is more effort involved, Build My Rank has had noticeable affects my rankings which have been far quicker than those seen using SEO Link Robot.

They have a free trial where you can build 10 links to free. I strongly recommend you do that, but I would recommend:

1. You only include one link per article
2. Included in the first sentence
3. Make your article is at least 300 words
4. Test it on a phrase that does not have too much competition, has 10 links will only get you so far.

Once your pages start to rank better, you could diversify by getting a tool like SEO Link Robot.


3. Feeding the Panda?

With so many people affected by the Panda update, it was only a matter of time before a product came out claiming to teach you how to recover from Google's Panda update, as well as future proof your site against future algorithmic changes that Google might make.

Yesterday, a friend mentioned a new book to me called Feeding the Panda.  It aims to teach you exactly that.

As I mentioned before, I want to put all product reviews in a “Review” section on this website, so that you can comment on my reviews, and add your own comments and opinions on the product.  Read my Feeding the Panda Review here.

OK, that's it for this newsletter.

Until next time.  Have a great week!

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17 thoughts on “EzSEO Newsletter #310

    • Andy

      I haven’t yet, but I am going to be looking at this week or next, and writing a review within a couple of weeks. Magic submitter looks like it has huge potential. Another tool but I do use and have had a lot of success with this sick submitter, but the learning curve is quite steep which is why I have recommended it to my subscribers. Magic submitter looks a lot easier.

  • Sean

    Since you’ve tested both SENuke X & SEO Link Robot, do you have any experience with Brute Force EVO II? Its supposed to be the best on the market, if you have, I’d love to get your thoughts.



  • Mark

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks as always for your newsletter and info…

    If I may, since you do mention Panda in this article Andy, could I ask you something that is related that you touched on a couple to a few weeks ago?

    If I can somewhat recall, it had to do with yourself having to either completely take out your testimonials in your content pertaining to various products…or, that you had to significantly edit them where even paraphrasing them could possibly get you slapped.

    So how do you add testimonials for the social proof aspect of reviewing or merely promoting a product? Do you add testimonials any longer, and if so, how do you write them out when you grab them from places like Amazon or any other site which provides users’ experiences with said product?

    This is driving me crazy as I have obtained scores of these and now I’m nervous of how to insert them on my site, or do I even bother to place them in given what happened to you?

    Thank you for listening Andy and I’m grateful for your time answering 🙂


    • Andy

      I haven’t actually removed all the testimonials from some of my pages, and many of these pages have bounced back since the initial Panda. As long as the quotes aren’t a high percentage of the content on the page, I think you’ll be okay. However, I’ve actually stopped adding testimonials on the pages, and do one of two things. Either to summarise the main comments on my own words or create a graphic that contains some of the words and phrases that people have used to describe the product and then inserted the graphic instead of text.

      • Mark

        Hi Andy,

        Thanks so much for taking the time to reply to my inquiry. I really appreciate it Andy.

        Well just that one sentence you inserted about the graphic is just wanted I needed to hear – wonderful idea!!!!

        My Lord…, something of which I’m a little embarrassed that didn’t cross my mind before…of course! Use a graphic! Lightbulb moment! Well, it’s screenshot time a comin’! Just got to do it tactfully and tastefully.

        Thanks Andy 🙂

        Best as always,

  • Tom


    I think there may a problem with the update to Web content Studio

    I downloaded the update and restated my copy of Web Content Studio and the tab for Article Writing Guides is now present

    However when I navigate to the writing guides there is no list of writing guides or if I navigate to the Guide Folder in Windows I find the Folder empty.

    If I missed a step or something sorry but any help finding the templates would be appreciated

    Anyway Thanks for the update to this great tool Web Content Studio

    Tom Bohan

  • Sarah

    Hi Andy
    Thanks for the comparisons, they help clear up some confusion.

    Have you had a look at FreeTGen? It would be great to have you’re opinion on it.

    Thanks again


    • Andy

      No Sarah, I haven’t tried it. I did take a look at it when it was released but decided against some reason (I don’t remember why).

  • Norm

    Don’t get lonely Tom. The same exact thing happened to me. Heh heh. I knew I wasn’t doing something I was sposed to be doing. I’m not embarrassed one bit. I do this kind of stuff all the time. I had WCS open and I was looking for the guides before Andy said good morning on the vid. Good advice from Andy.

    Note to self: When all else fails, read the dang manual.


    Tom said: “However when I navigate to the writing guides there is no list of writing guides or if I navigate to the Guide Folder in Windows I find the Folder empty.”

  • Andy

    Thanks for the great comparisons, Andy.

    You say you’d choose build my rank in place of SEO Link Robot. I was wondering why – wouldn’t you lose a fair amount of a link network by choosing just BMR?

    Before I decide on one, what are your thoughts on using other blog networks (specifically, Article Ranks) and backing up those links with ‘Backlink Energizer’?

    I’ve just started using Backlink Energizer on a couple of sites, HOWEVER….

    It’s not quite ‘ringing true’ to me that I should back up all (or a large proportion of) my first level links to my money site, with just a handful of free blogs!! I am unsure if I should carry on, or stop using Energizer.

    Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Andy J.

    • Andy

      The reason I would go with BMR instead of SENukeX or SEO Link Robot is simple. I get better results faster with BMR, than either of those two. I am a big believer in diversifying your links, so ultimately you would probably want a tool that would post to web 2.0 and other sites available in these are the tools, but to be honest I’ve had excellent results using just BMR.

      I don’t use article ranks, but I have heard good things about it. My worry is that a lot of blogs in networks like article ranks are going to be very low quality as people put them up to gain credits if I remember correctly, and will just take the blog onto their site which will have no PR. Blog networks like BMR are aged domain is mostly with PR (upto PR6 I think or maybe seven).

      I don’t use any tool like Backlink Energizer. Although I haven’t tried them, the link indexers I have looked at all create spammy links to your content.

  • David

    Dear Andy,

    This post is a little off topic, but I just wanted let you know that I couldn’t subscribe to your newsletter when javascript was disabled. I hope this is helpful to you.