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1. Extreme Review

2. Alternative to Google Adsense?


Hi Again

I hope you have enjoyed the recent holiday season and you have your New Year resolutions all worked out and written down.  Unfortunately my own resolutions have to wait a few more days because here is Spain they are just getting ready for the biggest day of the year – 3 Kings Day – which is equivalent to Christmas.  Yes, we celebrated the 25th December as well, it’s just not as big a day as January 6th.  No point starting resolutions until Christmas is over, it there Confused smile.

I was going to write a newsletter next week once “Christmas” had died down a little, but I have had a number of emails from people asking me about my thoughts on the product I mentioned in my last newsletter.

If you missed the last issue,  I reviewed a really good course on writing quality product reviews.  I promised to review another product by the same author in the next newsletter – Extreme Review.

I decided to bring the newsletter forward to answer your questions on Extreme Review, and tell you why I don't recommend it for everyone.

I also have a list of a few Google Adsense alternatives to try.

Let’s get on with it….

1. Extreme Review

In the last issue, I highly recommended the article writing course called Reviewers Edge by Erica Stone.

In Reviewers Edge, they mention another of their products called Extreme Review, and I told you last week not to buy it until I told you what it was like.  I have now read it.

Extreme Review is a good course that will undoubtedly be a big help to people who want to create their first site. However, if you are happy building sites, know how to find good products to promote and how to build a site, then I don't think this product is for you.  I think that those with a little more experience (but aren't quite making it with affiliate sales) only need the Reviewers Edge course.  That course is only about $15 now, and the way it teaches you to write reviews is excellent.

For those who want to know more details about the Extreme Review product, let me tell you what the course includes:

  • Main course manual
  • Bonus Review Template
  • Bonus Backlink Strategy

Let's look at each component in turn.

The Main Course manual is around 70 pages in length and covers the following essential areas:

  1. Picking a good product to promote – you'll learn how to brainstorm the best product ideas using search “codes” you can type into Google. Her “Google Thinking” idea on page 13 is an excellent idea for thinking outside the box when looking for the best products to promote.  Once you have your ideas, Erica shows you how to evaluate them to find the very best.
  2. Keywords – this section of Erica's course is a little different to how most people do keyword research.  Whereas most people try to come up with hundreds or thousands of keywords, Erica takes you one step at a time, and the first step is to find just ONE keyword. I cannot tell you too much more without giving away too much of Erica's strategy.
  3. Domain Names – which domain should you get?  Erica tells you how to evaluate domain names and find the best one for your review site.
  4. WordPress – like me, Erica uses WordPress for her sites.  This is a short section that gives a quick overview of setting up WordPress and some plugins she recommends.
  5. Writing Reviews – this section will take you through Erica's process of writing reviews.  It's not quite as complete as Reviewers Edge, but it is still a good guide to write high quality, engaging reviews.  She then goes on to give you more information on how to publish your review on the site, which includes things like when and how to use images, as well as how and where to insert affiliate links.  She also covers adding a table of contents to your reviews.
  6. Informational Articles – this is another good section.  I always make sure that my review sites are not 100% reviews.  I believe that adding in informational content is necessary to help your site avoid a Panda slap.  There are other benefits of informational articles as well, and Erica discusses the main one on page 44.  On page 45 she gives you ideas on how to come up with article ideas.  I think that what she talks about on page 45 can be combined with her “Google Thinking” idea from page 13 to form a powerful way to find article ideas.
  7. Erica discusses the importance of the navigational menu and how to create one that is really useful for the visitor.  This is is one area of the course that I don't often see discussed in courses of this kind.
  8. Promoting your site – this section of the course tells you how to go about getting a number of free backlinks.  She gives you a simple strategy to follow.  She'll then go on to talk about how you need to grow your website.

At the end of the course is an example product review, plus an example informational article.  These are both very good examples that you can learn a lot from.

Overall I liked the course though a lot of the information was not new to me.  The people that would benefit from this course are those just starting out and needing a good plan to follow.  Learning to build sites and write content “the Erica way” can only be a good thing.  I like her approach to finding a product, creating content and building a site.

OK, that's the main course out of the way, what about the two bonuses?

Well the first bonus is the review template.  This is a copy and paste template you can use when you are writing your reviews in WordPress.  You simply copy and paste this into a WordPress post (but never publish it).  It then acts as a template every time you want to write a review.  Instructions on how to use the template are included in this bonus guide.  The template includes the structures you need for a table of contents, so this is really useful for those who want to write reviews in the same style Erica does.

The last bonus is a backlinking guide.  Erica only covers 5 different strategies and I think that beginners might need a little more hand-holding than offered in the guide.

Ok, to summarize then, I think that Extreme Review is great for those just starting out.

For those who are a little more experienced, I don't think this course will offer too much that is new, so I would recommend instead that you consider the Reviewers Edge – unless of course you already know how to write killer reviews.


2. Alternative to Google Adsense?

I am often asked for alternatives to Google Adsense.  By listing these, I am not recommending them because I haven't used all of them.  I would recommend that if you want an alternative, you do your own due diligence.

Here are some alternatives:


These services will have different requirements in terms of you the publisher, so you need to check those out.

If anyone has experience with any of these alternatives, good or bad, or have other suggestions, please leave a comment at the end of this newsletter – thanks!

OK, that's it for this newsletter.  Hope there was something you found interesting.

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8 thoughts on “EzSEO Newsletter #328

  • Terence Pera

    Hi Andy Hope you have a nice Christmas and New Year, and have a nice Three Kings Day. Yes i might check Erica’s Reviews. Same as myself i have not finished writing my goals down for this year but started it but have to fine tuned down to a more detailed version.

  • Jestine

    Hi Andy,

    Currently my websites are using Kontera, Infolinks and Chitika and found that Kontera and Infolinks are good. Their payment is on time and easy to integrate.


      • Jestine

        Hi Andy,

        Kontera will take a look at your site first and you need to tell them the approximate traffic but for Infolinks there is no special requirements regarding levels of traffic.


  • Paul

    Interesting. In context monetization options (I used Kontera) failed miserably for me. The conversion rate was terrible, and the CPM was even worse. Plus, I never felt comfortable using it as I found it intrusive to the visitor`s experience. On the other hand, I`ve been using Chitika for several years now (in addition to Adsense) and have been pleased with their support and performance. Payouts like clockwork, too.

  • Joe

    Hi Andy

    You say: Informational Articles – this is another good section. I always make sure that my review sites are not 100% reviews. I believe that adding in informational content is necessary to help your site avoid a Panda slap.’

    When you add this content do you put the articles on WP pages as opposed to posts or do you not bother with pages.

    • Andy

      Hi Joe
      No. All of the articles on my sites are created as posts. The only time i use Pages is for things like disclaimer, terms, privacy, contact and occasionally for a static homepage,