EzSEO Newsletter #345 5

In this issue:

1. Moving WordPress Posts to Another Site

2. New SEO Tips Videos

3. Where to promote your Kindle books

Hi Again

In this newsletter I've got a few video tutorials for you, plus some help for those of you starting out with Kindle .  Incidentally, one reader told me they had their first $44 day on Amazon Kindle.  Congratulations.  It just goes to show what happens when you take action.

1. Moving WordPress Posts to Another Site

Have you ever thought about moving posts from one website to another?  With WordPress it is incredibly easy.  I have recently decide to retire one of my sites, but wanted to keep the content.  Watch the video of how I moved the posts from one WordPress site to another.

2. New SEO Tips Videos

I’ve started a new series of SEO tip videos.  I have at least 10 planned, but the first two are ready now.  Click the links below to watch the tips:

  1. Tip #1 – Don’t write content about a keyword phrase.
  2. Tip #2 – Don’t publish fluffy content on your site.
  3. more to come soon…

3. Where to promote your Kindle books

I got an email the other day from a subscriber who had started publishing their fiction on Amazon Kindle.  They had just celebrated their first $44 day.  I am sure that total will increase, but $44 a day equates to $1300 a month if done consistently.  I love hearing these success stories and if you missed my own, you can read it on my Facebook page about my Kindle Publishing Journey.

I am just about to release my next Kindle book – a book about formatting, publishing and promoting your own books on Kindle.  It should be released in the next week or so and it’ll be free for the first 5 days.  Notification of it’s release will be through the Facebook page, though I will also send an email to subscribers of my newsletter too.  I have a rather ambitious schedule this month as I’d like to release three books in total!

Since promotion of Kindle books (especially fiction) is one area where people struggle, I put together a resource page where you can find sites to spread the word about your books.   More details of how to use these sites will be in my Kindle book on the topic Winking smile.  For now, if you want to, read Best Sites to Promote your Kindle Books.

If you know of any other established sites that work well for this type of promotion, please leave a comment after that post with details. 

OK, that’s it for this newsletter.

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5 thoughts on “EzSEO Newsletter #345

  • Norm

    Hello Dr. Andy!
    VERY good content this time! I’m going to check out the “Best sites” page in one moment. And your example of moving content from one site to the other was great as well.

    After reviewing the keyword phrase video, well… I can’t speak for the automatic page generating thingy you found, but I have used most of the rest of the SEO that you commented on. It USED to work, not so long ago, and work well.

    Unfortunately, now my older domains aren’t worth the electrons they are printed on. Funny thing. My newer FableShop.net site which is not based on the old SEO tricks just went to PR3, I noticed. My anecdotal feeling is that less is more these days in the SEO racket and your continuing research does nothing to disabuse me of that notion.

    Still, I’m glad I’m done with national and global. Way too many variables these days. Heck, part of the fun was knowing that I could move my keywords up the list most any time I wanted to. Nowadays, to me, trying to rank is worse than fighting a back yard full of Kudzoo.

    Again, I congratulate you on your success with your Amazon books! Hurray for my friend Andy!!


  • Noelh

    Andy, I have been following your progress with Kindle publishing with great interest. Looks like it has the potential to generate a full-time income. I would love to publish on Kindle myself but I am useless at writing. Do you think there is any potential in finding good public domain books and rewriting and updating them for kindle?

  • Marshall Estes

    Andy – you need to remove Daily Free Ebooks from your promo list. They no longer accept free ebooks. Only those between .01 and 1.00