EzSEO Newsletter #346

In this issue:

1. Bye Bye Google Reader

2. Google Panda Changes and a looming Penguin Update

3. Internet Copyright – infringement and how to handle it.

4. SEO Checklist free on Kindle

Hi Again

In this newsletter I’ve got a few news items related to Google.  I’ve also reprinted an old article by Jim Edwards on how to beat content thieves.  Finally, I wanted to let you know that my new Kindle Book – "An SEO Checklist" is available for f.r.e.e on Amazon right now and for the next couple of days.

1. Bye Bye Google Reader

Google have announced that they are discontinuing Google Reader.  It’s one Google app that I use a lot, so it is disappointing.  However, I have found a couple of alternatives.

2. Google Panda Changes and a looming Penguin Update

Last weekend was probably the date of the latest Panda update.  I say probably because Google haven’t confirmed it.  The thing is, they probably never will confirm a Panda update again.  This article explains why, and what that means to webmasters.

3. Internet Copyright – infringement and how to handle it

This is an old article by Jim Edwards, but it still offers great advice to anyone who has had content stolen and republished on other websites.

4. SEO Checklist free on Kindle

imageFor the next few days (starting 21st March), you can download my new book for free.  If you do, I’d really appreciate it if you could click the "Like" button on Amazon.  If you really like it, please consider leaving a review.  You can download the book here:



Other Amazon stores, just search for the book by it’s ASIN: B00BXFAULK

OK, that’s it for this newsletter.

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  1. says


    Did you ever get round to writing a fiction Kindle book or do you plan to stick to non-fiction? If you write fiction, will you do it under a different name?


    • says

      Hi Linda
      I finished the first part of my first fiction book. I planned three parts for that one. I want to find time to work on part 1, then write the other two parts before releasing any of it. I have also started on my second fiction, which I am more excited about. When I release these, yes, they will be under a pen-name.

      • says

        Gosh, Andy, you keep yourself busy with all that writing! Very much looking forward to reading your fiction books. The non-fiction ones are excellent.


  2. says

    Hi Andy

    Thanks for another free and expert book – though I’m still trying to catch up on reading the others! The US Amazon isn’t showing a Like button any more, but I gave you one (the first!) on UK.

    Best, Alan

    • says

      Yes it can be done, but it isn’t always easy. The sections of the book that are most relevant to Penguin is the Backlink Profile stuff.

  3. Chris says

    Hi Andy,

    I have another of your Kindle books, but I can’t seem to get this one in Canada. It says it’s not available here, where my Kindle account is based.


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