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I am thinking of running a series of tutorials in my newsletter, but wanted to know if it was something that is of interest.  It's related to an announcement I have 😉

SEO Bundle bookToday, my SEO “bundle” book has just become available as a physical book by using Amazon's Createspace tools. 

Here is the sales page on Createspace for “The Complete SEO 2013 & Beyond”. 

It should appear on Amazon within a few hours as well.

I have 4 more of my Kindle books almost ready to release as physical books too, I just need to do a final proof on them.

As regular readers know, last July I started writing and publishing books on Kindle, and it's been so profitable that I have devoted a lot more of my time to it.  I now have 8 books on Kindle (although one is this SEO "bundle" which is basically my 2 SEO books published as a single book), with more to come. 

If it hadn't been for Geoff Shaw's Kindling Course, I'd never have considered publishing on Kindle, but here I am publishing physical books now using Createspace (owned by Amazon).

This all brings me to my question. 

I know a lot of you have started publishing on Kindle as well after seeing my own earnings that I publishing on my Kindle Publishing Facebook page last year.  I stopped publishing my own earnings last December but income has continued to increase since then and I hope that the introduction of physical versions of my books will add to that.

For many, physical books is the next step, but it does come with a number of challenges that I've overcome the hard way.  I considered writing a new Kindle book on publishing on Createspace, but decided it would be better as a series in my newsletter. 

Is that something that would interest you?

The specific problems that I had relate to images used in the books, page numbering, book covers, general formatting, using their preview tool, etc.  However, if you have had problems in other areas, let me know and I’ll cover those too.

If you would like me to write tutorials on publishing on Createspace, please leave a comment below.

You can also ask me any questions you might have on Kindle publishing.

Have a great day!

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51 thoughts on “EzSEO Newsletter – Createspace?

  • Alex

    I have one kindle book at present and I’d be interested in a createspace tutorial.

    And maybe also- how to choose good topics to write about for Kindle/ createspace

  • Allen

    Hi Andy,

    Fantastic SEO books – have got them all so far. Would love to see you do
    a blog series on Createspace!

    Keep up the great work,


  • John

    Anything that can help me avoid learning the things the hard way, as you put it, would be great! 🙂

  • Alan Northcott

    Hi Andy

    Yes, I’m thinking of physical too. The Kindle response has been disappointing, as my two books get less than $100 per month – and that’s with my having nine physical books already released, so I thought I might have a head-start in “expert” status. But I have many more titles to do when I get more motivated!

    The Kindle books tend to be smaller than the physical – any thought on that? I was wondering whether to combine several titles for each physical. Or are slimmer volumes acceptable at the right price?

    • Andy Williams Post author

      Hi Alan
      In terms of publishing physical books, I am a relative newbie. I don’t really know at this stage about the merits of publishing smaller books. If they are very small, the books cannot have text on the spine – I know that. I guess you also have to look at the cost of the books as they are more expensive to create than Kindle versions (obviously), so Createspace will have a minimum price you can set. I will cover pricing and how it works on Createspace, as well as a little trick I found when sizing (height x width) the books (it relates to price and profits).

      • Alan

        I look forward to us learning together, then!

        I’ve just been commissioned to write another full-size book for a newbie client, so I’m sure that he will benefit from my increasing my knowledge.

  • mark d

    Yes, I would really like to know how to publish a physical book. I am publishing 2 multi media ebooks on kindle, nook and the apple book store. It would be great to be able to go the next step on book publishing.

  • jim hunter

    It definitely would be worth getting tutorials from you. Most of the publishing on Createspace guides approach the topic from 30,000 feet, for people that do not know what Createspace is. if your tutorials were an in-the-trenches, problems-I-overcame approach, they would be very valuable.

  • Marsha

    Dr. Andy,

    I would like to see a tutorial on publishing with Createspace! Thanks for all you do for your faithful followers.


  • Wendy

    I am looking forward to this tutorial Andy. Your emails are the only ones that make my eyebrows raise and I can’t wait to see what you have to teach us. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

  • Antoinette

    Hi Andy,

    Count me in, sounds great to help navigate the maze of book publishing.



  • Tony C

    I’m all for learning about publishing on Createspace too please.
    I already found out it affects formatting and how covers are produced differently to Kindle..

    Thanks Andy

  • Linda

    Love the idea. I bought Geoff Shaw’s course some time back following your recommendation, have one non-fiction Kindle book published, and coming towards the end of my second, with several more planned. You inspired me to start in another direction at a time when I was unsure what to do … many thanks for that.

  • Glenn

    Yes, I would definitely love to see some tutorials. You are a straight shooter and honest and that is a very valuable reputation — and commodity — to have in Internet marketing, Andy.

  • Rosana Hart

    Yep! Me too!

    My husband is doing Createspace books with a lot of color photos in them, and back in 2005 we put up some llama training DVDs, but I haven’t done any books myself yet. Look forward to it.


  • Carole

    Hi Andy

    Can’t wait to get to the level you’re at and look forward to your tutorials on publishing on Createspace.

    I will definitely be buying your WordPress for Beginners book which I already have on kindle. I guess the one advantage of kindle is that it’s easier to update than with Createspace as this is a physical book.

    Are you going to publish your fiction books on Creatspace ?

  • Don Pasco

    Hi Andy,

    I just did my first Createspace version of a book I already had on Kindle…
    but of course anything that relates to my business model that can teach me something,
    I’m interested…

    especially when it comes from someone that has always given me quality information in the past.


  • Leslie West

    I am interested in Kindle publishing. Segmenting the market with electronic and paper books may make sense in some cases. I doubt most $.99 to 2.99 books will need a hard copy.
    Since Google has made it difficult to build websites that can get traffic, this may be a viable alternative. I think using sites like Amazon to market your products is easier.
    Your tutorials are always well done and thorough.

  • Fran

    Yes, Andy, I would love to see you write a series on Createspace tutorials. As a former teacher and illustrator-cartoonist , I am ready to take the plunge into publishing on Amazon. I will eat this topic up!

  • Allan Starling

    I love my Kindle, but there is a whole generation out there that still likes turning paper pages in a “real” book. A Createspace series would be most welcome

  • Nadine Huegel

    Hi Andy – sounds great. Synchronicity at work again… just prior to reading your email, I just signed up to a webinar with David Perdew on Create Space.
    Cheers, Nadine

  • Wes


    Just like virtually everyone else who has left a comment, I’m chomping at the bit to receive your tutorials on Createspace publishing.


  • Marshall

    Hi Andy — Yes a series of tutorials on how to use Createspace would be great. I have one Kindle book with more coming and one book that has been out in pdf format for quite awhile that I would like to get into physical form too. Besides which I have purchased several of your courses and softwares and read several of your Kindle books. All quality products especially your Kindle Publishing Book.

  • Steve Remer

    Absolutely the Create Space tutorials would be helpful. You give a lot, Andy. I can count on one hand the number of blogs I actually go read when I get an email notification, but your definitely one of those.

  • Norm

    Looks like I’m bringing up the rear on this discussion. As the caboose, I can confidently announce that the vote is in and we all want your experience with CreateSpace.


  • Angel Candelaria

    Hi Andy.

    I decided to buy Geoff’s Kindling course after reading your review on it. I believe it’s one of the most useful investments I’ve made. Thanks for the recommendation.

    I’m in the process of publishing some of my ebooks on CreateSpace, also after I saw you mentioned it on your newsletter (again, thanks ofr the recommendation!). Already received the proofs, and I’m making some final edits before they go live.

    However, in my case the process has been backwards. When I first wrote my books, I created them thinking about a printed edition. So I already had them on print-ready pdf format. But I didn’t have the resources to print them back then (and didn’t know about CreateSpace), so I decided to publish them for Kindle first.

    I would be very interested in reading some of your insights about CreateSpace, so count me in!