EzSEO Newsletter–Outsourcer News 2

In this issue:

1. Outsourcer Trained with Web Content Studio

2. SEO Academy Released


Hi Again

This is just a quick update with a couple of news items. 


1. Outsourcer Trained with Web Content Studio

I have been asked many times to recommend authors that are experienced users of Web Content Studio (and the themeing features built into it). 

Web Content Studio is becoming an increasingly important part of many webmaster's toolkits (especially since the first Panda crashed through the SERPs).  The big problem is that a lot of people want to outsource their quality, themed content creation.

A few weeks ago, I started an Outsource Centre where authors who know how to use the tool can submit their profiles and an example of their work.  It's been a long wait, but yesterday the first author submitted their demo article and bio. 

Joanne is a very experienced writer (as you can see from her bio) and scored a maximum 100% Quality theme score in her demo article. 

You can read her bio, and contact Joanne via her Profile page here:




2. SEO Academy Released

In the last newsletter I mentioned a video that showed how to get PR 7 links.  While that technique isn't really a long term solution (as the links will slide off the page eventually and they are somewhat spammy in nature), the second video in the series gave a much better plan for good quality backlinks. 

Well, today, the guys behind those videos (Matt & Terry) have released an SEO Course called the SEO Academy. 

I am not familiar with Matt Carter, but I have known about Terry Kyle for quite sometime.  For many, he is the go to man for backlinking help.  I am going to buy the course in a few minutes, and I'll write a full review of it in my next newsletter. 

If you are sitting on the fence about this, you can wait until I have checked it out.  The price will be going up on 1st November, but I'l have my review ready in a few days.

If you want to see what this Academy is all about, you can read more here:



OK, that's it for this update.   Until next time.  Have a great week! 

all the best

Andy Williams

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2 thoughts on “EzSEO Newsletter–Outsourcer News

  • Michael

    Ya I got their email this morning. After your last newsletter, I’ve watched a few of their videos. Some good tactics. They seem knowledgeable and gave some compelling examples and screenshots of their work. $200 seems good for their training program.
    SEO is only a small part of my work, but it’s tempting to train with this and bump up my seo work/income.
    I’ll wait until your review and see what you think.
    Thanks for everything!