July 4th 2013: Grab my SEO book for free today! 2

This is just a quick heads up.  I have put my SEO 2013 & Beyond Kindle book on a free promotion today, July 4th 2013.

Download it for nothing.  If you like it, I'd appreciate a review, but no obligation.  Download it here:

SEO 2013 & Beyond

Note: If you downloaded this book in the past, you probably have an older version of the book.  Getting Amazon to update it so you can download the new version is a royal pain in the posterior.  Therefore, if you want to get the latest version, you can remove/delete the old version from your Kindle account, then download the new free version.  That should update you to the latest version.

Also note that I am going to be starting the Createspace tutorials in the newsletter soon.  I just uploaded my 6th book to Createspace and am writing the 7th.  I'll use that 7th book as the case study for formatting and publishing on Createspace.  A lot of people don't realize that you can publish physical books for free on Createspace.  You pay nothing as Createspace take their commission when books are sold.  It's a win-win for publisher and author.

If you want to check out my physical books, here are the URLs:

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