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Are you tired of losing affiliate commissions because a merchant doesn't do enough to protect your cookie?

How many times have you seen affiliate sales pages that have a prominent link to their affiliate sign-up page? This is a regular occurrence especially amongst Clickbank affiliate programs. Have you ever wondered why these programs don't have great conversion rates (for you!).

Well, they may very well convert much better than you think. If you send a visitor to Merchant X's sales page via your affiliate link (thereby setting your cookie on that visitors machine), but the visitor sees a link to join the Merchant X's affiliate program on the sales page, a large number of visitors will simply sign up for the affiliate program themselves and buy through their own link instead.

The outcome of this is you are sending your hard won visitors to a site that makes you little or no money. What about the merchant? Well he or she is fine. They make the sale anyway and don't really care which affiliate gets the commission as long as they make the sale. You keep sending Merchant X free traffic and lining his or her pocket, while you wonder why you don't make any commissions.

Here is the scenario:

  1. You do your keyword research
  2. You build your sites
  3. You pay for your hosting
  4. You get good rankings
  5. You send your traffic to merchant X
  6. Merchant X makes it easy for the visitor to steal your commission
  7. Merchant makes his or her percentage so is happy
  8. Visitor buys at a discount so is happy

You make NOTHING and are very unhappy

The above situation is just one way that your commission is being leaked by merchants that really don't care enough about YOU. There are other ways that we discuss on our affiliate commission leakage page.

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