Kindle Sales Update 9

Although I have a Facebook page dedicated to my Kindle Publishing Journey, I know a number of newer readers won’t have heard me mention it.  Therefore I decided to update you on my Kindle success so far here on my site. 

The Sales So Far

In July this year I decided to start publishing Kindle books on Amazon.  In August, my first “micro-niche” book was published. 
In August I made $6.92!

In September I published my second book. It was on a much broader topic – SEO.  It’s called SEO 2012 & Beyond
In September I made $231.15.

In October I started work on my third book.  I didn’t get it published until the first of November, so October sales do not include the third book. 
In October I made $1,278.89.

For anyone who hasn’t been following my newsletter for a while, I want to give kudos for my Kindle success so far to Geoff Shaw.  It was his inspirational Kindling Course that I have been following.  Other Kindle courses have come and gone, but it’s Geoff’s that I keep returning to for help and advice.  You can read my review of Geoff’s Kindling course but be aware that the review was published a few months ago.  The course is even better know as Geoff keeps it completely up to date (unlike other courses where I have seen dated and even dangerous advice being given).

In my 10+ years online, I have seen a lot of systems for making money online.  This one is the best so far.  I have been so impressed with the whole Kindle thing that I know a few regular readers of my newsletter are getting fed up with me devoting so much time to it.  However, Kindle is a big part of my future plans now that I have shown that it works. 

What better way to break the Google addiction than creating content that Google will never see? 

How nice does it feel to know you won’t wake up one morning to find your hard work penalized, banned and destined to never be seen again by real eyeballs.  Pretty nice, I can tell you.

Amazon is one of the world’s biggest search engines and as such, Google is not really very important to your success on Kindle.  The other huge advantage of Amazon is that it is a buyers search engine.  People go there to buy!

If you haven’t considered publishing books on Amazon, I recommend you think about it.  My own plan is to write 8 – 10 books over the next year and see where my Kindle income ends up.  Before I finish, I wanted to mention to other points not covered above.

  1. Geoff says there is much more money to be made in fiction.  My two books are non-fiction, but I have written my first fiction (in July).  I am just waiting for some time to edit it.
  2. 95% of the income shown above is from just ONE of my books. 

NOTE: If you are a non-US Kindle publisher, you should read my article Kindle Publishing & Tax Forms for Non-US Publishers.

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9 thoughts on “Kindle Sales Update

  • Kevin Foulds

    I have a lot of time on my hands now and Kindle may well come into it in the near future. Google seems to have taken full control of Adsense and with revenue dropping so will the payments. Kindle is possibly the way forward.

    Great ebook on WordPress by the way. A few tips for my sites already noted and taken…

    Kevin Foulds

  • Mr Bearly

    After reading your review I too have published on Kindle. One of the books I published had previously been on CreateSpace (for a year) and sold 7 copies. It has already sold 5 copies on kindle in just on 2 weeks.

    I published a short story I wrote in a week and that’s had about 150 free downloads.

    Thanks for the boost.

  • Yamato

    Anyone her to share some insights on how long a kindle book should be?
    I plan to publish some short stories for children, but don’t know if it is better to combine them in one book or publish seperately. Each one would be around 1,000 words.

    Thanks in advance for your kind advice.

    • Andy Williams

      I think I’d bundle 5 stories into one book. There is a thing called “Shorts” which I think is just really short books. Have a search at Google or the Amazon boards. I am sure you’ll get some good advice.

  • John

    Wow! $1,278.89 is a big increase from your Sept sales. What kind of promotion do you do for your books? What is the best way to get reviews?

    • Andy Williams

      The only promotion I have done is the 5 day free promo. I was fortunate that I have this newsletter because it meant I could get the word out. The best way for reviews is probably to ask for them. Even that doesn’t work too well though. Ask at the end of your book, ask anywhere that you mention your book.

  • Tomaz

    Hey Andy,

    Nice income from Kindle sales – but you also mention that you made 95% of that with one ebook. That means that with 2 ebooks you only made 5% of the sales.

    Surely there’s an element of chance involved as you surely didn’t spend hundreds of hours working on those two ebooks to earn $64 per month. (5% of your total)

    It surely doesn’t sound to me like the best way to earn money online.

    What if you write 5 more ebooks and all fall into the category of “not-so-well-performing” ebooks?

    • Andy Williams

      No, I have TWO eBooks uploaded. Another 2 that are close to finishing but not uploaded. The one that makes 5% was never intended to make a lot of money. It is in an extreme niche that matches a niche site of mine. It’s as much for social proof as anything else on my site.

      The SEO book which makes 95% of the sales was always going to be a bigger earner if I could get it to rank high enough because the other top SEO books are good sellers. You need to pay attention to the sales rank of similar books to work out the potential income.

      The niche book has very few similar books and non of them have high sales rank, therefore i didn’t expect much volume. The new WordPress book should do well, though probably not quite as well as the SEO book. It’s not hit and miss.

      Research first to see if there is a market and then write the book. Same as building a website 😉