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Wordpress for Beginners Kindle Edition.. Is FREE from 2nd – 6th November 2012!

WordPress for Beginners is a visual, step-by-step guide to building a website even if you know nothing about WordPress.

The book starts at the absolute beginning and walks you through (with close to 300 screenshots and 35,000 words of explanations) the entire WordPress Dashboard. 

The book was designed to be a hands-on guide.  Read the book and follow along on your own website.  By the end of the book, you won’t just know how to use WordPress, you will be confident & enjoy using WordPress.  The site(s) you build with WordPress will look professional thanks to the easy template system on which the platform is built.

Please download the book from

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Below is a complete table of contents for the book so you can see what is covered:

Who am I & why should you listen to me    7
How to Use this Book    9
What is WordPress?    10
Some of the features that make WordPress great    10 v    10    11    11
The costs of owning your own site    13
1.    Website Domain    13
2.    Website Hosting    13
Registrar & Web Hosts    14
Recommended Registrars & Webhosts    15
Tasks to Complete    15
Installing WordPress    17
Tasks to Complete    22
An overview of the Dashboard    23
The Sidebar    23
Update Notification    23
Screen Options, Help, Profile & Logout    24
The Main Screen    26
Tasks to Complete    27
Cleaning out The Preinstalled Stuff    28
Deleting the “Hello World” post    28
Deleting the Sample Page    30
Deleting the Blogroll    30
Deleting Widgets    32
Tasks to Complete    37
Dashboard Updates    38
Tasks to Complete    41
WordPress Settings    42
General    43
Writing    46
Reading    51
Discussion    52
Media    59
Privacy    62
Permalinks    63
Tasks to Complete    64
RSS feeds    65
WordPress has multiple RSS feeds    68
RSS Feeds can help our pages get indexed    69
Tasks to Complete    70
User Profile    71
Gravatars    74
Tasks to Complete    76
Appearance Menu    77
Installing and Selecting Themes    85
A few menu items with duplicate settings    89
Adding a custom graphic header to your site    90
The Theme Editor Menu    92
Tasks to Complete    93
Plugins    94
Deleting Plugins    95
Installing Important Plugins    97
WP-DBManager    97
Contact Form 7    106
WP-Policies    110
WordPress SEO    114
Tasks to Complete    125
Comments    127
Moderating comments    131
What kinds of Comments should you send to Trash?    133
Tasks to Complete    134
Media Library    135
How to Upload Media    135
Tasks to Complete    140
Pages v Posts    141
When to use posts and when to use pages    143
Tasks to Complete    144
Categories & Tags    145
A few guidelines for using tags    148
Setting up Categories & Tags in your Dashboard    149
Parent Categories & Hierarchy    151
Adding a New Category    153
Tasks to Complete    155
Writing Posts    156
WordPress WYSIWYG Editor    156
Adding images    158
Post Format    164
Editing posts    169
Tasks to Complete    172
Making it Easy for Visitors to Socially Share your Content    174
Other Social Share Plugins    178
Tasks to Complete    178
Differences with Pages    179
Tasks to Complete    181
Internal linking of posts    182
Tasks to Complete    188
Homepage of your site – blog or static    190
Tasks to Complete    192
Widgets    193
Basic HTML    198
A hyperlink    199
An Image    199
A numbered list    200
A bullet list    201
Tasks to Complete    202
Custom Menus    203
Tasks to Complete    215
Viewing Your Site While Logged In    216
Tasks to Complete    217
WordPress security    218
Tasks to Complete    219
Monitoring Website Traffic    220
Tasks to Complete    224
Search Engine Optimization    225
Main Points For Safe SEO    226
Tasks to Complete    226
Where to Go From Here?    227
Useful Resources    228
Please Leave a Review on Amazon    229


Remember, you can get the book from
(Search By AIN on other Amazon Stores – B009ZVO3H6)

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5 thoughts on “My New Kindle Book–WordPress for Beginners..

  • Sample Forms

    I got this book, this book is having the complete information about the step by step process for creation of the websites,
    I can suggest this is the best book for the website creation.

  • Maureen Dee

    I got this very excitedly and was all ready to get into it but it doesn't work on Kindle Cloud, oh well. Thank you anyway for giving me the chance to at least try.

  • cynthia

    I really like the book so far, but I don’t see a menu item for “links” in the Dashboard sidebar (re deleting the blog roll). It is a menu item specific to particular themes or has it been removed from the standard dashboard or ? I am completely new to WordPress.

    • Andy Williams

      It looks like the latest version of WordPress may have removed this although I do still see it in my existing sites that were upgraded to the latest WordPress. I’ll update the book when I get a chance to see what happened to that menu.