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Looking for a reliable web host? I have tried a number of them and I use 1&1. However, to see what my newsletter subscribers use, see my top 10 web hosting review.

You know the problem with most of them? Up-time. Every "reliable" web hosting company I have been with has guaranteed 99.9% uptime. Sounds great eh? Read the small print. When I was with one host, they spent hours every week with problems – my sites were down and I was losing money. I contacted them about their 99.9% guarantee and was told they would refund the proportion of my $7.99 monthly fee for the times the server was done. That meant getting 45 hours worth of refund – out of the 720 hours in the month. My refund? 50cents.

I get 50 cents for having my sites down for 2 days in the month. When you consider my sites are earning me a living, you can imagine 50 cents is laughable when compared to the amount of income I lost. I moved from this company and tried others. Similar guarantees, similar down-time.

Eventually I went back to a host that I have been with for several years for an education site of mine. I have never really had problems with them, so thought why not. I moved all of my domains to one and one web hosting. This meant a shared IP address for all domains, but that does not seem to have made any difference in my search engine rankings (and why should they?).

I am hosting 30+ sites and 40+ sub-domains at 1&1. I have been for well over a year. In that time my sites have never been down. If you want to know how I know that, I have a script that e-mails me percentage up-time for the week. It is always 100%.

Getting reliable web hosting is so important. If your site goes down for any length of time, you can even lose your rankings in the search engines. Suppose googlebot comes round to spider your site but finds its not there because your reliable web host is having problems. Google thinks the site is removed and may well remove it from the index for the time being. Sure googlebot will come back and maybe next month you can get your site listed again.

Why take chances with your business?

If you own multiple domains, you can buy the Professional Package at 1&1. This allows unlimited domains, 2 GB torage, 40GB bandwidth, and a whole host of other features for just ?16.99 per month. Below is a list of current features of this package as of 29th September 2003 (which is their most expensive package by the way – if you have fewer needs, you can get hosting from ?1.99 per month). They often add to these features so do check for yourself.

Hosted on I/O optimised own 1&1 Linux version
WebsiteCreator for 25 pages
Software worth ?400
1&1 Control Panel

2 GB web space
Unlimited FTP access
40,000 MB/month traffic
(CPU, RAM & forks)
Protected by Firewall
No limits on simultaneous hits/bandwidth
Continous backups of your Website

Domain names:
Manage all domain names
under this package
(newly registered or transferred to us)
600 sub domains (e.g. shop.yourDomain.com)

Email Handling:
1,000 Email accounts ("POP3 Boxes")
Unlimited additional Email addresses ("aliases")
Auto-responders, forwarding, 1&1 Webmail, …
Virus scanner (Symantec) for 10 POP3 Boxes

Website features:
Graphical site statistics, logfiles, ready to run CGI-library, own CGI programming, FrontPage 2002 extensions, graphics archive…
Advanced Password Protection
NEW – 25 FTP Accounts
Two MySQL databases
SSL Secure Server
Cron Jobs
SSH Secure Shell Access
Advanced Developer Tools

Complete 1&1 support package
60 day Money Back Guarantee
FREEPHONE Support Number

Week after week I get a report from InternetSeer on my websites availablility during that week. Week after week I see 100% uptime. How many other hosts can boast such a record? Below is a screenshot from my InternetSeer report;

Check them out for yourself. 1&1 are the reliable web host you have been looking for. You will not be disappointed. One and one are without doubt the most reliable web host I have ever known. Check out their site now for their latest prices and features.

1&1 – UK

1&1 – US


Rating is based upon reliability, features & price.

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