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ctaproboxIn October 2014, I reviewed what went on to become my favourite WordPress plugin of all time.  It allowed me to create visually stunning call to actions without knowing any technical stuff about animation.  I ended up using that plugin on virtually all of my websites in one manner or another.

In October 2015, Call to Action Pro version 2 was released, and it was a free upgrade for all v1 owners.  I decided to take a look at it, and recorded a demo video tutorial where I explain a few of the things it can do as I create a simple call to action.

I really have only scratched the surface in the video.  You can find out more details and see more animation types on the Call To Action Pro website.

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5 thoughts on “Call to Action Pro v2

  • Mark

    Hi Andy,

    I’m extremely grateful for you spending the time to put this together – that’s very nice of you!

    This is something that people have to be VERY careful not to go too overboard with, as there’s great potential to do so.
    You could easily end up having your site look like some cheesy Las Vegas promo if you go nuts with the animations.

    Even though I already have a fantastic animation feature built right into my editor so there’s no extra ‘weight’ with another additional plugin, it’s nice to know of another option where if my current one doesn’t do something I want it to, CTAP v2 would certainly be a consideration.

    Thank you as always for your time in creating such videos. 🙂

    Best wishes,

  • rang smith

    hi andy
    im interested in this product, cant find it on there site though? love your work by the way have 3 of your books and read your website, keep up the good work!