Commission Blueprint 2.0. Review 6

When it was released, I bought it (unlike a lot of people who have been promoting it).  For the last two days (much to my wife’s displeasure) I have been watching every video, reading every PDF and trying every tool and service that is included.  As promised, here is my unbiased review of Commission Blueprint 2.0.

Let me start off by telling you what I did not like, and I’ll then go into detail on each of the 10 modules and included products / services.

OK, the bad.

* I feel that they could have used more real examples in their videos, instead of relying on theory.

* Although the product is completely stand-alone and requires no additional purchases to use it, the guys behind Commission Blueprint do kind of recommend Market Samurai.  Some of the videos in the course are related to Market Samurai and are created by the Market Samurai (MS) team (although it appears they were not created especially for this course).  While this annoyed me (and I actually own MS), I understand the idea behind including it.  You see, this course was designed to grow into.  All of the tools that you need are included.  However, as you gain experience and knowledge, you may want to expand your business to take advantage of other tools and services available.  There is no obligation to get them now, but you might in the future.  Its kind of future proofing Commission Blueprint.  As another example, you might want to use an autoresponder in the future (and the course tells you how), but an autoresponder is not included in the course and you don’t need it now, as there are a large number of paths you can take through the Commission Blueprint 2.0 course.

* Finally, I think that the whole thing could have been put together a little better. 

OK.  With the negatives out of the way, let me just start by saying Commission Blueprint 2.0 (not to be confused with the original Commission Blueprint that concentrates on PPC and CLickbank products) is great, and I really mean it.  Despite all of its flaws (which are relatively few), this product actually over-delivers by a long way (and that’s not something I would say lightly about a product that costs this much).  The truth is that the tools and services that are included in this product are easily worth more than the product itself.

The course is divided into 10 modules which are made up of over 50 videos, 20+ PDFs and a number of software tools (some you download and install on your own machine -  PC or Mac as they use that Adobe Air application I told you about earlier, and some you access through your web browser).  There is also a forum and a spreadsheet outlining the whole course and where to find stuff (which is a great reference when you want to review a component).

I want to discuss this course by looking at each of the 10 modules, so let’s begin.

** Module 1 – Introduction **

This module is a short one that basically introduces the course.  You’ll also be told that there are even more tools coming in the near future.  If you are new to affiliate marketing, one of the videos will describe what its all about.

** Module 2 – Keyword Research **

This module consists of 9 videos, a PDF manual and some software called Keyword Blueprint.  This module goes into details of the Google Keyword tool and how its data can be way off.  You’ll learn why the estimated CPC you see there is often very different from what you’ll actually have to pay.  This was an eye-opener for me.  If you want proof, look at these screenshots taken moments apart:

Screenshot 1: Estimated CPC for position 1-3 for the phrase accuvue contact lens is $9.33


Screenshot 2: Estimated CPC for position 1-3 for the phrase accuvue contact lens is $3.97


It all depends on how much you type in as your maximum bid as to how much Google estimate your CPC to be.

Because the CPC data is unreliable, the Commission Blueprint team developed a tool called Keyword Blueprint that uses its own algorithms (based on real experience of actual bid pr1ces and CPCs).  This gives you a more accurate way to determine how much a keyword will cost you.  This tool is fantastic, and can be used in two modes – PPC or SEO

The former is for those wanting to get involved in Google Adwords, while the latter is for those wanting to rely only on SEO.  The software tries to hide the numbers and gives you symbols that you can use to instantly spot the best phrases to target.  This keyword tool is excellent for deep digging, and as you get it as part of the Commission Blueprint course, you may never need to subscribe to another keyword tool, ever!

Once you have done your keyword research in Keyword Blueprint, you can drag your data over to a second tool called Offer Evaluator.  This does the maths for you and tells you whether the campaign is likely to be a winner or loser.

This module will also show you a stack of other keyword tools and services that you can use if you want. 

** Module 3 – Finding Products To Promote **

This module looks at a variety of affiliate and CPA networks – a lot of which were completely new to me.  CPA (cost per action) is something I have always wanted to get into, but I have always been rejected from CPA networks.  Well, now I can get involved as the Commission Blueprint team have their own CPA network, and you can sign up for that.

You also get a video on using Market Samurai to find products to promote.

** Module 4 – Building Converting Sites **

This module has 8 videos and 5 manuals, access to a service called Hippojaw, templates and a guide to using the templates plus example autoresponder sequences for three niches.

The manuals look at elements of an affiliate site, landing pages, plus some ways to promote the site using some social media sites.

While you can use your own HTML editor to build your sites, Commission Blueprint 2.0. comes with a tool called Site Blueprint which you can use to build your sites.  It doesn’t require HTML knowledge, though some is useful.  This software looks very simple, but is actually very powerful.

Module 4 also covers the FTC regulations and how to keep your site out of trouble.

Hippojaw is a service you get as a bonus when you order Commission Blueprint.  This service is mainly used for tracking and testing, but it has a whole stack of features.  One feature is the ability to quickly and easily create "hipposense" ads.  These look like Adsense but actually use your own affiliate links.

This module also contains some Market Samurai videos showing how to create ads and upload them with Market Samurai.

** Module 5 – Sales & Conversion Strategies **

This module is quite advanced, so it is recommended to leave it until you have been through the whole course, and maybe got a little more experience.

The module contains 2 videos and 6 manuals covering conversion tactics.  It really is great info.  Using your bonus Hippojaw service, they’ll show you how to setup split testing of your pages.  This is where you can setup 2 or more versions of the same page, and test which converts better.  You then take the poorer convertor and try to make it better.  Rinse and repeat.

** Module 6 – Search Engine Optimization **

This is a huge module containing 21 videos, 4 manuals and 2 tools.  The tools are Serpy (which monitors your search engine positions for your chosen keywords) and Article Blueprint which helps you create content for article distribution.  Article Blueprint again is a fantastic tool.  The Commission Blueprint team maintain some high PR sites that Article Blueprint can automatically submit your articles to, as well as a stack of other Article submission sites. 

Module 6 is very comprehensive.  It covers in great details how to get links without too much effort.  You’ll learn some secrets (yes, I learnt a lot in this module as well) about getting quality backlinks from .edu sites as well as high PR blogs.  The manuals for this module provide you exact linking plans for (a) a new site, and (b) a 1 yr old + site, as  well as an SEO checklist and some case studies.

You’ll also learn how to use some great Firefox plugins along the way.  These will really help your SEO efforts.

The Commission Blueprint team also announce a bonus piece of software coming soon that is similar to an existing competing service that costs $150 a month.  This is all included in your Commission Blueprint 2.0. purchase.

One of the eye-openers for me was the section on buying high PR domains.  These guys pay on average around $25 for a PR3 domain, and under $60 for a PR 4 domain.  They’ll show you how.  They also say that with the hundred of domains they have bought, something like 90% (that figure is from memory, so please forgive me if its a little out) of them retain the PR after the transfer.  They do take steps to help ensure the domain PR remains, and they’ll show you that as well.

This module also covers a tool called WordPress Direct.  It’s not included in the course, but again, it is not essential.  Its a tool that will build sites for you, and they’ll tell you why they use it and how.  When you start making some returns, you might consider this tool to help speed up the processes.

Video 17 in this module is all about Article Blueprint.  You are going to love this tool.  With minimum effort you can use it to spin variations on an article and have these variations submitted to a wide range of article sites, drip fed over time.

Now, I know what you are thinking.  Dr. Andy promoting an article spinner?  Well, I certainly would not use spun articles on my own website, but I don’t see anything wrong with doing this for article submission.  If you can submit a different article to 20 article directories, its got to be better than submitting the exact same article to 20 article directories. 

This module also has a video on how to use Serpy, and another on using Market Samurai to test market competition.

** Module 7 – Adwords & Paid Advertising **

This is another huge module containing 22 videos, 3 manuals and 2 software products.

The manuals provide help for the software, ad writing techniques (this is really good) and how to scale your efforts to make more profit.

This module is the heart of the PPC stuff. 

You’ll learn about the importance of quality and relevance and show how someone paying $1 a click can appear higher up than someone paying $10 per click.  You’ll learn how to improve your quality score and end up paying less.

You’ll get to see how to setup tracking URLs in Hippojaw (the feature is called Hippojump).

You’ll also learn how to use the Adwords Editor ( tool from Google) for managing Adwords campaigns.

The first piece of software included in this module is called Ad Optimizer.  What this tool does is to tell you which of your ads are performing the best (so you can dump or modify the under-performing ads).

The second tool included in this module is a big one.  Its AdSpy Pro (a tool I bought a couple of years ago for $97 I think).  This tool allows you to put in a list of keywords for your niche, and it will then spy on the Google Ads appearing for those phrases.  Over time it collects data, so that you can then see which ads are consistently appearing (these are the ads that must be successful) and which are quickly culled by their owner (the losing ads). 

Simply put, Adspy Pro be show you which affiliate products are being sold through Adwords, and identify those ads that are selling it successfully.  By creating your campaigns based on a winning campaign, how can you lose?

** Module 8 – Social Media & Article Marketing**

This is a short module, and at first I figured that the Commission Blueprint team had run out of time and put out a sub-standard module.  However, after watching the video and reading the manual (1 manual is still not available for download) I can see why its so short, and I actually agree with them on this.  Besides, the important social media and article marketing stuff has been covered elsewhere in this course.

** Module 9 – List Building & Email Marketing **

This is another short module with 1 video and 1 manual.  The video introduces the manual, and the manual shows you exactly what the Commission Blueprint 2.0. team are doing to build their own lists and sell products. 

** Module 10 – Conclusions **

This module contains 2 manual and a short video.  The video is simply a conclusion, telling you what to do next.  The two manuals give you two different paths – one is you have m0ney to spend on PPC, and the other if you want to go the organic SEO route.

This course was hyped up as high as any release I have seen in the last few years.  What makes things worse is lazy marketers promoting it when they have not seen it, and even cannot be bothered to write their own content in their promotion emails.

Well, as someone who has been through the course, I can promise you that while most hyped products do not live up to the hype, this one certainly does.  The software tools alone are worth many times what you pay for this course.  While I think the course could be improved here and there, the niggles are nothing when compared to the benefits you can get from following this course.  Everytime I recommend something ni this newsletter, I know there will be a small percentage of people who buy the product and are not happy with it.  With this product, I do not see that happening.  I am sure that everyone who invest in Commission Blueprint 2.0. will be as delighted as I am with the purchase.

If you want to go the SEO route and avoid Adwords, all of the information and tools you need are included.

If you want to go the PPC route, all of the tools and information you need is included.

If you decide you want to get some tools to help speed up aspects of your business, those tools are recommended in the course, for when you are ready.

This course is very comprehensive, very exciting and maybe the only course on Internet Marketing you’ll every need.  It’s worth a lot more than the pr1ce tag they are asking for it, and I seriously doubt that anyone who buys it will be disappointed.  You can read more about it here:

Commission Blueprint 2.0.

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6 thoughts on “Commission Blueprint 2.0. Review

  • Janet

    i tried the free trial of commission blueprint. while it works well, i could not copy the kw list, plus there is a search count and # of clicks that open in a box on each kw, but you cannot copy any of this.

    so if you do not want to move the list over to the other software, you are out of luck. I did not want that part although i could adapt useage.

    I note he has a mac maybe thats the problem. Software geeks can do anything, i realise, but for us technically challenged folks, what seems simple to you, those little things are not simple.

  • Brett


    I have this product, as well as your Creating Fat Content, and KRA Pro. I’m in the process of some heavy article marketing at the moment. A search for ‘spinner’ comes with this post as the only one.

    So, my question to you, is there any other article spinner you recommend, as this one only seems to spin blocks of content, instead of single words at a time, and it’s all online.

    Your thoughts on this?