Definitive Guide to Google Adwords

The review on this page is a little old. Read my new full review of Perry Marshall's Definitive Guide to Google Adwords (review August 29th 2008).

Pay per Click advertising is a dangerous game for those starting out, and even seasoned PPCers often pay far more for their advertising than they need to.

One man who has been instrumental in developing techniques that squeeze every last cent of value from Google Adwords is Perry Marshall. He has been advertising on Google, even before most of us realised it was possible to do so.

Try Perry's free 5 day e-mail course on Google Adwords.

If like me, you want more, Perry Marshall has released his Google Adword secrets in the form of his eBook / course called "The definitive Guide to Google Adwords".

His course comes in three versions.

1) Digital Basic – Adobe Acrobat PDF, with 40 case studies from 10 different industries, real screen shots and exhaustive Q&A on dozens of topics.

2) Enhanced – the full Definitive Guide, plus:

* unedited audio recording of Yanik Silver's killer Internet Traffic Stampede teleseminar

* MP3 recordings of two advanced coaching sessions with Perry's students where they "tear apart" not only Google campaigns but also entire web strategies. These sessions then reconstruct the strategy to make it a winner.
* "Advanced Strategies for Making Your Website Pay" (with Ken McCarthy).
* The Definitive Video Guide to Google AdWords – streaming video where you can watch campaigns being built right on your computer screen.
* "Jet Fuel for Google Cash" – A definitive guide to getting more value from he Google Cash approach.

3) Enhanced Version with Coaching – everything above, but it is also shipped to you with Audio CD's. You also get to participate in three private small-group coaching calls in which you will be able to discuss your questions and challenges in detail.

This course is without doubt the best value for money I have seen on Google Adwords. I personally bought the Enhanced version and would recommend this version for those who really want to learn Google Adwords inside out.

With the Basic version starting at only $49, I truly believe that this course is perhaps the most outstanding value I have seen for some time. If you are advertising with Google Adwords, or want to do so without losing your shirt, get Perry's course. I promise you wont be disappointed.

Find out more about Perry and The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords

Find out more about Perry and The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords

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