Explaindio 2

SNAGHTML8c6aacaExplaindio video creator was a big hit in 2014.  Explaindio is a tool that can help you create videos – tutorials, sales letters, affiliate promotions, reviews, etc and it does a pretty good job removing a lot of the technical knowledge needed with some other professional video creation tools.  It will never replace my copy of Camtasia Studio, but then it wasn’t designed to.  Explaindio creates a different type of video.

At the beginning of July 2015, Explaindio 2 is being released.  It’s being billed as a major update in terms of features and performance.  To quote, Explaindio 2 is:

“The #1 Animation, Doodle Sketch, and Motion Video Creation Software”

Here are some of the great features in Explaindio 2:

  • Animated characters
  • Green screen
  • Animation possible with images
  • Transitions
  • Video backgrounds (though I think this was possible in the first version)

I’ve recorded a quick video below to show a couple of these features.

When Explaindio 2 is released, there will be some nice bonuses for the early buyers, including:

  • Extra animated slides in Animoto style.
  • 100 fully animated male and female characters.
  • 200 Full HD video backgrounds.
  • 300 Doodle sketch images
  • 300 high quality stock images to use for backgrounds, or other use.

To get these bonuses, you need to buy within the first 7 days of release, I believe.

If you’d like to see other features in Explaindio 2, head on over to the Explaindio website where move videos have been posted.

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