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I am a big fan of Wordtracker, and have been using it for years in combination with KRA for my keyword research. However, Wordtracker is not the best when it comes to research for Adsense sites. The only PPC data Wordtracker offers (at the time of writing this review) is Overture prices.

After exploring the various options, Keyword Country stood out from the crowd as offering exactly the information I want. You can see why I was excited by watching these videos of Keyword Country in action: Keyword Country Videos.

The one problem I had initially was the price, as it is considerably more expensive that Wordtracker, but if it helps increase my business, it will be money well spent. Let's have a look at Keyword Country.

Immediately after purchase, you are sent to the Create Account screen, where you fill in your user details. After this, login, and you are asked to download the Keyword Country Desktop application. This will allow you to connect to the Keyword Country Database. On this download screen, there is also a large number of interesting and informative articles which I suggest you read.

OK, software installed, and time to start using Keyword Country.

My goal is simple. Find out which keywords will pay me the most revenue if I include Adsense ads on my site. I obviously have a site in mind, I just need to see where the money is being spent, so I can best optimize some of my pages.

In Keyword country, just enter your seed phrase in the upper left hand column, and let the application do its thing. Within seconds, phrases, bid prices, estimates, no. of sponsors and a whole lot more information is displayed.

That was easy. So, how does this information help me decide on the best keywords to target on Adsense pages? Well, this tool uses the Google CPC (cost per click), the number of advertisers bidding on the terms, and the clicks per month, to decide how much a click will actually cost (the Estimated Cost Per Click, or EPC), which is usually very different from the advertised CPC.

This is amazing stuff. While a phrase might have a CPC of $30+, the EPC can be $3. Other phrases have EPCs that are very close, but still lower than CPCs.

What Keyword country does is to empower you to decide which phrases are worth targeting, and which ones are "false" keywords.

The videos that are provided on the Keyword Country site show how the CPCs and EPCs are related, and provide an excellent education into the workings of Adsense. I highly recommend you watch them : Keyword Country Videos.

There is a lot more you can do with this tool. For example, you can search for keyword phrases with e.g. CPCs between $10 – $50, without even entering a seed phrase. What Keyword Country does is to go off and search its database of several million phrases, and bring back the highest paying keyword phrases. This is great information if you are looking for a new niche to build an Adsense site.

e.g. I ran a search for phrases between $10 – $50, and the tool returned 66,420 phrases that met those requirements.

You can do even more detailed searches by only returning phrases that meet your requirements including CPC, EPC, no. sponsors, competition, no. of sponsors etc etc.

Keyword Country is packed with features, and I feel the high cost of this tool is well worth the investment.

I can honestly say that Keyword Country is my new first choice tool for researching phrases intended for Adsense sites. This tool is dynamite.


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