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imageThe SEO Experts Academy is a full SEO Training course developed by Matt Carter and Terry Kyle.  For several years now I have followed Terry because of his extensive knowledge (through testing a huge number of domains) of backlinking strategies.  He also frequently runs tests that he documents on his forum.  Terry is certainly an SEO Expert that I trust.

The SEO Academy course has been eagerly anticipated by many of Terry & Matts followers, so does it live up to the hype now that it is finally available?

How is the information delivered?

SEO Experts Academy is created in Kajabi (an expensive system for membership sites) so it looks very professional and its very well laid out.

There are three levels in the course – basic, intermediate and advanced, however, don't be fooled by the term “basic”.  There is a lot of great info there and each level builds on the last so you need to go through all the training in the order it is laid out.

SEO Experts Academy tutorials are primarily video based and sometimes the videos recommend resources – these are usually put as links under the videos.

NOTE: There is also a resources section divided up into Basic, Intermediate and Advanced sections.  Obviously the resources in these sections relate to those sections of the course and provide links to the resources mentioned in the video tutorials.

One thing I think is excellent is the PDF Plans.  These are detailed step by step plans that layout an entire strategy for building links to:

  • an authority site, or
  • a new mini-site

There is also a PDF plan called

  • How to avoid Google's Human Reviewer slaps.

These plans use the concepts and techniques that you learn in the basic, intermediate and advanced levels and show you how to apply those techniques to your site (depending on the type of site).

NOTE: There will also be a bonus webinar in about a month that customers will get (or can join in).

OK, Onto the course material.

I cannot list all of the topics included in the course, but I can say that everything I would consider as essential SEO is included.  It’s a really comprehensive course!

In the basic module, there are 37 tutorials which teach all of the basics of SEO including things like how to structure a site, keyword research, domain extensions, indexing, pingbacks and a stack of tutorials on backlinking methods and a lot more.  While this is in the “Basic” section, much of this stuff will be new to a lot of people.

In all three sections of the course, the videos are well presented, clear and look professional.

What I particularly like is that videos are mostly under 10 minutes, so that you aren't tied to watching really long videos and you can watch a new video whenever you have a spare 10 minutes.  If a topic takes more time, the videos are usually split up into separate videos.

The Intermediate section currently has 17 tutorials which cover a number of other backlinking methods but there is quite a strong emphasis on outsourcing, which is something everyone will likely want to do as their business grows.

The advanced section has 24 videos with a big emphasis on aged domains – where to buy, what to pay, checking them before buying, hosting, and a whole stack more.  Buying aged/High PR domains is something that can give you a huge step up the ranking ladder, and the ASEO Academy covers this topic in great detail.

So what about Panda?

Finally – guys who really understand what Panda is all about!

In the Basic section of the course is a tutorial called “Keyword Research Post Google Panda” – this looks specifically at keyword issues relating to Google Panda’s update.  In other words, what keywords you should be targeting on your site and how the wrong keywords can land you in trouble.

There is another tutorial entitled “Quality Content for the Google Panda & Google Human Reviewers”.  In this one, there is advice on what type of sites / content will give you problems, and what to do to make Google love your content.

In the PDF Plans section there is a PDF Plan called “Avoiding Google’s Human Reviewer Slaps”.  This gives you a checklist of what to do to try to ensure your site won’t be slapped.


So is the course good?


It is excellent and probably the best and most up-to-date course on SEO.

There is a very large bias towards link-building and so there should be.  Backlinks still holds the key to top rankings, but as the guys remind you, it's not good enough on its own.
If you drive bad content to the top of Google with backlinking (yes its possible), a human will eventually review your site and slap the page.  Why waste effort on building backlinks if the content is poor?

I fully recommend the SEO Academy Experts Course.

While some may think this course is expensive, I really think that it is cheap for the education you receive.  You can learn the secrets of SEO masters and become one yourself.

What price can you put on that?

Learning the SEO presented in the SEO Academy will mean you KNOW how to get pages to the top of Google and keeping them there.

I recommend that you get access to the SEO Academy now before the price goes up on November 1st:

SEO Experts Academy

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29 thoughts on “SEO Experts Academy Review

  • Donald

    Andy, I hate to say this but I have to disagree with you here.

    I am not familiar with Matt’s work but I am very familiar with Terry’s and that in part is why I purchased this course. The bulk of the course as far as link building is concerned is covered by Matt and Terry comes to the fore in such areas as purchasing domains.

    I started at video number one and watched clear through the basic, intermediate and advanced videos and there is certainly a lot of content. However, I found myself waiting for the secret to building a good back linking campaign today and for that ‘light bulb moment’ – but it never came. There was a lot of “this method doesn’t work as well as it used to and we tend to use it only for indexing these days”, but not one single “this is a great back linking method right now which will get your page ranking in next to no time”.

    In short, there was quite of lot ‘what doesn’t work’ but very little of the all too important ‘what does work’ and, as a consequence, I’m afraid it does not get my vote.

    The real shame though is that, while I’m sure these guys have the knowledge, they have either simply failed to get it across or have deliberately chosen to keep the real gold to themselves. Either way I’m afraid this course is not worth the investment.

    I hope you will see fit to publish this opinion to provide balance for your readers.


    • Andy

      Hi Donald.
      Thanks for your opinion.

      BTW, I never censor real opinion on this site.

      I obviously do not agree with you on this, though I do understand what you say about them telling us things don’t work. To me, knowing what does not work is just an important as knowing what does work. Time saved ignoring the techniques that don’t work can be put to building links using techniques that do work (and there are plenty in the course). On top of that, I feel the course gives the student a full and rounded education on SEO.

      • Donald

        Hi Andy,

        I certainly agree that knowing what does not work is extremely valuable and can save a lot of time, effort and often money in doing work which is going to be of little or no benefit.

        I think my main criticism is that, as someone who has made a full-time living online from SEO and free traffic for many years, I was expecting the centerpiece of the course to be a clear and detailed link building plan aimed at beginners, intermediate students and advanced students and that just isn’t there.

        There is a lot of good information but, for me, I did not find find the one thing I was expecting and that is probably why I was disappointed. You might argue that it was there in the PDF and, to a certain extent I would have to agree with you, but I think that even that fell short of what I was expecting.

        I do nonetheless respect your own thoughts here and understand that others may well not see the course in the same light that I have.

        Hopefully others who have bought the course will add their voices here for a fuller picture.


        • Andy

          Maybe the reason you were disappointed was that being in the SEO game for a long time, there wasn’t anything that was really new – no real “light bulb” moment.
          I don’t think their course was every going to be a step-by-step hand holding exercise. SEO and backlinking cannot really be taught that way, because exact step by step plans leave footprints. Backlinking in particular needs to appear “random” to be natural.
          The way I see the course is as a complete education in SEO & backlinking. Teaching the whole picture rather than concentrate on specific “techniques” (like their PR7 backlink video) that will be used, abused and nullified by Google.

  • steve wyman


    I get your point Don. We all want a magic moment that the light bulb goes on. I think Terry does tell you his magic reciepe its just that you have to look for it. it might involve something to do with the way he uses categories (nope fellow readers your going to have to buy the course!) Aged domains are a vital stategy as well i believe and the plugin that hes had developed that he gave away.

    Now im also with Andy 100% its an outstanding course and its not cheap. But i believe its worth every cent and i would promote it if i had a lsit with out hesitation.

    Being an SEO person I can tell you form long hard days and nights at my faithfull keybaord that the problem with SEO is its drudgery.. Very little is exciting (unless your a nerd :-)) which isnt so bad as we now rule the univese) consistent long term actions are required.

    One thing i really liked is the way they talk about and show example of siutation where youd backlink for at least 3 months (1 month 1 shot is gone i believe) and upto a year to get the first page. This is the number one reason people outsource Linkbuilding. its trickly but boring.


  • Andii

    Hi Dr Andy

    I might be wrong here, but I would assume that almost everyone even reading your views on the SEO Experts Academy, feels that they are perhaps not doing as well with their online business as they would like to be doing, hence taking the time out to go over your review.

    Don (the first poster), seems to think that there is little ‘action’ in the course that actually helps sites rank to the top, but more of a focus on what to avoid to in order to stop sites and their pages from slipping down the rankings.

    Although no one wants to see their sites drop from top SERPs (I’ve lost nearly all of mine post Oct 14 :(), most of us would also like to any new pages or websites achieve those top slots too. I think I’m right in saying that achieving top SE positions is the main focus of the course, and is done by guiding members through what works more so than just avoiding what doesn’t? At least that’s the impression I get.

    At the end of the day, there’s a money back guarantee in place if the course fails to deliver results based on its plan of action. So from that perspective there’s not really anything to lose other than time taken to absorb the materials should someone finds the SEO Experts Academy is not doing for them what was promised in the course’s promotional build-up.


    • Andy

      Not sure why but your comments always go into the spam folder.
      I actually think there is a lot of action, but maybe its not presented in the way people want it. It’s an all-round education in SEO and link building giving you techniques that you can use and a strategy to use them in the PDF Plans.

  • Kim

    I think what most people are looking for is an exact link building blueprint that is viewed by Google now-a-days as good links to build. Google would like to say that there are no links that are good except for sites that naturally link to you. Although it’s some advice, but we all know that does not happen for 99% of the sites online.
    So what are good links to build that Google will like and index and where to find them I think is what this report lacked.

    • Andy

      I think the problem is that Google do NOT like any “intentional” link building. All link building is really black hat (or at the very least grey hat) if the sole purpose of those links is to increase you rankings.

  • Mark

    @ Don…

    I have to say that I have read in other places since this release, similar things that you’ve mentioned. Not that it was ‘bad’ per say, as there are certainly some good tidbits, but apparently, it falls way short of its price. Good professio0nal presentation of the material, but from what I hear it could be more definitive.

    I guess if people are expecting to pay that price, that albeit there’s aprx. 90 videos or something to keep you busy for awhile, but buyers hoping for more actual ‘meat’ in the content.

    Additionally, people caught on to the Tumblr PR 7 method and when they realize that Google, Tumblr themselves, and their almighty PR 7 link they were so excited about, will ultimately lose it’s steam, then perhaps that was a huge red flag in of itself, to make people more apprehensive to buy more of the same so to speak, as other methods might as well may fall short in time.

    Anyway, I think I’ll pass – sorry Andy 🙁

    • Andy

      Hi Mark
      Don’t apologize – its your decision. I think a lot of people are wanting a paint by numbers EXACT step by step plan. Sorry but it doesn’t exist when it comes to backlinking – it has to look natural (or a better word might be random). This course is one that gives you a huge amount of information, but its not all handed to you on a plate – you need to use you head a little bit.

    • Donald

      Just out of interest, the Tumblr trick is neat, but it’s not new!

      There has been a piece of software out for some time now which automates the process of building high PR links from Tumblr. Called ‘PRPlunder’ I think it was originally released on the Warrior forum.

      • Andy

        No Donald its not new, but then there aren’t many backlinking methods that are. The problem most people have is that they can read about all these methods, but which ones really work? That is one area that I think this course excels at. It tells you which methods are not as good as they use to be. Doesn’t mean its not worth grabbing a few links here and there even if they wont move you up the SERPS. IP Diversity is important. One of the first tutorials I turned to was Web 2.0 as I have my own opinions on the value of those links. These guys actually agreed with me so that was a big positive. The thing is, not much is new to me from this course, but getting confirmation of my own thoughts was well worth the cost of the course to me (yes, I bought it and did not get a review copy).

  • Michael

    Thanks for the review, Andy. I trust your opinion and I just bought the course – looking forward to the videos/pdf’s.

    I like the comments above and agree there’s “nothing new under the sun” so I’m not looking for a “light bulb moment”, rather some strategies to hone what I already do, find some interesting tactics/tricks (like that tumblr thing), and STOP doing things that I only think work because I read them somewhere years ago.

    I thought (had hoped) it would also be more of a membership thing… like get a new video or pdf each month or something… stay current with “google dances” etc… but sounds like it’s going to be more of a “download” thing.

    I hope this course helps alleviate the 3 things I dislike about SEO:
    1) It’s not profitable enough for me (I make my clients plenty of money, but I just get a measly fee in comparison!) … I want to raise fees or better yet start building my own money-making sites.
    2) It’s boring/tedious,
    3) It’s random (at least for me) – so many techniques out there – for me, I need a plan/checklist to follow to keep me on track.

    Will post again after taking the course. Thanks again!


    • steve wyman

      Hi Micheal

      I dont think there muchthatyou can do about the boring nature. Otehr than good music. But there is a plan so thats a start. I dont belive it random though quite the opposite. Backlink should and can be structured. not fixed but structured into a program of activities to a goal.

      as to riasing prices or and build site. Raise your prices and outsoure the mundate elements! once you have a plan. The margin gap is and can be huge. So much you may not even have to raise prices if you can get more new business.


  • steve wyman

    Hi – this is a note to everybody reading these comments.

    Andy’s evaluation of the SEO academy is great. I URGE you to go read and watch whatyou can. Only sign up if you can afford the cost of the course. Matt even makes that point himself.

    To the people knocking the acaedemy because of what some other random person said!! wow hats a shame your missing outon some stunning content.

    If you want your hand held well you need to PAY a lot more money for somebody to sit on skype with you.

    THERE is a clear 4 week plan EXACT plan of action step by step. do this do that do this plan its there in PDF’s

    I believe its the best course ive done ever in IM. (Dr andy’s course is better if your new to IM and is rocking it as well).

    Do yourselves a favour. Go sign up to the academy through Andy’s link. Give up your weekend to watch all the video and read all the material (it will take that long) then on tuesay if you think it was no good get a full refund. Its through clickbank so you dont have to talk to anybody they wil just refund.

    Realy I would not write this if i didnot feeel so strongly.


    Back to reading studying making notes and implementing tweaks.

    • Andy

      Wow Steve – we agree on something. Only kidding…. I think it was you that disagreed on something I wrote in my own course???

      Differing opinions are healthy and what makes life interesting.

      • steve wyman

        Hi Andy

        Actually we (or at least i agree with you) on a great number of things 🙂 Including your excellent Blueprints that I buy as soon as you release them (a bit shoddy on the last minute i think it was up for 35 minutes before i got it downloaded :-)).

        In my last J-O-B (Yuck fee sick now) during an assement (yer right… ) apparently one of my personality traits is “challenger” …

        I live and die by “all process is made by unreasonable people”. RIP Steve Jobs


  • Rick

    Hi Andy,
    What advantages does SEO Expert Academy have over recently updated material from Jerry West, “Google Best Practices Guide” and Shane Melaugh’s Backlink Battleplan V2?

    • Andy

      Hi Rick
      Good question. I would have said that SEO Experts Academy was more up to date than Google Best Practices, but Jerry released an update yesterday. I have Jerry’s book and would refer to it as the bible for ranking in Google. The SEO Academy course comes from two guys who are a little more black hat – Jerry’s is called Google “Best Practices” for a reason. I actually think the two are a good combination to learn from, but if I had to choose one over the other, I would go with Jerry. As for Shane’s course – it’s excellent as a backlinking guide, but maybe misses out on the other SEO stuff that Jerry and the SEO Academy guys include. There is a lot of over-lap between the three, yet each has its own information as well.

  • Steve w


    I’m an SBI user and I wanted to know exactly what works in terms of not just link building but SEO so I took Andy’s recommendation and bought the course.

    I’m nearly through the basic part and very happy with the material. I will also get back and give my proper verdict once I have been through it all.


  • Jayson Yanuaria

    Ive been thinking about grabbing this course for a while but I waited your review before I get it and yesterday I finally did.

    For me the course is good for new comers in SEO, it will definitely save them time to find all those information over the net. The guys just put it all together for them. Although all or almost all of the things discussed there can be found somewhere else, its not common to find them all in one place so I still give my +1 vote on it.

    The course doesn’t benefit me that much because Ive been doing this for many years as well. But it will surely benefit those who are new.

    And by the way, I like to say that your courses are still much better. 🙂

  • Rita

    Recently I suffered badly on my site. I reached top 20 positions for my selected 30 keywords. Now I got almost 500 point penalty for all pages where I promote Amazon products in mid October. I suffered 50 point penalty where I have adsense. I have only one adsense block at the center of the content after 300 words. All contents are 700 words plus. Total number of pages are 80 on my site.Theme is on coffee and domain in 3 years old. I never used any PLR content.

    I reached those positions using backlink battleplan. I really think this is really a great program.

    Now, I will try to restore using SEO expert Academy.

    As I am cornered I spent hours to go through all the videos of SEO expert Academy and planning to adopt some of their idea.

    At the end everybody is internet marketer. They sell some idea based on their belief and testing. We have to try and enhance it for better & improved result.

    But this is really absurd to dance with Google every time. I think Google intentionally challenge us just to improve quality of content.

    may be I need to take help from Andy’s recommended author for better content.

    I may publish my progress here


  • Darrell

    Hi Andy,
    Thank you for your informative review, and the even more informative comments.
    I’ve been dithering about whether to buy SEO Expert Academy or not, and I think I will go with the Jerry West book, as I already have Backlinks Battleplan.
    Do you have an affiliate link to Google Best Practices that I can use for the order?
    If not I’ll order direct.

  • Matt

    Been hearing some mixed things about SEO Experts Academy, but for the most part positive. I’m still new to this, but I can say that I like Matt Carter’s blog (he seems to be one of the “good guys”, and gives out a lot of good free info). I’m still working through Backlink Battleplan (and gotta read your reports too Andy! just got ’em btw, thanks!), so I am in no position now to start a whole other 90+ video, pdf, etc course (already taking in so much info, gotta get to just taking more action at this point). Otherwise though, I think I would definitely jump on it. And I may yet, later on.

    Quick question: do you know if SEO Experts Academy is why Terry stopped selling Backlinks Hydra (I was looking at purchasing it)? Is this kind of like an updated version of that, as far as backlinking goes? I know SEO Academy covers a lot more than just backlinks, but was just wondering about that.