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REVIEW Updated on 25th August 2011.

SEO Link Robot has been around for a while now, but Steve Hawkins has just released version 2. 

Since its initial release SEO Link Robot has been compared with SE Nuke & later with SENuke X.  With version 1, SEO Link Robot simply did not have the variety or quantity of sites to be considered a true SE Nuke X alternative.  It still lacks some of the features of SE Nuke X, but it is catching up with the constant updates and introduction of new features.

OK, so what does SEO Link Robot do exactly?

Well, let me draw you a diagram:

Difficult to understand what is going on isn't it?  Well, that's why you need software to help you with this task Winking smile.

Software is also better at randomising stuff which is quite important if you don’t want to leave massive footprints that Google can follow to your door.  What you should be able to get from that diagram though is there are arrows.  Arrows all over the place (and I have simplified the diagram by not including too many arrows).  These arrows refer to links, which ultimately funnel link juice around other sites and eventually to your site.

This is what SEO Link Robot can help you with, and in an automated fashion.


Put simply, SEO Link Robot can automatically create accounts at:

  • 30+ Web 2.0 sites
  • 40+ Article Directories
  • 18+ Press Release Sites
  • 50+ Bookmarking Sites
  • 18+ RSS Sites

Note: the number of sites in the table above are taken from SEO Link Robot Website on 25th August 2011.

After creating the accounts, it will also automatically go in and verify the accounts for you. 

It can then post your content to the Web 2.0 sites, article directories, press release sites as well as submit the RSS feeds for your newly posted content and socially bookmark the posts.

The content you post to the Web 2.0 properties & article directories can be spun content (I have been testing SEO Link Robot with the Ultra Spinnable Articles – For anyone interested in the Premium Ultra Spinnable Articles, I have a coupon you should use Winking smile -  I am not allowed to post it directly on my site, but you can download a PDF file that has the details.), or content from other sources – PLR content, stuff you have written yourself, etc.

If you are using spun content, SEO Link Robot will post a unique spin of that article to each Web 2.0 property & article directory, and it can even create random links between the articles on the various sites.

SEO Link Robot makes good use of spinning, so that you can spin titles, descriptions and content (in articles, feeds, bookmarking etc).  That is a powerful feature to ensure unique content is posted on each site.

SEO Link Robot even has a feature where it can setup a random mini-net of 5 Web 2.0 sites and inter-link them automatically. 

SEO Link Robot also has a built in Pinger, so that any URLs that you create can be pinged at 90+ major ping directories.

A module called Meta Indexer is a module to help you get your pages indexed fast by submitting your URLs to a huge list of sites.  There are three lists of sites, depending on how aggressive you want to be.  One has 170 sites, the second has 3,000 sites and the last one has 31,000 sites.

SEO Link Robot also has its own built in Article Spinner.  This can be used for a wide variety of spinning tasks – remember I told you spinning was a big feature of this software.  Personally, I still use the best spinner, but for quick spins (and testing spins), the built in spinner works great.  SEO Link Robot now has “Spinner Chief” and “The Best Spinner” integration for automated spinning, but I really don’t recommend you auto-spin anything.  SEO Link Robot also added an article scraper, to scrape content that you can subsequently spin, but again, I wouldn’t recommend getting content this way.

From what I have heard, Steve is planning a lot of new modules to this software, and my personal hope is that a video submitter will be included in that.

New to SEO Link Robot Version 2 – The Campaign Manager

With the first version of SEO Link Robot I heard a lot of complaints that it was too difficult to track everything.  Steve has addressed this in the new version with the addition of a Campaign Manager:


This allows you to setup campaigns for each site you want to promote, and have the various accounts at your fingertips.  Some of the buttons across the top are self-explanatory, but a few might need a little description here.

The Email button gives you access to the features that Verify Emails and also check your email account settings are correct.

imageThe Import/Export button works on your account data allowing you do just that – to text files for easier sharing (or backups).

The Auto Gen Data button will generate personas for you – either male or female.

The Import Wizard button allows you to import data from older versions of SEO Link Robot.

The Link Viewer Button opens up the “View Links” screen where you can manage all the links created by SEO Link Robot as it has been off posting your content.  There is an export links feature there, as well as a link validator option so you can check the URLs actually exist.

The Proxies button allows you to manage your proxies if you use them.

The Account Creator button (screenshot to the left) does just that.  You can create accounts at specific types of properties, e.g. the RSS sites, or you can get SEO Link Robot to create all accounts at all sites in one click.  This is a real time saver when you are just starting a new campaign.

You can read the full list of features and watch several videos demonstrating these features over on the SEO Link Robot site.


Do I recommend SEO Link Robot?

I am a big believer in link diversity, and SEO Link Robot can help you achieve that with a lot of automation.  I won’t go into the pros and cons of automation or whether this is black hat, white hat or grey hat – you can decide best whether this type of automation is something you want to use in your website promotion.  If you are following a plan like Shane’s Backlink Battleplan (he just released version 2), then SEO Link Robot can certainly help automate a lot of the tasks you are currently doing manually.

With that said, SEO Link Robot is extremely powerful and will save you a lot if time setting up networks on Web 2.0 sites and creating and posting to article sites, press releases and so on.  

It will also save you time and help you manage what is otherwise a spiders web of content, tasks and Web 2.0 properties. 

But, is SEO Link Robot an SE Nuke Killer?

Actually, no.

It’s not an SE Nuke killer, but it is an SE Nuke alternative.  SE Nuke does a lot more, but it costs a lot more (and the last version I tried before cancelling my subscription was very buggy).  However, SEO Link Robot provides a huge amount of power in one application and represents excellent value for money, from a Marketer with a good reputation. 

You can see this table on the SEO Link Robot website, but I thought I’d post it here as well as it compares SEO Link Robot to the various competing products.  Just be aware that tables like this often flatter the sites that puts up the comparison, as they decide what information to show:



If you want to find out more about SEO Link Robot, click the button below:



Read more about SEO Link Robot.

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14 thoughts on “SEO Link Robot Review

  • Joanna

    Hi Andy

    I’m totally confused now. Are you still backing Backlink Battleplan or are you now saying that SEO Link Robot is the way to go?

    Many thanks

    • Andy

      Backlink Battleplan is a COURSE on how to do backlinking using free tools. SEO Link Robot is SOFTWARE that can do a lot of backlinking tasks for you. Its not for everyone though.

  • Rosana Hart

    I have just begun using SEO Link Robot and I like it a lot. I did find another little problem — if you sign up for bookmarking sites with some of the suggested usernames, they are longer than some of the sites suggest. I haven’t even emailed Steve about this yet as I am compiling a list of questions for him.

    I am someone who tends not to do enough outreach and this really makes it easier!

  • Jeff

    I’ve been using a service call XGen SEO. It’s $79/mo. with a free 14 trial.

    It seems to do just about everything you’re describing here and more. I cannot swear to its effectiveness having just begun experimenting with it on a limited basis. So far, though, I am very impressed.

    or you can, if you wish use my affiliate link. .

    If anyone has used it, or is familiar with it please let me know what you think. I need the most effective solution for my clients and am open to suggestions.

  • John T.

    Wow, this has been what I have been looking for. Of course, the next item would be a drip feature to build links and web properties overtime. I hear so much about building links fast and then take it slow or just build links slowly and over time, rankings will improve.

    Hey Andy, I have one of your sites that was built from your course for affiliates. Although your course work is what I considered excellent, it is just too time consuming. And yes, I did one and then copied that for the rest of the site created, I guess I am just not interested in coding anymore. besides that—

    Can this work with two links inside an article pointing to two different products that are relative.

    Or, can the program post articles to web 2 properties without building a mini-net.

    And, can you explain more about the rss and feeding it to other sites? Thanks, John T.

  • Nadine Huegel

    Hi Andy

    Looks impressive – I will be interested in hearing your experience after you have used it for a while, bearing in mind Rosana’s comments.

    Many thanks for the review


  • Tim C

    Hey Andy,
    I purchased SEO Link Robot several months ago. I want to tell folks that if they are a newbie to back linking, they should really think twice about investing in this product (at least at the time of writing this post). Steve is GREAT at responding to emails. His support is second to none, in my opinion. But, even though I know that this product is powerful and effective, the training/documentation is not ‘newbie’ friendly. You really need to know a lot about back linking and the terminology to work this software. Steve has told me that he is working on new training materials so I’m looking forward to that. I would really love a training video series on this software. I hope it comes, and soon.

  • John T.

    Hey Andy, I was wondering if this software has a website login screen so a VA could do the work or have separate login for the VA. Or is it software downloadable.

    I am getting to the point to let the VA do all the work, and I just focus on the workings of the business.

    So the more I can push off to VA’s, the better I will be..

  • Tony Shelton

    I really like what this software can do. Having to create new accounts for each linking project manually is such a time killer – plus a big reason I procrastinate and don’t do it. You can also control the content and the url’s that point to you. I can’t lose anything by giving it a try.

    Thanks for the review Andy.

  • Rob Willox


    SeNuke XCr would appear to be getting some fairly heavy promotion in last week. It looks like its main USP is that it automates link building without a great deal of control.

    Given recent Google algo updates and all the hype surrounding quality links rather than simply quantity it seems to be trying to capitalise on ignorance and the fear of not having enough backlinks rather on the creation of quality and informative content worthy of any link.

    Not sure if it would be worth the moneyor any real benefit in the long run! Have you had any experience or opinion of this new product launch?

      • Rob Willox

        Wasn’t actually thinking of buying the product. It looks more like quantity over quality but just that it’s being promoted by Jonathon Ledger, author of The Best Spinner, which you have reviewed/commented on in other newsletter posts.

        It was really from that perspective asked the question as, he has a number of pretty good products, and like yourself, is generally regarded as one of the more honest ‘good’ guys and its disappointing to see the heavy promotion coming from that direction.