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NOTE: Stomping the Search Engines 2 has just been released (3rd September 2008). My review copy came as two DVDs – one with the original Stomping the Search Engines, and the second with the new and improved Stomping the Search Engines v2. I also got a copy of their excellent "Net Effect" magazine.

The magazine itself is superb, and packed with a lot of great SEO information. The magazine articles are written by a lot of top names in Internet Marketing and SEO like Andy Jenkins, Sherman Hu, Dan Thies, Leslie Rhode, Don Crowther, Brad Fallon and others.

The course itself is bigger and better, most notably the original was audio, this one is video.

There are 7 Modules divided into 36 parts in total. Here is what they cover on this DVD:

Module 1: Introduction – Benefits of SEO, Short Term Tactics: Spam & Deception, Short Term Strategies: Low-Value Sites, The Stomper Way: Aggressive White Hat.

Module 2: How Search Engines Work – Meet the Players, Understanding the SERPs, Search Engine Tech – Crawling, Search Engine Tech – SERPS, Search Engine Ranking Recipes.

Module 3: Keyword & Content Strategy – Keyword Strategy Concepts, Keyword Research & Discovery, Mapping Keywords to Content, Competitive Research, Tools.

Module 4: Site Structure – Site Structure Concepts, Designing for Crawlability, Anchor Text & Link Reputation, Canonicalization & Duplicate Content, Using Redirects, Improving Your Indexing, Review & Takeaways.

Module 5: Optimizing Content – On Page SEO Introduction, Getting Your HEAD Together, Optimizing Page Structure, Get Your BODY In Shape, Creating Unique Content, Robots.txt Tutorial.

Module 6: Link Building & Promotion – Link Building Concepts, Assessing Your Position, Vertical & General Directories, Link Targets & Link Bait, Marketing & Promotion,

Module 7: Improving Results – What To Measure, How To Measure, Planning & Processes, Review & Resources.

Is the information in Stomping, the Search Engines 2 worth listening too?

The information on this course was based on testing thousands of sites in the Stomper Net membership site. While I have never been a StomperNet member, those who are members pay $800 a month to stay a member, so I guess their stuff is working very well.

This DVD will not only show you how to do SEO properly, but it will also answer a lot of your questions. e.g. why do new sites get good rankings that fluctuate in the search engines and do well initially only to drop off later? What can you do about that? This course is packed so full of quality information that I have no doubt it will become the guru’s choice for SEO advice.

This course is great, and at the time of writing this, you can get it for free here:

Stomping the Search Engines 2

What follows was my original review of Stoming version 1.

I have seen a lot of other marketers promoting Stomping the Search Engines in the last year, but had held off reviewing it because the sales page mentioned Traffic Equalizer (which I think can get your banned). I talked with Brad about this "problem", and he gave me the answer I wanted to hear. That product is mentioned only because lots of people use it, it is not something that is recommended in Stomping (in fact Stomping warns against page generators that produce 1000s of pages at the click of a button).

All feedback I received from my own newsletter subscribers about this Stomping course has been very positive, and I even received a few testimonials from happy users. Clearly I needed to go through the course and see for myself.

The course comes as a series of 9 interviews covering everything you need to know. What I love about this course is that each of these interviews also come with a complete transcript. I highly recommend going out and buying some ink for your printer, and printing off all these transcripts.

Then, listen to the interviews as you go about your day.
When you have a little more time, go through each transcript with a highlighter pen.

While these interviews are the main meat of the course, there are some great bonuses that have been well thought out, and are extremely valuable.

The bonus interviews are pure quality. There are interviews with Linking Guru Leslie Rohde (Optilink fame) and also SEO expert Dan Thies (I just spent $197 on his new course being sold through In all there are 8 bonus interviews with leading experts in their fields, and these offer fantastic information, tips and advice.

There is also a 77 page Resource Guide in the package – lots of the important SEO information, tools and references in one convenient place. One of the many useful sections in this guide is the list of 280 Directories that you can submit your site to. This Resource guide is very useful.

There is one other bonus that Brad is offering, which makes this course even better. When you buy Stomping, Brad will put a link to one of your sites from a high PR site. If you were to buy a similar link, this alone would cost more than the cost of this course. This link should get your site crawled and included in Google in record time, boost your pagerank, and give you a head start with one of your sites.

Brad Fallon is an accomplished SEO. His company tests theories, and then tests some more. They use real experiments on real sites to see what triggers filters, and then use that information to improve their SEO strategies. Stomping is the result of this research.

So who would I recommend this course to?

Well, I would not recommend this course to rank beginners. That is not because it is not suitable for beginners, it is just that there is a huge wealth of information in the course and I believe beginners could get very lost.

If you know how to build sites but want to learn how to improve your rankings, then Stomping is a great purchase. Brad and Andy Jenkins have put together the most complete course I have seen so far.

It is highly recommended, and the "high price" of the course is a actually a very small price to pay for such a complete education on SEO.

Buy Stomping the Search Engines now

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