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imageVideo Motion Pro is a tool designed to streamline video creation.  You can record screen capture videos, and edit them.  Video Motion Pro is being touted as a Camtasia Studio alternative, which is a bold claim.    I have used Camtasia for years and it really is the market leader, but it is expensive, and Video Motion Pro may offer a cheaper alternative.  But does it create good videos?  That’s what I want to look at in this review.

I’ll start off by saying that I really wanted to like this software, and I was excited when I saw the official video for the product, so I bought it.

From the sales video, it looks like a great tool for building videos, with a much smaller learning curve than Camtasia Studio.

Some of the nice features that come built into the tool is the ability to add intros and outros.  That is, nice introductions and ending to your videos without having to have any technical skill.  You simply pick the intro (or outro) that you want to use, and edit the text.


Adding an Intro


Once you’ve edit the text and added your own logo, you click a button to add the Intro to your timeline.  The intros and outros are all animated.

Another nice feature is the ability to add “lower thirds”, which again require the simple editing of the text field.  Lower thirds are idea places to add in a little more information during your video, like a title and maybe the video author.  Here is an example of a lower third:


As you can see from the screenshot, there is a problem though.  My text is too long and is cut off.  I can see no way of changing the font size for my lower third.

Finally there is also an option to create green screen videos where you can add your own background to a talking head (for example).  I haven’t tried this out.

The Biggest Problem with this tool?

There is a screen capture feature that allows you to capture your screen.  This is vital for the kind of tutorials I do, and the kind I know a lot of my students want to create for sites like Udemy.  However, the screen capture is very primitive.  It captures the whole screen, and only the screen set up as the primary display in Windows.  That means for people like me who work on dual screen monitors, I have to record only my laptop screen instead of where my main work is done (on my large external monitor).  I suffer from neck problems, so this isn’t an option.  I could of course switch monitors to create tutorials, but it’s too much of a hassles, and does not solve the biggest problem I have with this tool, which is zooming.

It is not possible to zoom into an area of the screen to record, for example, just a small area.  The WHOLE screen is captured, and my monitor resolution is 1920 x 1080, so a lot of information would be captured that was not relevant to my video.  If I could at least zoom into areas when editing, this would not be so much of a problem, but unfortunately you cannot do that either.

This tool has been advertised as a low cost alternative to Camtasia, and I have seen it being promoted as a tutorial creator for Udemy courses.  In my view it is neither.  Yes it is cheaper, but it is too basic and does not address key issues.  When I have submitted my own courses to Udemy, the one suggestion I always get is to think of students on mobile platforms and zoom into relevant areas of the screen when I am explaining something.  For example, if I was explaining the options in a menu item of some software, this would look good on a mobile device if I was capturing the menu in my screen capture software:


In a video captured with Video Motion Pro, it would look like this:


That wont be easy to see on a mobile phone.

I did ask the support if zooming was possible, either during recording or editing, but was told it was not.  They said they would add it as a suggestion for the future though.  Their support was quick though, so that is a positive.

Therefore, while there are some nice features of this tool, I think it needs a lot of work before it can be seriously used for screen capture style tutorial videos.  As for a low cost alternative to Camtasia, I just don’t see it.  Sorry.

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13 thoughts on “Video Motion Pro

  • Norm

    Hello Dr. Andy,

    I would suggest that you take a look at the AVS suite. It’s $59 this month. I have seen it even cheaper from time to time.

    AVS is a collection of tools including video and audio editors. The vid editor has a screen capture. No zooming like Camtasia. However, in many cases I actually prefer it to Camtasia.

    I have used this stuff for years. As a matter of fact I’m using the vid and audio stuff this very day. It’s never going to be Adobe for $59, but in my book it’s some of the best dough the poor man can spend. Since I’m not selling it, I don’t see any point in giving the full rundown. You can look for yourself. If you have any questions I’d be happy to answer!

    Your fan,

  • Rob Wilson

    Thanks Andy – Probably going to refund on this myself. I enjoyed having a play but it isn’t finished as a product. I do like youtube outro feature but otherwise it isn’t really a good screen capture or editing software.

    I have a problem with the amount of software, like this, that is “launched” with an upsell funnel. For a one time cost.

    They tend to have support issues on launch. Often the product is not finished. Their business model does not allow for continued development and support. So in a year or two a) they are going to be gone as a company or b) they are going to add advertising like one of the other video editing software did recently c) claim the new software is version 2 so you have to pay again.

    On the other hand your recommendation of funnel flux was spot on… a real game changer.

    All the best

  • jazz

    Totally appreciate your honest — and detailed — review of this product. We were considering purchasing it for our contractors to use as it has a much lower price point to Camtasia. The inability to zoom on the screen capture function is unacceptable. And with most of our team using dual screens (or more), the ability to screen capture specific areas on whichever monitor preferred is key from an efficiency standpoint. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • Jack

    Thanks for an honest assessment, Andy. Although I have purchased a lot of video tools, I did not take a serious look at this tool primarily because of past experiences with products produced by Josh Ratta. I have always found them to be oversold and underwhelming.

  • Joe Donnalley

    hi andy. after reading your review, i’ll be returning this app. i bought it specifically to make udemy courses and info products. they even have an oto and webinar to teach you how great it is for udemy.
    long time fan,

      • Carole

        Thanks for the review Andy – I thought it sounded too good to be true. I bought Camtasia a couple of years ago and never got my head around it. If there is going to be a UDEMY course teaching Camtasia it will be very popular. You are very qualified to do this so maybe this could be your next UDEMY course 🙂

        All the best

        • Andy Williams Post author

          HI Carole
          I am going to do a Udemy course on how to create a course, but I want a cheaper alternative to Camtasia. I’d include tutorials on Camtasia as well though. Camtasia is not that difficult when you get the hang of it, and it is the best out there, so your investment was a good one.

  • Lo

    Wow straight shooter no chaser…
    thanks for your honest review so many are reviewing the product with the intent to sell that they are not honest.

    I was contemplating buying this especially for the Video outro slides to me that alone may be worth the purchase. I realize the similarities between it and camtasia which is invaluable to me, hence the reason I ended up on your site I needed more details about this product before spending on it.

    I would not use it for screen capture, I like my camtasia too much to cheat on her.
    But the Video outro slide seems kind of cool

    Thanks Andy

  • Austin


    I purchased this software about two weeks ago while looking into buying Camtasia. I was told it was just like it for fraction of the cost, but ounce i purchased it and logged into the back office I was disappointed to find a long explanation from the developer saying that they are “sorry” for being mislead if I purchased the product because I was looking for camtasia because there software is completely different and not intended to replace it.
    Although disappointed, for the simple tasks I needed it for I would have been able to make it work so I decided to keep it. Except it DID NOT WORK. The software froze!!! At first I thought maybe I missed an update or had a computer setting set wrong or something simple so I looked in the recourse section for answers only to find out that it is a problem they are very aware of.
    This is what is said ” 4. What do I do if the software freezes or I have any technical issues come up?

    We have integrated a logging system to the software which now releases a log report onto your desktop. So if you encounter any technical issues, this is what to do:

    Step 1 – Close the software
    Step 2 – Look for a file called “vmp.log” on your desktop of your computer.
    Step 3 – Send this log file into our support team
    Step 4 – Our Technical Team will be able to go through your log file and see what caused the problem and they will be able to quickly apply a fix and will notify you once it is resolved.”

    Then the worst part is they send you a confirmation email saying that they will resolve the problem within 24 hours. It has been 3 days and not a word. All the while they have sent me 5 emails trying to up sell me….

    Bad business all around. If the software worked and they didn’t sell it as a camtasia alternative, and called it what it really is ( really cheap, fairly powerful editor, that is extremely user friendly) it would have been well worth the money I paid.

  • Ileana

    i wish I had seem your review before buying Video Motion Pro. I have it now and I am kind of dissapointed. they offered the software as an incredible tool and is not. I am asking to support If they have plans to improve the scren capture module or not. If I had visited your blog before buying I had not spend that money on a software that for me is not what they made it look like. I will grab your web link for future references before buy. I see you are one of the few real honest review blogs. I also have a review site, I am just starting with the few products I really buy, this way my reviews can be honest like yours. You are an example for me to follow as how reliable reviews must to be done, and I am gratefull to have an example like yours to follow. Thanks