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Could Keyword Analyzer be the successor to Adwords Analyzer? If you want to make money from Adwords or Overture pay per click - PPC campaigns (you basically pay per placement), you need to have a way to quickly and easily check whether your chosen phrases will get you on the first page of the search engines. E.G. by ensuring that you can get your Adword phrases on page 1 of Google, you know you will only have to pay 5 cents a click. Until now, your chose was limited to Adwords Analyzer. Now, Goran Nagy, a talented programmer from Slovenia has come up with some competition. Keyword Analyzer is certainly going to give AA a run for its money.

What is PPC advertising?

PPC search engine marketing is becoming more popular since Google has changed its algorithm in November 2003 and again January 2004. Managing your keywords and PPC campaigns is a big job, and finding those keywords which can position you at the top of these engines is an art. However, despite the pitfalls, advertising in this manner can be very lucrative, after all you are guaranteed top placement in the search engines. If you don't currently promote your site through the PPC engines, now might be a great time to learn. This software cannot teach you how, but Google Cash can.


Keyword Analyzer Features

I have been testing this software since it was a beta version, and being an SEO myself, I have made a few modest suggestions to the feature list, which Goran has been quick to implement. So what can this software do? Well, let's have a look

Solve your Pay Per Click headaches

Keyword Analyzer does pretty much the same as Adwords Analyzer, but also has some other great features. If AA can do it, there is a good change Keyword Analyzer can too, plus a host of other innovative features which include:

Any downsides to Keyword Analyzer?

OK, to be totally non-biased, I should mention there are two things I don't like about this product. To be fair to Goran, neither are really his fault, just the fact that he does not speak English as a first language,

As of 7th September 2004, both of these downsides have been addressed making Keyword Analyzer even better value for money.

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Bearing in mind these two limitations, I am going to award this software an ezSEO rating of:

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Goran Nagu's Keyword Analyzer Reviewed