Advance Logger review - log file analysis software

Every once in a while you stumble across a piece of software that you end up replying on daily for your job. As webmasters, we need to know who our visitors are, where they come form and how they got to our site. You can wade through thousands of lines of pure logs, or you can use some software to do the log file analysis. Advance Logger is a Perl script that does this and so much more. The way it works is that you include a small piece of code on all the pages you want to monitor. This can be as a SSI or a small piece of script code.I know what you are thinking. I have thousands of pages that need to have the script on. Too much hassle. Well, a search and replace can easily add this code to all of your pages in seconds. Search for "</body>" and replace with "THE SCRIPT </body>". Simple.

Log file analysis using Advance Logger

Once the Advance Logger log file analysis script is inserted into your pages (and the necessary perl code uploaded to your site), you can log in to your admin area. Here you can run a number of useful reports. The initial screen that comes up is a summary of daily activity including:

From this screen you can get reports that tell you:1. The last few visitors to come to your site (which includes where they came from and what keywords they used to find your page). You can click on these entries and see the actual referring page itself (even if it is page 100 of Google search results) - great to see where you rank for the keyword at that particular search engine.2. Hourly, Daily and Monthly summaries. These bar graphs show trends over these periods.3. Top referrers, most visited pages on your web site, most popular browser your visitors use, most popular operating system, etc etc etc.Log file analysis with Advance Logger, puts you in control of your website marketing. You know just about everything you need to know about your visitors to improve your site, keep visitors there longer, and increase sales.Advance Logger is an indespensible tool for any webmaster. At just $29.95 for a single site, and multiple site licenses available at reasonable cost, can you really afford not to use it?

Other benefits of using Advance Logger

Advance Logger uses a very compact method for storing data. Typically these logs take up much less space than the raw log files on your site. This means you save space on your server. In addition, Advance Logger does not use cookies for tracking. This means that it works even with Internet Explorer 6 and all cookie blocking software.Advance Logger is truley zero maintenance. It deletes old logs as new ones are added so that the log files do not go over the maximum size you specified when setting it up.If you want pretty graphs, you can download a variety of reports in CSV format so that you can play with them in your favourite spreadsheet.Advance Logger is an awesome piece of software. I recommend it to all my clients (and in fact insist on it if I am creating pages for them). Advance Logger alows me to monitor how well my pages work, when they get spidered, when they appear in the search engines, what keywords people use to find my pages etc etc etc. You can tell I love this software. Log file analysis has never been this easy. Go buy Advance Logger today. You won't regret it.


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