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Awesome stuff as always Dr. Andy. I have to keep purging my email box of crappy newsletters and unsubscribing frequently, and when the dust settles your newsletter, along with maybe another three or four remain stead fastly in my "must read now" category. In fact you are the only online expert that garners a special folder in my email program just to hold your information packed newsletters! I keep "some" of the newsletters from the other "good" online guru's, but I keep all of them in one generic folder! 🙂

Keep up the great work; can't wait to read your next newsletter.



"Greetings & Salutations Dr.Andy Williams,
I just called to say……………………………….
the last couple of years, I've always shied away from "thing'z"
to do with SEO, not that I didn't try to understand , it was tooooo
CONFUSING !!! That is til I met you !
There'z an old Hebrew saying : "Cometh the hour,Cometh the Teacher !!!"

and for me thats you ……………..

Quite honestly, I struggled with the 1st 2 newsletters til this one (Lesson 61) but now I am on myway to understanding.
I was completely "besotted" with this particular lesson it truly opened the door to 2005 for me, "what a way to greet 2005 !!!!
Thank'z -A-Million
Dr Andy Williams"

Mike K.Terekia……New Zealand
Newbie-Onliner (Would you blieve…..???)

"I wanted to compliment you on the quality of your SEO
site. I rarely endorse anything, and as you can imagine I am now asked
to do so quite often. Your site wreaks of class, it's a veritable
Aston Martin for me and one that I will be using as my sole source of
information on SEO. Great job buddy! (I've spent the last couple of
days reading through it) As I say, I am rarely impressed with anything
related to web marketing and you qualify on the front row of the grid.

John Evans
Success Alert

"Brilliant, absolutely brilliant."


"Dear Andy,
Just thought I would let you know, your ezine
is one of the very best in its class.
I probably get 150 different ezines, yours outclasses
all of them.
I put it in the same class as xxxxxxxxxxx.
In other words good stuff, of great value and not found
Keep up the good work.
Travis U."

"Hi Andy,
A friend recommended your newsletter to me a few months
back. I'm glad he did.

You deliver some great content 🙂

Jason Potash"

& Ezine Announcer

Hey Andy,
Just a quick kudos… I found your site when I "Googled" a well-known marketing product.
I stopped by to read one of your e-zine issues and got hooked!
Excellent work on
the SEO stuff. And great
voice in your content, too!
Looking forward to future issues.

Damon G. Zahariades

your newsletter is one of the rare invaluable publications with
original and useful content that I love to read.
I?ve never thought of creating SE optimized web pages before I
got your lessons, because it seemed to be too difficult and
with all the hype and misinformation about SEO out there,
it?s almost impossible to get it done right.
But by following your advice step-by-step, my site got from nowhere
to #2 on Google for a competitive keyphrase within two months.
Thank you very much for all the invaluable tips and updates,
I?m looking forward to every issue of your newsletter.
Keep up the excellent work !

Guido W. Stiehle

I really enjoy your newsletter, keep up the great job.

Gary Antosh
How to Create Web Site Content Fast

"Damn Andy, I wish I had found your site and newsletter sooner, you could have saved me a lot of screw ups! 🙂 "

Stephen Dayton
Cruise Lines


Thank you very much for the "niche" articles the past couple of weeks. I
was blown away by the step-by-step instruction you provided. And it works!

I've found a niche that I'm going to try. I've recently purchased SEO
and I'm going to use it even though I'm a web designer.

Randal Ray"
Owner – New Day Designs

And letters like this from loyal subscribers:

Hi Andy
I like the personal way you write your newsletter it seems like you're talking directly to us and helping us get out the trenches. Some newsletter writers are very distant and you feel they are not really wanting to help but just sell you things. It's great to have someone like yourself with such knowledge of marketing and SEO helping us along.
I also would like to say I like reading your reviews on products and in fact it was your recommendation of XXXXXX software that I purchased it.
warmest regards

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Do you have problems finding a niche to build a web site? I have written this report to show you how I found over 200 profitable keywords (KEI greater than 10 and less than 1000 competing sites) in less than one hour. Not only do I give you these keywords which you can use as a gift from me, but I also break the list up into Niches within the Niche. If you want to download a copy, right click the link above and select save target as..

Using Articles for better Rankings

Complete course showing you how to right your own articles and then harness the power of articles in your sites.

Niche Keyword Research
How to find quality keywords that will rank high.

"Sitemaps – The Missing Link of Search Engine Optimization"
Why sitemaps are important to your success, and how to do them properly

The Best Articles Ever Written

a collection of articles that have changed lives. This free collection should be sufficient to inspire as well as inform. Well worth the download. Thanks to Patric Chan for compiling this eBook and letting me give it to you for free.

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Your privacy is important to me.  I will never rent, sell or give your details to any third party – guaranteed.

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8 thoughts on “Get my Free Internet Marketing Newsletter

  • Jim Bruce - Web Consultant

    You know how much I love your software… I’m taking your WordPress for Affiliates course and I feel like a 49’er Gold Miner… You know what I mean, I’m looking into the river (your course) and finding all these “nuggets of gold”.

    Your newsletter is one of the two or three that I look for and would feel rotten if it didn’t come on time… You definitely are a teacher and it shows. We all glean so much from you…

    I’ve begun to make all my client’s sites on the WordPress platform because of you… and not to mention my own sites that are in the process of conversion. (thanks for the tip on the Rockstar WordPress Designer – learned how to take a HTML mock-up and turn it into a theme)

    I look forward to your Future Teachings

  • Héctor


    I was wondering when will you release the next niche-blueprints? I’m stuck in deciding what topic create a website, and I’m interested in waiting for your next nb.

    Thanks and Happy New Year 2011


  • Art Lynch

    Hello, Andy,

    I’ve subscribed to your newsletter and bought Web Content Studio as well.

    Am I really subscribed? The reason I ask is that I haven’t received access to the several ebooks ;isted as bonuses for subscribing.

    Web Content Studio is quite impressive. I’m a fairly good writer. However, WCS is doing a good job teaching me how to write for a monetized site.

  • tom

    I been a subscribor for years now, and have the KRA Pro an others, and would like to ask questions, but I’m unable to regristor to the fourm using my user ID & Password. What can i do to get my question answer. I know this isn’t the place to ask this type of question, but i really didn’t know where else to go, Sorry

  • Chris

    Hi Andy,

    I have a couple subdomains on one of my domains. Now I wish I didn’t, and since there are only a few posts on them, is there a simple way to transfer those posts to domain categories, then delete the subs? Thanks.

      • Chris

        Yes, they’re all WP; I’d like to move all posts, the SEO (legal) pages, and plugins and links configured as they are. Be nice to find a plugin to do it, but the WP help docs haven’t solved my challenge yet.