SEO Tip #1–Don’t write content about a keyword phrase 10

SEO Tip: Don’t write content around a keyword.  Focus on creating content around a topic.

For a complete SEO Strategy, read my Kindle book “SEO 2013 & Beyond.  Search Engine Optimization will Never be the Same Again”.

TIP: To see the video full screen, mouse over the video and click the “full screen” icon bottom right.

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10 thoughts on “SEO Tip #1–Don’t write content about a keyword phrase

  • doug hunt

    sound on last video too low to understand. The sound placed at top level on Mac and on video itself, but only got faint sounds. I’m having no problem with other people’s files. Maybe it’s only me but thought I’d mention it. . hate to miss anything you say it’s so golden.

  • Neil Shearing

    Hi Andy,

    Good tips about not writing spammy content. On a similar note, do you have any concerns about the length of blog posts with respect to Google Panda? I often make short posts with a video, like you’ve done here, but wonder if the content length of the post could be an issue?


    • Andy Williams

      I don’t think length is an issue if the content is of interest to your readers. If you look at the site I am building in my course (the juicing one), you’ll see there are a lot of short posts on there but they work because my visitors find the stuff interesting.

  • Alex @ Simple Affiliate

    I have no problem in writing good content Andy but it sounds like you are saying something to the effect, “Build a stadium, they will come”.

    I’ll go through your kindle book again.

    BTW I wondered if Ivon above was saying that he does not have a kindle and wanted to read your book?

    • Andy Williams

      What I am saying Alex is not “build a stadium and they will come”. What I am saying is build a stadium that people want to come to. Great content is just one part of modern SEO, but get this part wrong and Panda or Penguin will squash you.
      I’ve udpated my comment to Ivon. Thanks Alex.