SEO Tip #2–Don’t publish “fluffy” content 1

In this short video, I’ll show you a major mistake that many marketers make – they publish content that is padded, even to the extent of repeating themselves in the same article.

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One thought on “SEO Tip #2–Don’t publish “fluffy” content

  • Mr Bearly

    We do see a lot of fluff online.

    I see some marketers writing 20 or more articles about the same product and they all read very similar. Personally I think this is nearly as bad as spinning articles but the grammar is usually better.

    Writing continuously about the same subject requires not firing all your guns at once. Do that for the book. For your website you need each topic to be covered over two or three posts and link them.

    I find it easier to find a good question in Yahoo or on a forum and then write an article answering the question. Helps me to be focused and stay on topic.