SEO Tip #4– Vary Anchor Text in INTERNAL links 2

In this video, I’ll show you something that became very important after Google’s Penguin Update.

Read more about my own internal link strategy here.

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TIP: To see the video full screen, mouse over the video and click the “full screen” icon bottom right.

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2 thoughts on “SEO Tip #4– Vary Anchor Text in INTERNAL links

  • Neil Shearing

    HI Andy,

    I agree, internal links are becoming more important than ever, and have to be done right. I would be wary of using a plugin to solve the problem, though, because natural internal linking with different anchor text is going to be hard for a plugin to achieve. Perhaps that’s the nut you’re trying to crack at the moment…? 🙂


    • Andy Williams

      I’m using a plugin 😉 and mt results have been excellent, moving my site from #190 in Google to #14. I certainly wouldn’t use a 100% automated plugin though.