SEO Tip #5–Careful with Spammy Keyword Rich Anchor Text Backlinks 2

In this video, I’ll show you a common backlinking problem and how to change your incoming links to look more natural, more authoritative and more helpful to readers of your content.


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TIP: To see the video full screen, mouse over the video and click the “full screen” icon bottom right.

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2 thoughts on “SEO Tip #5–Careful with Spammy Keyword Rich Anchor Text Backlinks

  • Neil Shearing

    Andy, that was a good deconstruction of the perils of backlinking in 2013, thanks. It’s an absolute must to put a lot more thought into backlink building now than it was previously to avoid penalties.

    Although, I’m yet to be convinced that bad backlinks on their own can bring a site’s Google rankings down. I believe there must be on-site issues that the webmaster has control of such as poor content, linking out to bad websites, overly SEO’d internal links etc, before a site can get a penalty, which keeps a lid on the whole “Negative SEO” issue.


    • Andy Williams

      Hi Neil
      It took a while to convince me that backlinks could hurt your site, but I’ve seen it on my own sites now as well as a lot of others. They were hit by Penguin. Two of my sites that had bad backlinks recovered once the backlinks were cleaned up. With a major update to Penguin around the corner, this will only get worse.