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Poll: Which Antivirus Software do You Use? 10

I recently switched from Avast Internet Security Suite to Bitdefender Total Security 2015. I’ve been using AVAST for as long as I can remember (I don’t even remember what I used before that) and have always been happy with it, but after checking out a few comparison reviews, Avast seemed […]

ezSEO newsletter #351 9

In this issue: Google Panda 4.1 released Google Penalty Checker Tool Yahoo Directory Closes Want reasonably priced “Dedicated WordPress Hosting”? I have become increasingly aware that I’ve neglected my SEO newsletter, and those newsletters I have sent over the last year or so have been slim on real SEO news.  […]

Web Content Studio

Web Content Studio can help you find the right theme words and phrases to include in your content, so Google thinks it’s authoritative and your visitors love it!


EzSEO Newsletter #350 4

In this issue: Stop Spammers – A comment spam plugin that seems to work! 7 Sticky Notes – A great free program for PCs. F.Lux – Your computer keeping you awake? My Kindle Publishing book on special offer for 2 days My first fiction book released

EzSEO Newsletter #349 4

In this issue: 1. Adding a new title to Createspace. 2. Marketers selling their Kindle courses often prove they are not successful, but hope you are too stupid to realize it. 3. My Book Editor – Q&A plus a special deal.

EzSEO Newsletter #348 3

In this issue: 1. Important Google Link Building Update 2. Bye Bye Hostgator 3. My new Kindle Book & Createspace tutorials (includes earnings report)

EzSEO Newsletter – Createspace? 51

Createspace is owned by Amazon and can take your PDF book and turn it into a physical book. There are a lot of things to learn though, so I am considering writing a series of tutorials in this newsletter. Does that interest you?

ezSEO Newsletter #347 1

In this issue:
1. A Couple of Useful Wordpress Plugins , 2. Email Software (and problems with Avast 8.0) , 3. Diagrams, Mind Maps and More , 4. Kindle Bestselles Secrets, 5. Both SEO Books in a Single Volume

EzSEO Newsletter #346 12

In this issue: 1. Bye Bye Google Reader 2. Google Panda Changes and a looming Penguin Update 3. Internet Copyright – infringement and how to handle it. 4. SEO Checklist free on Kindle Hi Again In this newsletter I’ve got a few news items related to Google.  I’ve also reprinted […]