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EzSEO Newsletter #350 4

In this issue: Stop Spammers – A comment spam plugin that seems to work! 7 Sticky Notes – A great free program for PCs. F.Lux – Your computer keeping you awake? My Kindle Publishing book on special offer for 2 days My first fiction book released

EzSEO Newsletter #349 4

In this issue: 1. Adding a new title to Createspace. 2. Marketers selling their Kindle courses often prove they are not successful, but hope you are too stupid to realize it. 3. My Book Editor – Q&A plus a special deal.

EzSEO Newsletter #348 3

In this issue: 1. Important Google Link Building Update 2. Bye Bye Hostgator 3. My new Kindle Book & Createspace tutorials (includes earnings report)

EzSEO Newsletter – Createspace? 51

Createspace is owned by Amazon and can take your PDF book and turn it into a physical book. There are a lot of things to learn though, so I am considering writing a series of tutorials in this newsletter. Does that interest you?

ezSEO Newsletter #347 1

In this issue:
1. A Couple of Useful Wordpress Plugins , 2. Email Software (and problems with Avast 8.0) , 3. Diagrams, Mind Maps and More , 4. Kindle Bestselles Secrets, 5. Both SEO Books in a Single Volume

EzSEO Newsletter #346 12

In this issue: 1. Bye Bye Google Reader 2. Google Panda Changes and a looming Penguin Update 3. Internet Copyright – infringement and how to handle it. 4. SEO Checklist free on Kindle Hi Again In this newsletter I’ve got a few news items related to Google.  I’ve also reprinted […]

EzSEO Newsletter #345 5

In this issue: 1. Moving WordPress Posts to Another Site 2. New SEO Tips Videos 3. Where to promote your Kindle books Hi Again In this newsletter I’ve got a few video tutorials for you, plus some help for those of you starting out with Kindle .  Incidentally, one reader […]

EzSEO Newsletter #344 11

In this issue: 1. Internal Linking Update 2. Building Links in 2013 3. Progress with Kindle Publishing 4. Comment Spam Disguised as a Real Comment Hi Again In this newsletter I wanted to talk a little bit about building backlinks in 2013.  This ties in nicely with an update to […]

EzSEO Newsletter #343 5

In this issue: 1. Importance of Internal Linking 2. WordPress Security 3. Links to my Kindle Books + My next Kindle Book Hi Again In this short newsletter, I’ve got just two items of news.  Before that though, just a quick thanks to everyone who has liked, tagged and/or reveiwed […]