Always so on target

First off, I owe you an overdue testimonial. You are always so on target and EXTREMELY helpful with whatever I’ve purchased from you and I don’t think that I’ve ever come right out and say thank you so please forgive me for the delay, but brother you are APPRECIATED!!! Thad

Diamond in the rough

Hi Dr. Andy Williams, I’d like to say, I quite enjoy your newsletters and I must admit even though I’d been receiving your newsletters for quite some time – it’s only been lately that I’m taking real notice of all your content. I’ve been subscribed to many other newsletters before and have unsubscribed to them […]

If he develops it, I want it

Affiliate marketing is an important part of our business model. I have used Dr. Andy Williams’ tools for several years and they have been an extremely important part of our success. KRA Pro helps us find highly searched key words and the Keyword Spider feature themes our articles and content to help us achieve tremendous […]

Converting 51.6% better

Hi Andy, I’ve been subscribed to your ezine for a couple years now but never really read it until recently. Not for any other reason than information overload. But, these last 4 or 5 issues, have given me some good ideas on WordPress along with an additional source for checking backlinks. The main idea I […]

All because of you

Dear Dr Andy I need to thank you for your steady stream of emails for the last two years. I have taken every bit of the advice you have given seriously and have diligently followed your instructions and my website have started to come #1 or in the first 10 in Google in over the […]