Software and eBook reviews

Kindling Course by Geoff Shaw 52

Geoff Shaw’s Kindling course has set the standard for all other Kindle publishing courses. This is the only course you need to get started in your publishing dream.

KD Suite review 25

KD Suite is a Kindle Publisher’s dream come true, offering genuinely useful and powerful tools to help you make the right decisions in your Kindle publishing business.

Matt Garrett’s Blog Defender Review 9

Stop your site from being hacked. Matt’s excellent course shows you in step-by-step videos how to secure your site against hackers. Even non-technical newbies can follow this.

Diagrams, Mind Maps & More 9

After deciding to ditch the diagram software I have used for several years, I needed to find something that lived up to my expectations. I did.

Martin Avis – KISS2 3

I’ll apologise in advance for the short notice, but I only found out about this 2 days ago.  I guess it’s also mainly for those in Europe, though anyone visiting the UK can benefit too. 

User-Generated Content 1

Growing an authority website into something really special takes a lot of hard work and effort.  How would you feel about handing over some of that workload to your visitors and/or subscribers? Sounds great doesn’t it?

Looking at Squidoo for the Christmas Shopping Season? 18

In my search for a strategy to use in the forthcoming Christmas Shopping season, I stumbled upon an excellent course that shows you how to leverage the power of Squidoo to promote Amazon products. The course is called The Power of Squidazon.

TweetSpice Review – Video 5

In my article “How to get more Twitter Followers”, I showed you a tool called Tweet Spice that allows you to gain more Twitter followers in an automated way.  I received a few emails (and a comment) asking if I would share my settings with the tool, as the help […]