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Thrive Leads Review 4

Thrive Leads is a Wordpress plugin that can help build your list, with split testing built in. This is the only optin plugin you will ever need.

A Formidable Gravity Forms alternative – Formidable Pro Review 14

Formidable Pro is a great alternative to Gravity Forms. While Gravity forms is excellent, it is pricey. Formidable Pro gives me the flexibility at a fraction of the price. Use Formidable Pro for contact forms and any other forms you need. I show how to set up a guest posting form in this video.

Making Top Menu Links NOFOLLOW 2

A common question I get asked is how to make certain links no follow in the menu at the top of your WordPress site.  Most templates don’t have this feature built-in, but fortunately WordPress does and it’s relatively easy to setup a header menu where you choose which links follow […]

Top 10 WordPress Plugins 1

The 10 plugins listed here are not the only ones that I use.  They are, however, the plugins that are installed on nearly every new Worpdress site I setup, so they are the most important ones for me. 1. Akismet – this is the free spam killing plugin that comes […]

Best WordPress Ratings & Review Plugin? 14

Wordpress is a fantastic platform for review sites and with a ratings and review plugin, your visitors can actually add value to your site by providing real ratings and reviews of products. I tested out 4 Wordpress Ratings & Review plugins and found a clear winner.

Creating Custom sidebars in WordPress 3

Have you ever wanted to have certain ads only show if the sidebar of certain pages? Wordpress uses a template system that means every page uses the same sidebar, but we can add code to the sidebar to test if a page is in a certain category and then insert code if it is.

Artisteer Review 2

Artisteer is an excellent template creator for Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and HTML. Artisteer allows you to create Wordpress templates rapidly, with point and click ease.

Live Writer 500 Internal Server Error – xmlrpc.php 9

If you get a 500 Internal server error caused by the Wordpress file xmlrpc.php when you try to open posts from your site, you may have an issue with your server trying to use an earlier version of PHP. This video shows you how to fix the issue.