Wordpress Tutorials

How to Handle Comment Spam

Comment spam is a big problem for most Wordpress users. In this video, I want to show you how I deal with comment spam more efficiently.

Thrive Leads Review 4

Thrive Leads is a Wordpress plugin that can help build your list, with split testing built in. This is the only optin plugin you will ever need.

A Formidable Gravity Forms alternative – Formidable Pro Review 14

Formidable Pro is a great alternative to Gravity Forms. While Gravity forms is excellent, it is pricey. Formidable Pro gives me the flexibility at a fraction of the price. Use Formidable Pro for contact forms and any other forms you need. I show how to set up a guest posting form in this video.

Making Top Menu Links NOFOLLOW 2

A common question I get asked is how to make certain links no follow in the menu at the top of your WordPress site.  Most templates don’t have this feature built-in, but fortunately WordPress does and it’s relatively easy to setup a header menu where you choose which links follow […]

Top 10 WordPress Plugins 1

The 10 plugins listed here are not the only ones that I use.  They are, however, the plugins that are installed on nearly every new Worpdress site I setup, so they are the most important ones for me. 1. Akismet – this is the free spam killing plugin that comes […]

Best WordPress Ratings & Review Plugin? 14

Wordpress is a fantastic platform for review sites and with a ratings and review plugin, your visitors can actually add value to your site by providing real ratings and reviews of products. I tested out 4 Wordpress Ratings & Review plugins and found a clear winner.

Creating Custom sidebars in WordPress 3

Have you ever wanted to have certain ads only show if the sidebar of certain pages? Wordpress uses a template system that means every page uses the same sidebar, but we can add code to the sidebar to test if a page is in a certain category and then insert code if it is.

Artisteer Review 2

Artisteer is an excellent template creator for Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and HTML. Artisteer allows you to create Wordpress templates rapidly, with point and click ease.