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Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to plug your website into a Google penalty checker to see whether any of Google’s major algorithm updates impacted your website, positively or negatively?  Well I’ve found one that allows you to do just that, and I’ve recorded a video showing you how to use the tool.

The best news is that you can use this tool for free to check up to two websites.  You won’t get the last three months of data with the free version, but you’ll certainly be able to see how the earlier major updates affected your traffic.

Here is the video:

Sign up for the free Google Penalty Checker from Fruition


You will need to be using Google Analytics on your account for this penalty checker to work.  The reason is simple…. The tools logs into your Google Analytics account to retrieve traffic data, and then compares your traffic before and after major Google updates. 

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4 thoughts on “Free Google Penalty Checker Tool

    • Andy Williams Post author

      I cannot recommend tools without knowing why you had a drop in rankings. Work out why you had the drop and fix the problem. Contact me on the CFCC forum if you want help.

  • Daniel

    Hi Andy.

    I have your 2014 book and just ordering the 2015 as well.

    I’ve been meaning to ask you. I saw the other day in one of your videos (probably when you were reviewing the Fruition tool) that in the past you had one of your competitors point lots of bad backlinks to your site and because you were unsure of the Google disavow tool at the time you decided to use a different technique to fix this.

    We have been hit by 50+ million toxic links over a long period of time which must have been setup by a competitor as well and we’ve only realised this a few months ago. Our PR went from 5 to 1.

    After a painstaking backlink analysis on MajesticSEO I have since submitted the urls and domains to the Google disavow tool. I have also attempted to contact all webmasters but with very little response.

    It has now been over a month and because of the huge number of links I was expecting to see a significant improvement in rankings but this has not been the case.

    Any other tips as to what other technics I may be able to try?

    Many thanks!

    • Andy Williams Post author

      In my case, since the Disavow tool was new, I moved my site to a new domain altogether. However, I have since successfully recovered domains that have been targeted with negative SEO. Any spam links I disavow the whole domain and don’t bother with individual URLs. If one link is spammy, then the domain cannot be trusted, right? What you should know is that it took my sites 6 months + to recover. They just literally snapped back over night, though rankings were not quite where they had been. However, after the initial recovery, those sites have continued to improve rankings and are now back to at least the same traffic levels, if not higher. Unfortunately, it is a waiting game which is why you need to be checking backlinks in Webmaster Tools EVERY month for problem links.