How to Upload images on your PC to Instagram

Image sharing has grown in popularity with places like Pinterest appearing out of nowhere. 

Another image sharing social network is Instagram.  If you own an Android or Apple device, chances are you may even have the Instagram App installed.

The idea is simple.  You snap an image with your smartphone or tablet, and upload it to your Instagram account for your followers to see.

As a marketer, the built in tools are a little limited.  You can apply a filter to your image, but for better results you might like to edit the image on your PC or Mac first.  The problem then becomes how do you transfer it from your computer to Instagram. 

If you have a PC, there is a beta product that can help.  It’s an Android emulator for the PC.  You install it, then browse the Android marketplace for any apps you want to run, right there on your PC.  You can install Instagram and then directly upload photos from your PC to Instagram – at least in theory.  It doesn’t seem to work for me as the following video shows.  However, also in the video I ‘ll mention how I upload photos from my PC to Instagram.  If you have a Mac, this system will also work for you.


Upload a photo from your PC to Instagram

Resources Mentioned in the Video:

  1. Bluestacks
  2. Dropbox


Summary of Dropbox method


Do you know other ways?  Why not let us know by leaving a comment below. 

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  1. says

    Hi, I have came out to same metod, or i even have pictures on pc then trough itunes i sync them with my iphone. Problem occures when you want to share this kind of prepared image on twitter. All image gets pixelatd and ugly like on: .

    This problem devastates me for days and I still havent find a solution. I have tryed different ways of resolutions and sizes but image always ends pixelated wile true photos r displaying fine :(

  2. sylwia says

    Thanks very much for sharing this. I knew there must be a way to do this. Many thanks!!

  3. says

    One other option, for selected photos, is to email, and save to your camera roll. Then just select and republish through instagram. ;)

  4. says

    Hi all,

    just wanted to let you know we have adressed this issue and developed this possibility.

    You can upload images from PC to your Instagram account via feature our page: . For now it has limitations to upload 1 image in 3 hours unless you run personal Botio. Hope this helps.

  5. jhei says

    i’ve already restarted my bluestacks but then i still cannot view my photos saved in my pc. what shall i do? thanks!

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