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Before I start, let me just clear something up.  Most web hosts say they are WordPress hosts, and sure, most hosting companies will host your WordPress websites, but that is not what I mean.

By WordPress host, I am talking about web hosts that specifically setup & optimize their servers to run WordPress websites, and nothing else.  EVERY single site on their server is a WordPress site.

Although I create WordPress sites exclusively now, I have never used a dedicated WordPress web host. The main reason is the costs involved.

To give you an example, the two main WordPress host I have heard good things about are WP Engine and Pagely.

WP Engine starts at $29 per month, and will host one site for that fee.  You also have a cap of 25,000 visitors per month.  Their next level up allows you to host 10 websites, with a traffic limit of 100,000 visitors (combined) and that costs $99 per month.  Sure, WP Engine is an industry leader in WordPress hosting, and comes with a lot of great features, but it is expensive.

Pagely is the other WordPress host I’ve heard good things about.  Your entry point would be a “Personal” account which allows you to host one WordPress website.  You’d have 5GB bandwidth included, for $24 per month.

Now, I am not taking anything away from these hosts.  I am sure they are great, but they are expensive for smaller, work-from-home businesses, especially those of use with multiple websites.

Earlier this week, I was chatting with an old friend of mine.  We’ve never met in person, but I’ve known him “personally” for as long as I can remember.  His name is Adrian Ling.  I’ve used his EasyClickMate script for my own affiliate program for years.

I asked Adrian what he was up to, and he told me that he had started up a WordPress hosting business.  This was a surprise, so I asked for more details.

Let’s start off with the pricing first.

There are three different packs available, though you can contact Adrian if you need more power.

Bronze Pack:  Allows you to host one WordPress site for $10 per month, or $97 per year if paid annually (that’s around $8 per month per site).

Silver Pack: Allows you to host 3 WordPress sites for $15 per month, or $147 per year if paid annually (that’s around $4 per month per site).

Gold Pack: Allows 6 WordPress sites for $20 per month, or $197 per year if paid annually (that’s around $2.74 per month per site).

So, the prices stack up well against the other WordPress Hosts, but how is performance?

I asked Adrian if he could give me the URLs of some WordPress websites hosted on his servers.  For privacy reasons I cannot disclose those URLs, but I can disclose the results of my testing over the last week.  Here is the server response time for one site as tracked by Pingdom:


An average server response time of 265ms is excellent, and as you can see the site was up 100% of the time.  There were a few peaks within that graph, most noticeably one that spikes around 800ms, but all web hosts have those, and the spikes I used to get on Hostgator frequently reached 30 – 40 SECONDS!

I checked this website using GTMetrix for page load speed.  Here are the results of that:


You probably don’t have to be a tech geek to be impressed by that.  This was the homepage of the site, and only 18 server requests were made to load the page.  That’s quite small if I compare it to my own WordPress sites and may indicate a simpler website to load, but the page itself is 683 Kb, and that’s quite big when I compare it to my own.  Therefore, this speed test is very impressive.

If I check an random internal page on this site, which might give us a better idea of how the site performs in general, this is the data:


This one loads a little slower at 2.15 seconds, but that is still very impressive for a 715 Kb web page.

Overall, I was very impressed with my test results on Adrians’ dedicated WordPress hosting service.

A few other details you should know:

  • You are not locked into any type of long-term contract, and in the unlikely event you want to leave, Adrian offers a pro rata refund on unused time.  Therefore you can order annually to save on the cost, with peace of mind.
  • No quibble 30 days refund policy.  Not happy for any reason?  Adrian will refund you.
  • do not act as a registrar.  I recommend Namecheap for registrar (it’s what I personally use), but if you are confused about setting that up, Adrian can help.  If you want to set up a new site,  make sure you have already bought your domain at a registrar, before you go to order your hosting with FWGuys.
  • When you order, you get your choice of 50 premium themes.    Choose the one you want and let Adrian know after your order has gone through (there is a form to fill in that asks for this and other details).
  • Generally this type of hosting does not come with cPanel, as servers are optimized for Wordpres in terms of speed and reliability.  However, if you mention that I sent you, Adrian has told me he will enable cPanel on your account.
  • You can install WordPress yourself, or Adrian will do it for you, complete with a PREMIUM theme of your choice and all important WordPress plugins.
  • If you are currently at another web host and want to move your site, Adrian will do this for you.
  • Adrian limits the number of sites/accounts on each server to prevent overloading (as many web hosts do).  Currently, each server has a 30 account maximum before he starts using a new server.
  • Unlike bigger hosting companies which automate the account setup, Adrian sets up the accounts manually, ensuring each account is perfectly optimized for the website.  Therefore, after ordering, you will be redirected to a form that you need to fill in, with domain details.  Adrian will then set this up for you and your account should be ready within 24 hours.

And finally, I wanted to mention that I am in no way affiliated with Adrian’s hosting business.  I do not make any type of commission from sales I refer.  I believe Adrian has a great service at a reasonable price, and I know Adrian is 100% ethical and works hard to make sure his customers are happy.  I have no doubt or reservations in recommending as a dedicated WordPress host.

If you have any questions, go over to their site and use their Contact form (don't forget the little math problem next to the submit button).  Adrian will happily help you out.

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4 thoughts on “Affordable, Dedicated WordPress Hosting

  • Billy Roberts

    Andy, i followed your advice on Hosting from 1and1,to Hostgator, to Stablehost. Guess its time to check this host out and move. You always give good advice. And i am always looking for speed for my sites.

    • Andy Williams Post author

      If you are happy with your current host, there is no need to switch. I have a lot of sites at Stablehost, and am extremely happy with them, so won’t be moving them. I also have sites at 1&1. The reason I am mentioning Adrian’s service is simply as an option, especially for those looking for a better host than they currently have.