How to Handle Comment Spam

sapm-909485_640If you use WordPress you’ll be used to all of the comment spam that floods into your site.  Spam filters do their best, and many can cut spam down by a huge percentage.  However, occasionally you’ll log into a website and see 100, 200, or in my case 5,000+ spam comments.

If I only have a few hundred comments to moderate, one trick I use is to change the default comment moderation cue from 20 to 100.  I can then select all comments for deletion and then scan down just to make sure there are no legitimate comments.  By clicking the Move to Trash link, I can then delete 100 at a time.  With 200 comments, that means only scanning two pages of comments rather than the 10 I would have to scan with the 20 comment default.

Occasionally I’ll have a lot more comments.  In the case I show in this video, there were over 5,000 comments.  In this situation, drastic measures are called for.


If you use a comment spam plugin on your WordPress site and it works well, please leave a comment and let me know which one.

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