Moving posts from one WordPress site to another 4

I recently decided to retire a one of my older sites.  I wanted to keep the content though so I recorded a video showing you how you can export the posts on one WordPress site and import them into another WordPress site.

The process, as you’ll see, is fairly straight forward.

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4 thoughts on “Moving posts from one WordPress site to another

  • Barry Hughes

    Nice video Andy,

    Just one question.,.. Sorry if you have already answered this and I missed it!

    What do you do with the posts on the original site (in the interim between exporting them and the domain expiring)? Delete them? Leave them as is? 301 redirect to new location?


  • Mr Bearly

    G’Day Andy, nice video. It’s pretty easy using the WordPress tools isn’t it.

    I migrated a Drupal site to a WordPress site and changed domains in the process. I had to build a php script to automate as much as possible but it did work pretty well.

    I forgot to make sure the post dates stayed correct so they all ended up with the same post date and I had a couple of hundred posts to adjust but that was way easier than a full copy-paste on all the posts.

    If anyone wants the script it is available from me at your own risk.