Creating "Fat" Affiliate Sites Table of Contents 1


By Dr. Andy Williams

1. Avoid Being a Thin Affiliate 1
1.1. Google Report Analyzed 1
Summary of Google?s Webmaster Guidelines 2
1.1. Spam Techniques 7
1.1.1. Spam technique 1 – Sneaky redirects 7
1.1.2. Spam technique 2 – 100% Frame 7
1.1.3. Spam technique 3 – Hidden Text / Hidden Links 7
1.1.4. Spam technique 4 – Porn on expired domains. 8
1.1.5. Spam technique 5 – Secondary Search Results / PPC 8
1.1.6. Spam technique 6 – Thin Affiliate Doorway pages 9
2. An Overview of Building Fat Affiliate Sites 12
2.1. Process of building a "FAT" Affiliate site 12
3.1. Find several potential niches 14
3.2. Check to see which one is most profitable 19
3.2.1. Checking Demand 20
4. Keyword Research 24
4.1 Keyword Research Tools 25
4.1.1. Advice on Choosing a Keyword Research Tool 27
5. Working with Keywords 29
5.1. So, Which Keywords Should You Target? 29
5.1.1. Finding the Number of Competing Pages 30 Why use Quotes for Determining Competition? 30 Searching for your Ranking Position 32
5.2 Our Keyword Strategy 32
5.3. How to Group Your Keywords 33
6.1 What is an Article? 37
6.1.1. How can you find in-demand phrases that are EASY to write articles on? 39
6.1.2. What About High Competition Phrases. Can I use these for Articles? 46
7. Themeing Pages 48
8. Main Pages v Article Pages 56
8.1 The Purpose of Main Pages and Article Pages 57
8.2. Summary 59
9. The Art of Pre-Selling 61
9.1. Pre-Selling v Selling 61
9.2. How to Pre-Sell 62
9.2.1. Summary of the Pre-selling 62
10. An Example Article 64
10.1. Target profitable keywords 64
10.2. Ask yourself what someone who searches for "baby nursery themes" is really looking for? 65
10.3. Decide on a writing style. 66
10.4. Flesh out your initial ideas. 66
10.5. Call to action 67
10.6. Create a headline 68
10.7. Keyword optimization concerns 69
11. Two Models for Creating Sales Pages 75
11.1. Pre-Sales Page – Model 1 77
11.2. Pre-Sales Page – Model 2 77
11.3 Plans of both Models 79
11.3.1. Model 1 79
11.3.2. Model 2 80
11.4. Summary 81
12. Articles Revisited 83
12.1. The Value Test for an article 83
12.2. The Value Test for a Site as a Whole 83
12.3. Creating Articles that Pass the Value Test 84
12.3.1. Writing Reviews 84
12.3.2. Discussion Articles 86 Some quick guidelines when writing your article 87
12.4. Stuck for ideas on what to write about? 88
13. Web Editors, Domain Names and Web Hosting Plans 89
13.1. Website Editors 89
13.2. Buying a Domain 90
13.2.1. The Domain Name 90
13.2.2. Hyphens or no hyphens 91
13.2.3. Domain Extension 91
13.3. Buying Web Hosting 92
14. Linking Strategies 95
14.1. Internal Site Links 95
14.1.1. Text links 95
14.1.2.Graphic links 96
14.2. Linking Pages together 98
15. Google Page Rank 100
15.1 Toolbar PR v the Value held at Google 101
15.2. PR Summary 103
16. Link Reputation 105
16.1. Some Incoming Links Can Help Your Rankings… 107
17. Tracking Visitors 110
18. Link Partner Pages 114
18.1. Why Add a Links Page? 115
19. A few Linking Considerations 117
19.1. Types of links 117
19.2. A link to your Sitemap 118
19.3. Disclaimer, Privacy, About Us and Contact Us links 119
19.4. Article Sitemap link 119
19.5. Link Partner Page 119
19.6. Other Links on the Homepage 119
20. Adding new Content to Your Site 122
20.1 Using Free Articles on your site for Content 125
21. Article Distribution 128
21.1 Article Directories 130
21.1.1. Create your own Article Directory 130
21.2 Submission to webmasters 131
22. Submitting to Directories 133
23. Affiliate Site v Adsense Income 135
23.1. Articles and Affiliate Sites 136
23.2. Articles and Adsense Sites 137
23.3. Becoming an Adsense Guru 137
23.4. Tracking Adsense 138
24. Single site, or several tighter niche sites? 141
25. Owning your own products 147
25.1 Advantages to Owning your own Products 148
26. Keeping in Touch with Visitors 150
27. Legal Requirements for Webmasters 154
28. Building a Product Empire with ?PLR? Content 155
29. Issues with running your own Affiliate Program 158
30. In Summary 161
Worksheet 1 – Fat Affiliate Site Building Checklist 164
Worksheet 2 – Generating Ideas 165
Worksheet 3 – Pre-Sell Planner 166

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