Reader Question: Can I show examples of well-themed content?

More people are coming to realize that web content needs to be written around a topic rather than around a word or phrase.  Optimization of a page around a theme phrase is near impossible now that Penguin is on the war path against over-optimization.  The only way you can optimize content to rank for a phrase is to work out the theme words and phrases related to that phrase and build the content around that theme words. 

With this realization comes a lot of questions about how we to write.  One question I seem to get a lot is whether or not I can show examples of well-themed content ranking well on Google. 

My answer is often met with surprise and disappointment. 

Can you guess what my answer is?

My answer is “Yes, just search Google”. 

What I mean by this is that most of the top 10 pages that rank for a search phrase ARE well-themed around that phrase.  In actual fact, most of the pages that rank at all (even down at 200, 400 or lower) are well themed as well.  I guess some people are disappointed with my answer because they want me to show specific examples and walk them through the analysis of the page showing the theming, but to be honest, that is something you can do without my help.  Just go to Google and search….

OK, I won’t leave you hanging there.  I have recorded a short video to show you what I mean.

Optimizing Content for Google Penguin

How many theme words?  How many theme phrases?

Another question I get asked a lot is how many theme words and how many theme phrases you need to include in your content.  My answer to that question is similarly frustrating to many people. 

“Write Naturally”, as that will ensure you use the correct “niche vocabulary” for your article.  Your focus should always be on writing the best content possible for your visitors and that means you may use your “main phrase” never,  once or a dozen times.  Whatever is natural!

Here is an interesting article on writing content that I found last week that backs up my point of view – Matt Cutts Reveals Google’s Updated SEO Copywriting Strategy.

Do you have your own opinions on this?

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